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Marathon Monday Supermoms (Read 32 times)


    zorbs - Here is a picture from the site...I waited an hour yesterday to drop them off for engraving too...need to pick them up today.

    running eh

      cx2 - is the wildlife drawn to you? ?  Yay for getting the tax refund - I finally brought our stuff to the accountant this morning.  About DS's fall, the room isn't quite organized yet, so he landed on concrete!


      ernie - The accountant was for taxes.  I thought I was so organized and had all my stuff together in the middle of February, but apparently it takes me 2months to get up the energy to drive the 25mins to our accountant.  Wow - that is quite the mileage, way to go!  Today is a great day for an easy 10 - hope it was good.


      mjen - congrats on the half - you are so speedy!  Glad you and Mer could run together.  I love the idea of RPs, but I find that my schedule is so random I just have to run when I can.  And hooray for STTN.  Each child of mine has been worse than the last at STTN  - hope that isn't the case for you.


      mer - so glad you had such a great weekend!  Congrats on the half - and hope you feel the kicks soon  - isn't it so amazing?!?


      arm - I haven't played life is years DD1 loves games, maybe we should get her that one for Christmas.  The kids have been wanting to play monopoly lately and not the junior version.  I dislike games, but I do give in occasionally.  How did the tennis tournament go?


      stroller - yikes !  I don't miss scenarios at all.  I have to do them a couple times a year in training and I hate it every time.  I know you will do fine.


      mzm - DD2 cried for the first time ever when I left her in the church nursery on Sunday.  SIL suggested that it might be time to take her into the service.  I can't imagine that would go well at all...


      bermy - yay for the taper!  glad the book was reassuring.  Sounds like DS (and DH) had a great time at the river.  I love watching DH play with the kids.  Yikes on the conference.  There is such a fine line between encouraging and discouraging with BFing I think.


      becky - what is animal day?  Did he have to dress up like an animal or are they bringing animals to school?  Glad the stair are working for you.  I was trying to think of some stairs in my town, but I can't think of anywhere that had enough stairs to make it worthwhile.


      spike - sweet about DS!!  Yikes on your weather - that is some crazy weather change!

      running eh

        CA - laughed about DD pretending to  be healthy at the gym!  I know I have done that before.  Hope the ST was good.  I need to make more time for that.  I need to make more time for a lot of things...


        zorbs - thanks for telling me that.  I know it is only one run, but I felt quite discouraged afterward.  This week is going to be an easy week for me.


          got my run in, felt really good.  need to keep some of this nervous energy for the race next weekend!  I am usually pretty lazy by nature so having all this extra energy lately is interesting.


          bus just came - so real quick


          bermy - I would have walked out on that conference too!  How disappointing.


          ernie - I am running the Country Music Half Marathon in 2 weeks.


          becky - hopefully after today it will be official.  DH has the thumbs up (and a verbal offer) from the CEO, Chairman of the Board and the other executives, today he's meeting with the other board members and as long as they like him, we'll go.  Then he has to give his two weeks tomorrow.


          spike - I would at least let the girls finish school here, so beginning of June at the earliest.  My DD2 has a doctor's appt in Birmingham on June 22 and I'm thinking I should take her to that too before I go, but we'll see.


          alright, baby's crying and DD1 is being a little b!tch.  I'm afraid of what the teen years are going to bring if 10 is already getting bad.