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    Hey ladies!! Here's our weekend thread Smile


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      man I hate this swooshy runner avatar! I'm working on it after I post.


      RR: Did my 4 miles (with 2 x 1600 @ 8:57) last night on the TM. It was great! wasn't too loud and didn't wake G up, so I think it's a keeper Smile  Oh and I did my 3 burpees last night, and 4 burpees this morning when I got dressed!


      RR2: I have 8 miles on tap for the weekend, haven't  decided which day yet. I ran on Thursday and Friday, and I don't like running 3 days in a row. However, I'm meeting a friend on Monday for a stroller run of 3-5 miles depending on our legs and our kids ... so I'm not sure if I want to do my LR on Sunday and then a stroller run on Monday (they are tough! and I dont' do them often enough to be good at them).


      NRR: Three day weekend! G's day care is closed on Monday so I'm taking the day off. I'm meeting a friend for running and lunch (she also works, and her day care is closed too) so we're having a pretend SAHM day.  The rest of hte weekend is just tidying up the house (it's a disaster which is a shame because the cleaner's just came this past Monday), some errands, and lots of play time. I do have to go to the lab tomorrow during nap time to just take care of a few little things since I wont' be in on Monday.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


      MA runner girl



        Sassy - I'd probably do the LR tomorrow, since you just did speedwork last night. Though if your legs are feeling fine, then it's probably ok to do it later this afternoon. Just take it easy! Enjoy your 3 day weekend, I'm looking forward to mine as well!


        RR: 3 great miles yesterday. I didn't need to stop once for a walk break, had no stomach pains, didn't have to pee, everything just was perfect! It was coold though, "feels like" 11*, but I didn't even mind that! Rest day today, going to try for 6 miles tomorrow.


        NRR: So happy it's the weekend! Last night DH and I ordered take out and cuddled up on the couch and watched the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad on netflix. Everyone we know is talking about the show so we decided to jump on the bandwagon. I think I may have a sensitivity to sweet potatoes, or just sweet potato fries. I got them last night and was up several times last night with stomach pains, which seems to happen every time I eat them, pregnant or not. Boo to that because they are so yummy! Today I am meeting a friend for lunch. Other than that just plan on doing a good mix of relaxing and cleaning up the house. It's a mess!


        Have a great weekend ladies!

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          Ha ! Finally got an avatar, realized it had to be a square picture. D'oh!


          MA - I loved those perfect runs during pregnancy! Have a good rest day. That is too bad about the sweet potatoes! Is it just anything high in fiber, or just sweet potatoes?  My legs feel ok for doing speedwork last night (with incline) so I might try this afternoon. If  they feel tired I'll turn around. I've done 8 miles the past few weekends so I can probably handle it tomorrow with a stroller run on Monday.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Hi ladies!


            Sassy- Love the pic! So cute! Nice job on your run, glad you like the new treadie!


            MA- So glad you had a good run yesterday. And your night sounds nice and relaxing!




            RR. resting... I may or may not run tomorrow, depending on my achilles.


            NRR. Working today, then off until Tuesday. I have a phone interview on Tuesday morning too!

            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



            Half: 1:48

            Full: 4:34



              Hi girls!  I think it might be easier for me to pop in on weekends at least every now and then!


              RR  - Just finished week 3 of marathon training w/a great 6 miler this morning (it's a cutback week already).  I am doing Hal Higdon intermediate plan (I think I have a good enough base for it!) so hoping for a big PR in my marathon on May 5 (Tacoma City).  Thinking of going rock climbing with DBF this afternoon and possibly a shorter hike tomorrow if the weather is cooperating.


              NRR  - I've definitely been keeping busy lately!  Taking the second class in the accounting series online, plus working (and just found out I will get to take on some more responsibilities at work starting next month, yay!  I really love my job Smile and spending time with DBF, family, friends, etc.  His parents put an offer in on a house for sale in Seattle as sort of an investment, and if we like it/they get it, they will let us live there for cheap.  We are going to look at it later this morning, so that should be fun!  Then rock climbing followed by homemade pizza, beer, and college basketball tonight Smile



              Sassy - so glad to hear your running is going well - you are amazing at juggling everything you have going on.  You are an inspiration to me that you can be a good parent and still be able to do the things you love.  Smile  How exciting on the new TM!  Glad that G can sleep through it, that will make running so much easier to fit in I'm sure!  I have usually never run 3 days in a row either - Higdon's training plan has 5 days a week, and I have been doing that thus far, but I am ok cutting that 5th day out if I start to feel overworked or anything!


