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Honorary Old

    RR: 3.28 miles with RP last night. Felt good mostly. Except that running keeps me regular, and after not running for 8 days I got some GI issues and decided to head home.


    BR: Had a better day yesterday. I think his bad behavior was acting out from getting off our routine. DH picked him up from daycare last night and after I came home from my run he was sitting with DH on the couch and wanted nothing to do with me Smile


    FR: ginormous taco salad last night, there isn't enough air freshener in the world for the taco farts this morning. Took a bunch of Gas-X, I hope it helps.


    NRR: I told my sister that I would watch her kids while she goes to some political meeting thing tonight, hopefully I don't regret the decision. I love my niece and nephew (ages 4 and 6), they can just be really intense sometimes, and I like a nice quiet evening after work. Due to babysitting I am not getting an allergy shot this week or a run this evening. I plan to run F, Sat, Sun though so no biggie.

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      RR: 4m on my own. I was up all night with DS and DH said about 90 times "just go and run!" It was pretty cold but with my tech shirt and coat I was super snug and comfy. Perfect. Also running in cold weather is so different. I basically approach it with a 'let's get on with this' attitude rather than my bermy 'sightseeing' attitude. I don't want to be hanging around in 25degrees.


      NRR: but it's RR really. Went to LRS. Showed up and said 'hi my name is bermy and I am new to America". They were intense but sweet. I tried on the nike knit flys and they are totally wrong for my feet. I have 2A narrow feet so I am going to stick with my current trainers and then try a mizumo elixir later on but not yet. Bought a t-shirt with a girl running and DH bought me so magnets for my car with 26.2 and run girl or something like that on it. Too cute.


      NRR2: just had pest control man come round. I think pest control people are such a fascinating breed. I love analysing people - their mannerisms and word choices and body language. Too interesting. DS found him fascinating too. We are getting our couch delivered and table and chairs tonight so no more sitting on the hardwood floors! yeah!


      BR: up all night.  not sure why. just lay with him and nursed. bought a snuggly blanket and a big snuggly duvet for his room so I was totally happy to be in there with him.


      FR: cooked scrambled eggs and oats for breakfast. Gonna make DH some burritos.

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        Morning Ladies,


        RR: Going for 4m at lunch today on TM. Did BodyPump yesterday.


        BR: Now that she is crawling, she is sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions. She spent most of the night on her knees with her face in the mattress. When she wakes up, she cries, crawls around some more and then falls asleep again in the same position. Trying to get her use a sippy cup. We've tried 4 so far and she isn't interested in any of them, they all end up thrown on the floor. Also trying to get her to feed herself more...she likes puffs and yogurt bites but anything else just gets mushed around her try.


        FR: Pork roast with sauteed veggies.


        rg - your TR's are always so cute! Your little man sounds like so much fun.


        zorbs - so he only cries when pottying on the toilet, not in his diaper?


        Ernie - your food sounds delicious. I really need a good recipe for brussel sprouts.


        Jen - I think pizza is OK every so often...especially with all the miles you are running!


        shelby - sorry about the ear infection. Does he get them often?? A has had 2 so far. Her cheeks are really blotchy right now as well, but I think a lot of it is weather related since it comes and goes.


        cx2 - I haven't really started planning for A's bday yet either...I do know family is coming but other than that, I have no idea. How many weeks until you go back? 4 or 5? How are you feeling about that? Did you find daycare?


        mrszm - I need to look into ART. Tell me more about it!


        mer - are you training for a race?


        arm - It's amazing how little you need for yourself when you are used to packing up 5 people!


        CAR - I think taking 2 kids to the dentist would not be fun!


          bermy- sorry to hear Ds was up all night.  Hopefully he isn't getting the awful bug so many kiddos have right now.


          nola - H sleeps that way too!  And no, this is only his second and my suspicion is that his first one never resolved.  He didn't get an ear infection until he was 14 months, when he started daycare...  Good old germ factory.

          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          Honorary Old

            runnergirl- when is your target race?  Reid slaps my hands to get me away from him, wants to turn the pages of the book and do his own thing LOL


            zorbs- sorry B is being so resistant to the potty. Have you tried bringing a candy into the bathroom and showing it to him and tell him the second he does a full tinkle he gets it? Maybe the promise of candy later won't motivate him, but actually having it before him in the bathroom will? How long is your mom in Hong Kong for?


            Ernie- Enjoy it while you can, I can't take Reid down the toy aisle without Gimme Gimmes and shrieks.


            Jen- Reid eats a lot at daycare and usually eats a pretty light dinner at home afterwards.


            Shelbyjo- That's weird that your daycare has a snow delay. The only time my daycare has ever cancelled on me was when her pump went out and she had no water.


            Cx2- I hate shopping for jeans. I don't believe in spending $100 on jeans or having all sorts of rips/wear/sparkly crap. 2 of my pairs of jeans are from Macys (big sale) and the other pair I bought online. Yup, only have 3 pairs, and 2 of those are probably 4-5 years old and need to be replaced Sad


            mzm- I know what you mean. I am still congested after a week+ of this cold and now R has a snotty nose again, grrrr!


            Mer- we always have our good talks way too late at night and then I'm wiped out the next day.


            armama- good luck at the princess half. Are you wearing anything costumey?


