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Taper Madness Tuesday - Supermoms (Read 30 times)


    spike - i am laughing like an idiot at my desk over your DH giving R a bowl of BBQ sauce.  I bet that was like water in the desert for R.  haha.  I can't stop giggling about it.  Maybe it's been a long day, who knows.


    Thanks, I needed that.


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      Rocky- Glad to oblige Wink  Needless to say I was flabbergasted when I walked in the kitchen- Reid had BBQ sauce up to his eyebrows.

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        Since you’re all reading but not posting late, I am doing personals. I think when we establish a routine I will be able to get back to posting in nap time. But since today’s nap was in the 20m, then you understand, I am sure. You would rather I run 20m and then do personals later… Oh and I was the only one out in shorts and t-shirt in mid-50s. You would all have been proud of me, especially the Canadians. Think I wrote a bit of an epic essay here...


        Zorbs – how were the new shoes? I didn’t even know I had a muscle udner my thumb. I won’t even ask you how you strained that one!!!!! I have rude comments to make but I will keep them to myself.


        Eh – nice on the ST! and yay for eating healthy. Screw the grocery bill – you will reap the benefits by saving it in medical bills later on. What are you training for next? Thanks for your sweet comment on my run. I am super proud of myself.


        CA – holy fast 5K! you are gonna kick my butt, seriously. We always had afternoon thunder storms in bermy – and when I went on courses to FL. 3pm on the dot. How did your dad’s bread turn out? Hope your flying goes well with the kids on your own. Big hugs and good luck x I love running in 70s and 80s. Interesting about breathing. I was trying the technique written in the new RW mag on breathe in for 3 steps and breathe out for 2. I am not sure what I do naturally but I think it is something similar.


        Rg – well done on getting your hills done before the snow. Hope it melts before your LR on fri/sat. Any chance you fancy sharing your training plan with me? Would love to see what a 3.15 or less plan looks like! Sorry you had a horrible nap day – we have had lots of those. I try to go running so at least DS will get some sleep.


        Mrszm – in your own words - at least with the stomach flu you are one illness closer to your size 0 jeans. Puking has to be the most evil form of grossness. I absolutely hate it and it is seriously horrible. Hugs big non-contagious hugs across the anti-viral internet.


        Jen – hope you get chance to run very soon before you go crazy. Hope your doc apt goes well. Are you excited for FL? I am LOVING TN! It is so beautiful here. We came across a deer on the trail and it was just stunning. I was mesmerized and DS made this “OOOOOOooooooooo” noise! So cute!


        Ernie – how were the 400s? I was in Target (again) today thinking “how on earth did I live without this shop for so long?” What kind of law did you specialize in (that you hated)? Please don’t be jealous of the weather. You have incredible ski resorts and the falls so close by!


        Cx2 – so cute on cuddling. Yay for walking herself round the house. Yay for target for you too.


        Arm – your boy looks like a grown up kid on your pic! So cute! Glad your shin splints are feeling better. Yay for running on vacation and yay for you being back with us in the land of the internet. Hold onto your mom for a bit longer – esp if that throat is getting more scratchy. I was trying to figure out how long the drive is from me to you. Thanks for your sweet words and useful stitch notes.


        Shelby – what was your 20m time? Mine was 3.07. I was trying to get under 3 but didn’t quite make it. How did the 600s go? How long are you away for?


        Dexy – your posts always crack me up. You are funny. Just register for a race and it will force you to get training!


        Becky – I feel fat and lazy if I don’t run for 1 day. Yay for new recipes. Report back on your findings. I am cooking from Clean Eating Cookbook 3 and it is awesome.


        Spike- love love love how thorough your skirt research is!!! You are hilarious. And I found the article on lulu pants being too see-through hilarious too! Cooking in the kitchen was just divine. I have a gas stove and an island as well as a double sink and loads of lighting and a huge fridge oh and a pantry. It is the nicest kitchen I have ever stood in so when I cook I feel I am on a cooking show. And because of the layout of the house, I am cook whilst everyone is in the living room and whilst I am feeding DS at the bar. It is awesome. DH treated me to a Wusthof knife block set and a calphalon pan set from Williams Sonoma. And other cool things. Hope that doesn’t sound braggy, but I think I cook enough to justify cool stuff!! Very cute note about my run. Thanks Spike.

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