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    CA - Thanks for the info yesterday on the Ergo...I found the ergo + infant carrier for $130 + a free $20 gc.  I might go that option...not sure.  LOL to M doing card tricks...hmmm maybe she is changing the channelSmile  Yay for the parents moving closer...but not too close.  ILs live 40 min from us now...that is fine and prevents them popping in unexpectedly.


    Dexy - OMG about the run club.  As fun as it is to run with people I would be careful about that group.  Maybe you can find a different group?


    Bermy - I commented on your post from yesterday on the other thread but should have done it here.  I said that I did run a 1/2 marathon 6 days after the Boston marathon in 2007 and I won the 1/2.  However, I wasn't very sore and felt like I could do it.  However, I know that is not good advice and rg is right that you need a while to allow the body to recovery properly.  That is probably one reason I was injured so much.


      Jen - I'm going with a group of girls for a bachelorette party - my brother's future wife.  DH got to go last month with my brother and his friends. Smile


      strollermama - I think people from last year could choose to get guaranteed entry this year.  I got it from being denied 3 years prior.


      spike - I applied and was denied the last 3 years, go I'm guaranteed this year!  I am trying to hold off on much shopping until I get to Minnesota since there's no sales tax on clothes there.  Kind of a like an automatic discount Smile  LOL at your dog.  Mine is afraid of laundry baskets.


      rg - yep I got in no problem an hour ago!  I go to Vegas on  Sunday.  Nashville for half marathon Saturday and then fun & relaxing Sunday & Monday, should be a pretty good weekend!


        ladies - I am reading your posts, I just need a minute kid-free to write to you. thanks for being there for me on this wet and rainy day! Hoping to be back if DS naps.

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          Arm - That is awesome!  How is the moving process going?


          Bermy - I hope DS takes a nap and gives mama a rest.


            RG - Oops, your'e right.  I was supposed to do 20 3 weeks before but swapped it out.  So it was 20, 16, 12.  Today I opted to do 3x1m at 10k-HM pace rather than 5k pace.  Pfitz does know what he is doing, but I doubt my abilities.


            jen - Great question.  I love emergency medicine but the hours can be tough so I may go into something like urgent care.  I also really like women's health and apparently now orthopedics Smile.  I am pretty open.

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              Yay – DS napped and so did this mama!


              zorbs – enjoy your rest day and your chowder. Do you have a secret recipe?


              Rg – nice pace on your run. Yay for 20mo! We were at 19mo (on 20th). Too cute on tunnel. Thanks for your advice on training after a fm. Thanks for the encouragement that I am not a fraud…


              Cx2 – I hate drama like that – and that pizza place sounds awful. How lovely that everyone wanted to come back to your house though and you fed everyone.


              Eh – hope you are feeling better soon. Iron deficiency would do that to you. I take Materna women’s multivit and it has iron to cover that base. Hope you can get in some miles when the baby sitter comes.


              Mer – I seem to remember that your DH plays hockey, no? Glad your presentations are over and things might calm down a bit for you. I am a tm-refuser too.


              Jen – yay for DS eating a lot. We are still in 12-18mo pants. I like the ones from children’s place as they have elastic with buttons inside the waist band and I can pull them around DS’s waist. I got him some shorts with the same too. Thanks for your advice on training after a fm. Congrats on winning that half btw – you totally rock to have won races. You must have trained like crazy – did you?


              Stroller – yay for surgery. I couldn’t do that – you rock. Hope your tough workout goes ok. I found a hm plan – I am going to do Brad Hudson’s level 3 hm plan which had a ton (and then some) of speed and hill work. And my speedy RP from the running group wants to do the track and hill workouts with me so that is just awesome to have a friend. So cute on DH with mother’s day card. AAhhh what a honey. When does he finish his year?


              Mrszm – so cute on homemade band. Just adorable in the pic. You made a very good looking DD there. How is your tummy feeling? Hope you are enjoying laying low.


              Arm – rest up on that leg/ankle for this weekend! Can’t believe you ran a hm 5mo pp! That is just awesome. And can’t believe you are running one on Sat and then going to Vegas on sun! You like the life of a party girl!


              Ernie – so cute on ride in the car. Enjoy your run tonight with the stroller and bootcamp. Hope you don’t feel too stranded without the car in the rain.


              Spike – glad your DS is feeling better. The vintage flea market sounds like a ton of fun this weekend! And how interesting about DS becoming scared – is that the start of the development of the imagination? Or reality/fiction divide? I need to learn this stuff.


              CA – I would love to be on that track with those girls too – just for 100m of one repeat. That would totally make my life. Yay for weight gain – great job mama (those 10 helpings of sweet and sour pork helped then?!) And did you eat stir fry in the bath this time whilst reading your magazine? I would pump after the race just ot keep your supply up so then you can mingle and not feel pressured that you have to get back.


              Dexy – I had to laugh at your post. Too funny and very ‘liberal’. If you are freaked out by any advances you could tell them politely “no thanks, my DH and I are happy just the way we are” and keep running with them, or find another group. I thought there was something there when you said your DH didn’t want you running with a ton of cleavage a few weeks back. My DH would totally encourage more bare skin when I run, it’s me that hides under a billion layers.

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                Bermy - I don't think DH would've minded the cleavage if it was another group of runners.  Since he always has wondered about this crowd, he didn't want me to put myself is an awkward position.. DH is generally fairly protective of me and this crowd of folks is just exhausting for him to be around.   There are lots of other  running groups in town,i just need to find one that is a good fit with my schedule and abilities.  Hopefully sexual preferences aren't a determining factor-ha!


                Freckle face

                  Bermy- I have no idea what's causing him to be afraid of something he's seen 20x. I just love on him and tell him, "you've seen the end, you know that everybody is ok and no one is hurt, its ok, no need to be scared."

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                    dexy - maybe for your next 5k you could start and then get those guys from your swinging club to chase you to try to catch  you and pick you up. I bet you would PR.


                    spike/CA - I saw some old vintage/antique ovens/ranges today from 50s/60s and thought of you both.

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