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Flying solo Friday PREGGOS (Read 27 times)




      AHHHHH! Weekday fail! It's only Thursday! Sorry ladies. Wow, I totally have preggo brain for sure!


        ER: Probably just some yoga today. I have to be at work by 9:45 and am aching from my walk yesterday.


        PGR: 37w. OMG term today. Where did the time go? I did not sleep well last night. I hurt pretty much the entire time. I think it was from my walk. I should have known better than to go to bed without doing yoga, but the bed felt good ... at first. I also woke up starving this morning. I was planning on going back to bed after getting DH on the road but I was so hungry that I ended up staying up to eat something. Now I will not go back to sleep before I have to start getting ready for work. Darn!


        NPGR: DH is substitute teaching this morning and then driving straight to Richmond to fly to Notre Dame this afternoon. (Ergo my failed attempt at a post title...)  I'm still feeling fine about it, so I suppose the baby is not ready to come anytime soon. When I told my sister about DH leaving tomorrow she was like, "You are so relaxed about it. Must mean the baby's not ready to come." I'm working 12 hours today, though I have no idea what I will be doing. My boss scheduled me for 12 hours and all I have is a dinner party for 10 people. Usually a 12 hour day means football, men's basketball, or an enormous party for like 300 or more people. I have some paperwork to do, but that will not take up that much time. Oh well. It should be an easy 12 hours, which I'm ok with.


        Since I'm going to work all day I probably won't be back for personals. So sorry. Not only do I start the post wrong but then I can't even chat with the rest of you. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow...

        MA runner girl

          Sasha - HAHA I was wondering if I got the day wrong or something Wink I think I would cry if I had to work for 12 hours... easy day or not!! I hope it goes by quickly for you and isn't too strenuous.


          RR: 3 miles last night. It was by far my slowest run ever, took about 41-42 min (for reference my 5k pr is 23:07! lol). I extended my walk breaks a bit, and my run is very close to just a shuffle at this point. But I'm still proud of myself for getting out there. It's certainly not easy! Rest day today.


          PGR: 35w4d. Midwife appt tonight. And I have to call the office to schedule my weekly appts.... How in the world did I get here so quickly!? I woke up with some congestion today, ugh I hope I'm not getting sick!!! I made myself a fruit smoothie, with mangos and orange juice so maybe that will help!


          NRR: Last night DH had to work on a side job, so I had cereal for dinner and just relaxed. Although I did fold some laundry. Everyone keeps telling me to take advantage of this time so I did and slept in this morning and decided to work at home. Although DH had his alarm set for 5:15 and did not get out of bed until after 6! I kept pushing him, yelling, etc, and he just would not move. Ugh! I think he needs to take some vitamins or something because he has a harder time getting up than me at 8 months pregnant!

          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


            Runner in MI - Saw your post yesterday about the ice cream - yum! I'll have to check that out.  We used to make ice cream when I was a kid, but I remember that it didn't really store well...


            sasha - Maybe because I'm leaving on our mini trip today, but I didn't even notice it was the wrong day! Haha, I had a good laugh.  I hope you have a nice relaxing work day, and baby stays put for a good while yet!


            MA- Yay for getting to sleep in, boo to your DH's alarm - although I must admit I'm a notorious snoozer, too.  In high school, I used to set my alarm an hour (yes, an hour) early and hit snooze six times - every 9 minutes.  Now, I set it 15 minutes early and take one 15-minute snooze - it's a terrible habit, but really hard to break.


            PGR: 27w2d. Thanks for all the comments on the photos, ladies - I feel huge, and I know it's just going to get bigger...Felt a little nauseous this morning...ugh.


            ER: Didn't make it to yoga last night - worked until 7, went home and made some bars to bring for treat day at work, then packed, and worked about 1.5 hours at home - no time today, either - see NPGR.


            NPGR: In to work early today, then leaving this afternoon as soon as I can get out of here, probably not until 5, though.  We are trying to beat the snow out of town, although the snow amounts have reduced greatly - from 6-10 down to 3-6, and we'll probably end up with 2 inches, plus it's not supposed to start until later in the evening now - hopefully that holds true.  Excited for our trip, although DH and I got in a tiff over money again last night - he's the spender, I'm the saver, and he keeps pushing to buy a new (used) vehicle, but I'm hesitant and don't want to even look until I know exactly what we can afford - I know we need to probably get something either before babies arrive, or shortly thereafter, but it's hard to add another car payment.


              Well, I made it back for two of you at least...


              MA: Ugh, I would loose my mind if DH did that! However, he doesn't even hear the alarm most of the time. He has me set the alarm and wake him up when it goes off, which works fine. When he used to listen for it he would wake up with this huge adrenaline rush and attack me trying to get to it! Our current set-up is much preferable. I'm super impressed that you are still running so much! That is a big accomplishment. Definitely something to be proud of! I've had a lot of congestion too lately. I though it was residual from my sickness, but my sister said it can be a common symptom at the end of pregnancy. So cross your fingers that's all it is.