            CA- I have R help me with stuff around the house sometimes- he likes to help with laundry and I make him clean off his tray into the dog dish when he's done eating, have him bring his coat and shoes to me in the morning when its time to go.  Ha, my parents were total Nazis about chores and stuff, I learned how to help customers and use the cash register at my mom's store when I was 6. I'm looking forward into being out in the country where I can put R to work more than a city kid would have to. We will have 2 acres of land to keep up with, so that should help keep him busy and give him plenty of space to run around.

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            Honorary Old

              Bermy- do you think D might just be having a hard time adjusting to the new digs? Sorry the flyknits weren't the right shoe for you. I'm the opposite, my forefoot is really wide and I have small feet so mizunos and some of those shoes are just not wide enough for me- Nikes and asics are usually pretty wide in the toe box, thus why I like them.


              Nola- that is exactly what R does. I'm nervous how that's going to work out when we put him in a toddler bed because he is everywhere in the dang crib at night. He loves to sleep with his butt in the air.

              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                spike - Sorry about the GI issues but I bet it was nice to get a run in with RP and not push the stroller.  Glad R was back to normal and enjoyed spending time with DH last night.  Yum on the taco salad but yuck on the gasSmile  I really hope the kids are good for you tonight!


                Bermy - Sorry to hear DS was up so much but glad you guys were comfy.  So nice of DH to let you run stroller-less and to get you some fun things from the LRS.  I have narrow feet too and can only wear a few types of shoes.  LOL to being fascinated with the pest control man.  Sounds like you guys are getting your house put together nicely.  Are there any other big things you have left to do while there?  Or big purchases to be made?  Sounds like you are happy with how everything is turning out.


                NOLA - Enjoy your lunchtime run.  J sleeps in that odd position as well.  I think that is pretty common for babies.  When we checked on him last night he was tossing and turning and ended up with facedown with his hands in front of his face, knees tucked, and butt in the air...whatever works I guess.

                  Good Morning Ladies -


                  RR: 5 last night with my run club.  My running has been only on weekends and Wednesday nights but I'm good with that for now while I get back into shape.


                  NRR exactly.. I have been walking the dog 2-4 miles every stinking morning between 5-6 am.  It seems to wear both of us out! Unfortunately I don't get to sleep the rest of the day away.  I know my legs are always tired, but I am enjoying the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  I'm wonder what (if any) impact all this extra dog walking has on my overall fitness level


                  Zorbs - My DS enjoyed 'listening' for the pee - it seemed to bring his focus to his ears so the other parts could relax and do their jobs.


                  Bermy - I hate the cold weather more than anything else.  I have no idea how anyone North of the Mason-Dixon line runs at all.  'Sightseeing' running is the absolute best!


                  Spike - Hope you are working alone today or that the Gas-x kicks in fast!


                  beskirted & manicured

                    spike - I hope your coworkers have air freshener and/or earplugs. re: candy in the bathroom, he'd tackle me trying to get it from me. Mom is in HK for another 2 weeks.


                    bermy - I forgot to take my running window sticker from my old car so I am waiting for the next race expo to buy some new ones.


                    nola - as I posted to someone earlier, I think B thinks that going in his diaper is the "right" thing to do and he doesn't understand that going in the potty is ok as opposed to an accident.


                    dexy - Sam does her running first and then dog walking later.  Is that an option for you?

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                    Honorary Old

                      No worries ladies, Gas-X kicked in and I haven't fumigated the office. I took it first thing before breakfast. I hate having toots at the office because I'm the all-in-one office support, so part of my job is being a receptionist and my desk is in the front lobby.

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                        Spike - And...if someone smelled it...they would know it was youSmile


                        Honorary Old

                          Spike - And...if someone smelled it...they would know it was youSmile


                          2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                          beskirted & manicured

                            you could always play the old "you smelt it, you dealt it" card.

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                            Honorary Old

                              LOL zorbs. I have a really strong scented Gardenia candle in a can that I lovingly refer to as my "Fart Candle".   Our office is poorly ventilated and its a real struggle to get old person/BO/chainsmoker smell out of our office after one of those offending people leaves because the next person who comes in thinks that my boss and I are stinky.

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                                runnergirl - Yes, I rest twice a week.  So this week it was Monday and Friday.  I don't like running the day before a LR and putting 3 days of running with a LR isn't my favorite either.  (I'm picky.)  This just so happens to work this week.  My work schedule dictates my rest days!


                                jen - That was good pizza! Smile


                                shelby - He does use words, but a lot of gestures too.  For example he will rub the carpte to tell me that they vaccumed.  Only things a mom would know... Smile


                                armmama - ENJOY your race and  your time in FL!  I hope DD3 is feeling better!


                                CAR - I should look for that article you shared.  That is super cute about O taking a bottle from M.  They are destined to be BFFs!


                                zorbs - This was DH's second time making it.  It was really good despite the smell lingering in our clothes/home.  It has been cold so it was a nice warm meal!


                                spike - Your Taco salad sounds delicious.  Farts...not so much! Smile  I hope you enjoy your time babysitting.  You crack me up!


                                bermy - Enjoy your solo run!  You don't get that often.  You are right running in the cold is a total mental game.  Some days it is refreshing, others it just plain sucks!  Have you looked around for a fitness center?  That is awesome about your running gear and DH decking out your car!


                                nola - J sleeps with his bum in the air all the time!  I guess he is comfy! Smile  I have a half in April and one in May.


                                dexy - You will be fine with your fitness level!  Things will come back!  Walking is a great way to stay in shape!

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