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    Becky- it was a really weird fight. Basically it was DH making some odd joke that he thought would get me into bed, I didn't realize he was serious and shot back with a rude retort, he came back with a comment that pissed me off then we got quiet. I went to bed, then he came to bed a few minutes later and after a long awkward silence we talked about it. I haven't been nice enough to him lately, and I guess I didn't realize it. His schedule is weird then add the fire department on top of it, and our timing is terrible. On my side- I feel like he needs to have a day at home with Reid on his own, when Reid is not sick and just having a real ornery toddler day, to have a better understanding of what I'm dealing with lately when he's at work. I spoil DH terribly and let him put R in daycare on his days off because he is often switching between days and nights.

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      Spike - I can totally relate to you.  My DH is somewhat like yours.  He was sitting on the floor reading books to J before bed last night and then he says...go take a book to mama and have her read it to you.  J wouldn't come to me he wanted DH to read it to him.  DH says..."I just need a break!"  Um...seriously he had read 2 books to him.  Who gives me a break when DH is traveling all the time??  I said that to DH and he got angry...well???  Who does it???  I feel like DH needs an all day all night home with J to realize how much work he can be these days.  Well...I have a night away in May so he'll have a rude awakening soonSmile


        Spike:  Boo, that's no fun.  DH has gotten his fill of orney C lately so he knows exactly where I am coming from.  Right now I am going to Nashville without them, and as much as that bites - I am kind of looking forward to it.  As far as getting me into bed, DH is always dead serious....what are my chances tonight?  Either I tell him yes or no.  Romantic eh?


          Mer - congrats!! so excited for you!


          beskirted & manicured

            rg - yeah I'd consider 5:15 to be "sleeping in" as well!


            ernie - my 30K pace is much faster than MP.  goal pace for ATB is 5:35/k, MP is 5:55/k.  See the PRs in my siggy? see how my marathon PR is reeeaaally bad compared to my other races?


            jen - what happens during teaching observation?


            mer - congrats! I am not big on creative announcements.  In fact I did not make an announcement at all.  People at work noticed the bump and asked..if they didn't ask I didn't volunteer info.  On FB I probably tweeted a few pg related things, and if people felt moved to comment on it, they did.


            bermy - are you afraid you might lose DS in your big house?


            shelby - awesome job on your 20 miler!


            mrszm - yah I book it on TM runs to get it over with.


            CA - daycare lady was flopped on the couch in her bathrobe, she probably didn't notice my car this morning.


            spike - we aren't even that far yet..remember his holding onto the pee?


            becky - I ended up stealing B's ipad and watching TV on it, if G had walked in on me bellowing songs at the top of my lungs while running, I really might have had a heart attack.

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              Zorbs - The principal sits in my room while I teach with a huge rubric to make sure I do everything correctly.  Like state the lesson goals, make sure I meet benchmarks set by the state, do I have a good rapport with students, do I know what I am talking about, is my speaking voice good, etc.


                shelby: hope you got things figured out with daycare! yay for getting the bob fixed.


                becky: ugh to the family drama. we were by dh's mom's house yesterday and i was all but thrilled. mil never has anything nice to say to me so i don't talk to her either. it was a bit nice because she didn't talk to me and i didn't talk to her.


                car: beyond jealous of your florida vacation!


                spike: boo to the argument with dh! when rp and i run together we just run. neither of us are really into speedwork and there's next to no hills by us. such is life i guess.


                jen/becky: i think my reflection period is just looking at my life and what is going on now, what went on in the past, and what is going to happen in the future, who i surround myself with and the purpose they serve in my life.


                  Jen - Yay for the observation being over! I'm sure you were great!


                  Spike - Sorry about the fight with DH. I hate not knowing where things stand after a fight. I like to have it out and be done with it. Your DH's work schedule sounds pretty crazy. I can also relate when you say DH needs a day with the LO on his own. My DH is supposed to get S up and ready every morning so that I can work until 9 a.m. but, in reality, he comes into my office every 10 minutes asking me to help him.

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                    No nap here so we are going running in hopes that DS might fall asleep in stroller. Days like this I wish I had more than 4m on the menu...

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                      Congrats mer!!!  Very exciting!  My bfp with L was a surprise too and after I found out I was so happy I didn't have to go through the 2ww.  Smile


                      Honorary Old

                        I talked to DH. We are fine, we are going to go bowling with some friends on Thursday night. Things are a little strained but we will finish hashing out later tonight. This is how I tend to do things, get in a fight and then realize I need help then go to the Dr/Counselor/whatever. Hopefully I don't have more dreams tonight of DH leaving me for a dude that he works out with at the gym! Stupid weirdo brain!

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