              MA - great job on your run yesterday - sounds like exactly what you needed!  I love how a good run can just make everything seem so much better/less overwhelming.  I haven't really gotten into Breaking Bad - I've heard it's really good but I just never made it past the first episode.  Maybe someday!  Bummer on the sweet potato fries - those are one of my favorite foods!  Have you tried making them homemade in the oven?  It might be something that the restaurants are putting on them/frying them in that is upsetting your stomach.  I love making them homemade...  just cut them into fry like strips, toss in olive oil, w/salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and italian seasoning, and bake at ~425-450 until they are done!


                Happy weekend! It's frosty out today.


                Sassy-Good luck trying to figure out your run schedule. Love your picture!


                MA-Great job on the 3 miles. Sorry to hear about sweet potato fries making your stomach hurt. They're so delicious. Hope it's just a temporary occurance.


                Norcal-Congrats and good luck on your interview!



                RR-Planning for 3 easy miles on the TM. I've been resting my PF the past 2 days, so I need ease back in.


                NRR-Very happy it's the weekend. I was going to watch them moving a bridge this morning (an engineering feat, as it's often referred to), but one article said it will take 15 to 18 hours and it's better to watch the time lapse video afterwards...so that was enough for me to decide to sleep in instead. Joking

                Work and homework are on the docket today.


                Hope you ladies have a beautiful weekend!


                  Seattle-Great to hear from you! So glad that marathon training is going well and life is treating you well too! I hope DBF's parents get the house and you love it there.


                    Hello hello! This is my first time attempting to post on here from the ipad, so I apologize if the formatting looks weird.


                    RR: Last night I did P90X kenpo, which is basically an hour of kickboxing. I am not sure what kenpo actually means. I may go for a run today, but the wind is WICKED, with a windchill to match. If I don't run, I'll do some sort of ST. Or yoga.


                    NRR: So far I've spent a bunch of time, like hours, working on wedding stuff. I set up our registry, but haven't added anything yet, since CRF is gone, and he'll want to chime in with his opinion. I've written down all the stuff I love, though, so hopefully his opinion will be he loves the same things I do! Smile Now I am putting together a bunch of information and pictures to send to the girl who is building our website. Yesterday we picked out the bridesmaid dresses! Less than 8 months to go and things are coming together! I will need to get off my butt at some point today and do laundry and errands...working on wedding stuff involves a lot of sitting in front of the computer, unfortunately.


                    Sassy: Nicely done on the TM workout! I love your plan to pretend to be a SAHM for a day. Sounds fun!


                    MArunner: Sounds like a relaxing night! Is it just sweet potato fries that bug you? Maybe it is too much fiber and its causing gas?


                    NC: I hope the Achilles feels better! Sending good vibes for your interview Tuesday, too.


                    Seattle: You've been busy! I love Hal Higdon's plans. I am sure you'll PR!


                    Blu: Smart call to sleep in rather than stay outside for 15 hours! Hope the PF feels better.


                    OK, let's see how this posts...


                      Oh, apparently Kenpo means martial arts. Duh. That makes sense.


                        Sassy: Have a good run with the stroller. They are hard. I found once you get a rhythm done for running and pushing it gets easier.


                        MA:  Yay for 3 miles without walk breaks! I'm sure that made you feel like a superwoman!


                        NC: Enjoy your run. GL with the pone interview.


                        Seattle:  Hey. Good to "see" you. Great job on the training so far. I think I need a cut back week, too. I have been up around 33-35 miles per week the last 3 weeks.


                        Lucy: Wow, on the wind! Maybe some more DVDs ?? Yay for getting wedding stuff done.


                        Blu: Wow, a bridge move. That's insane.  Sounds awesome though. GL on the homework!


                        As for me...


                        RR: Sat is a SRD. Today is 6 to 7 miles.


                        NRR: Just another weekend day. Nothing big planned other than house stuff and running. I find it a little more difficult to keep up with the house stuff with M being so mobile and into everything. And I mean everything. I think one of her favorite things is to tear TP and paper. It's great to watch, but a pain to clean up.


                        Anyhow, gotta go.. G&A need to eat. We are running behind since M slept in to 8am

                        MA runner girl

                          Hi Ladies! Happy Sunday!


                          RR: Just got back from 6 miles! I ran the first 4 without a walk break Surprised Mile 5 was really tough though, I walked most of it. But then I bounced back and rocked mile 6, ran it under 11:00, which never happens anymore. So I'm happy! Finished the week with 15 miles. Yay!


                          NRR: We ended up going to my brother and SIL's house for game night last night. It was so much fun! Somehow I stayed awake until almost 2am... sheesh! Slept until 10 this morning, but it's a good thing I have tomorrow off too. Today I'm hanging out with my parents and my nephew. We are going to babies r us to look at a crib and dresser - my parents are buying them for us. SO nice! Then we are going to visit my grandparents. Should be a good day, can't wait to cuddle with the little guy. 31 weeks pregnant today!


                          Have a great day girls!

                          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                            Morning ladies! happy Sunday!


                            MA- Woohoo, fantastic run! Way to rock it! Enjoy your family time today. And wow, 31 weeks! Amazing!


                            Lucy- How do you like the iPad? And wow, you are so organized and on top of the wedding planning, awesome!


                            Gsd- Good luck getting all your chores done. Sounds like little M is very active! I loved the videos of her and G. So cute!


                            Sassy- did you run today?


                            Seattle- Hi lady! Nice to see you and hear you're doing so well! Glad marathon training is going great too! Are you rock climbing inside or outside?




                            RR. I'm going to head out for a run/walk. going to start with walking, until my leg is warmed up and then jog a bit if it feels ok. And now I'm thinking it's not really my achilles as much as it's my calf muscles. Maybe a slight strain? I need a massage!


                            NRR. Big football game today, 49ers one game away from the superbowl. DH is pretty stoked, but I'm still bitter about the Packers losing last week. :/ Anyways, we might be getting together with friends to watch the game. We had a lovely hike yesterday with L. Nothing else really going on!

                            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                            Half: 1:48

                            Full: 4:34



                              Sunday already? I don't have tomorrow off, I wish I did!


                              GSD: With 2 dogs and a mobile baby who likes to shred paper and toilet paper, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself about keeping the house neat and tidy! Cherish these times, and when M's old enough, you can make her a chore chart and she can help! LOL.


                              MArunner: Awesome job on 6 miles! I stayed up late and then slept in till 10 today too...I feel lazy. I can't believe you're 31 weeks already! I think you need to post a new bump pic!


                              NC: I really love the ipad! I had a regular Kindle, not a Kindle Fire, and I have a Blackberry, so I really didn't have anything tablet-like until now. I love all the awesome apps and how easy it is to carry around with me. I loved the pictures you posted on FB yesterday, from your hike I assume?


                              RR: Not gonna lie, I ran 2 miles last night at midnight...outside. I was not tired and feeling restless, it was in the 40s and calm outside, so I went for it. I wore lots of reflective gear, a headlamp, carried pepper spray, and stayed in my well-lit neighborhood. It was so peaceful! Today I'm going to ST, probably upper body and core.


                              NRR: Got a bunch of laundry done yesterday, today will be cleaning the apartment, fun! My life is so exciting, I know. It was gloomy this morning but it looks like the sun is coming out, so I may need to pop out for some fresh air, at least for a little bit! It is noon and I am still sitting on the couch drinking coffee in my sweats...


                                Morning ladies! Happy to see a weekend thread again! well, maybe there has been a thread and I just haven't checked in to see it?


                                seattle- I'm so happy to read that things are going so well for you! We are at the same place in our training so it will be nice to see your posts!


                                blu- hope your 3 goes well! I'm always so intrigued by your assignments, they are so interesting! Makes my work seem pretty boring.


                                lucy- you reminded me about p90x! I should totally get doing some of those workouts again. Glad you are moving along on your wedding plans...so exciting! Sounds like you are at a pretty good point. Are you enjoying it?


                                gsd- enjoy your run today! I laughed out loud at the mental image of M with the toilet paper! Must be cute to watch


                                ma- super impressive run lady! Glad to hear that it went well! Don't you love three day weekends? It lets you have an extra night of fun! Enjoy shopping today


                                nc- enjoy your run/walk today. Sorry about the calf pain. I am so torn about today's game... Don't really know who to cheer for at this point. The only thing I know for sure is that I want the pats to lose!


                                rr- ran a great 9 yesterday on the tm. I had my iPad and watched greys and part of private practice and the run was over! It was kind of too easy. I'll admit,  i wasn't super concentrated on my from, etc., but I got it done. I am actually pretty happy because I did too types of tempo runs, one on Thursday and one on Friday so I thought the long run was good. Today will be some bike and weights


                                nrr- going to exchange my sneaks today and get a new pair of inspires or at least see what they say. Then DH and I are going to walk around a bit. Should be a nice day... I have tomorrow off, but DH has to work So it will be a nice relaxing day for me.