              TN: You don't look huge at all! You look great! But I can sympathize with how you feel. It is a day by day thing. Some days I feel small and others I feel like a cow! Hope you get things worked out with DH over the car thing. I know it's so hard to make those kind of tough financial decisions right when you're about to have a baby (or babies) b/c you are already worried about the financial strain of adding more people to your budget. Get some relaxing in on your trip.


                Morning all. We're posting in the future! Smile


                RR - Ended up making it to the gym last night. Did some arm/leg machines which made me feel better since I hadn't been doing those in a few days. But it was close to closing time so I only managed a 3/4 mile run and quarter mile walk for a total of a mile. I mean, it's better than nothing,  but for some reason I feel so frustrated with my workouts this week. I don't know why.


                PGR - I feel gigantic. I should probably look into a maternity top to wear at the gym, I've been wearing my usual t-shirts that were large on me pre-pregnancy, and now they're getting pretty form fitting.


                NPGR - I just want today to be better than yesterday. DH has jury duty downtown, so I'm hoping it is an one-day process. Of course he's hoping that too! Scratched mallwalking. DS has been stuffy the past few days and I feel weird bringing him out with friends like that. He's only had one real cold besides this one and I'm always nervous the cold will turn into a sinus infection, especially since he seems to think he doesn't need/want saline or me wiping his face.


                Sasha - I hope your 12 hour day flies by. Then it really will be Friday! Hope all goes well for your DH at Notre Dame!


                MA - I've been waking up stuffy for weeks now even with a humidifier. It may be allergies, or how I'm sleeping smushed on my pillow, or just pregnancy related. It usually goes away upon waking up/eating breakfast, but I noticed when it was real bad a few weeks ago our furnace filter needed changing.

                TN - I should post the pic of me on my induction day to see what 30 lbs looks like. And it was nowhere near as pretty as your picture! Hope you have a good and safe trip tonight. Enjoy your weekend. Smile



                  Hi Ladies, I just totally had to post to chuckle at the name of this thread. I thought Preggo Brain for sure when I saw it!! Hahaha.


                    Good (late) morning ladies!


                    sasha - I'm with you, I thought it was Thursday all day yesterday - nope!  Glad it will be an easy day for you if it has to be a long one.


                    MA - I think you're a total rockstar, I think it takes me about 40 min to do 3-ish miles at 24 wks, I'm just hoping to still be running at 35 wks!


                    TNesq - we just paid off one of our cars in the last 6-9 months and now my DH wants to look for a new one too.  We've compromised and decided that we'll do some test drives now, but won't purchase anything until I have my next job position lined up (this one is scheduled to end in 3-6 months), sigh.  Hope you are able to got out ahead of the snow, how long is your trip?  Have fun!


                    schmett - if you find any maternity workout gear that looks great, let me know too, I think I'm in the market too!  Hoping you have a great day and that DS's cold gets better quickly!



                    ER/RR:  30 min bike at the gym on Tues. night, couple mile walk with the pups yesterday, tonight TBD?


                    PGR:  24 wks, can't believe how fast the time is going now, I bet it only goes faster from here on out...


                    NRR/NPGR:  A group took a new-mom friend to dinner last night for one of her first nights out.  Fun to catch up with her and hear how everything is going, I hope we get to do similar things when I'm the new mom. Smile  Meeting DH for a lunch date/BRU trip to get our nursery furniture ordered so it will arrive when the ILs are here to help.  Packing for vacation tonight!

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Made it here late today.


                      Sasha:  I can't tell you the number of times I've had a prego-brain takeover, lol.  Congratulations on being full term!  Sorry about the loss of sleep.  I was super hungry yesterday morning, and it caused me to lose sleep, too.  A 12-hour day is a long day, no matter what you're doing.  I hope it flies by for you.


                      MA:  I've been running 3 miles in about 40 minutes for a while now.  My 5k PR is 29:52, so I was never as fast as you.  I'm sure when I reach 37 weeks, I'll be finishing my 5k in about one hour, lol!  You're still doing better than the couch potatoes.  Wink  Weekly appointments... yay!  My husband ALWAYS sets his alarm unrealistically early and then doesn't get out of bed.  I find it so annoying, because once I'm awake, I can't fall back to sleep.  His alarm wakes me up, and then I'm stuck, but he's still sleeping.  ARGH!


                      TN:  Car payments stink.  That's why we have two very old vehicles.  Maybe the perfect vehicle will become available at the perfect price for your family.  You can always pray and hope for it.


                      schmett:  Hope the jury duty is just a one-day event.  I don't know a toddler in the world that thinks it's okay to have their nose wiped.  It's the worst torture in the world.  Hope the congestion goes away for you.  My flu cough is STILL lingering, and I have sinus congestion, too.


                      DrT:  Have a good vacation.  I suppose after the midway point in pregnancy time can seem to go fast, if you stay busy.  The final trimester, and especially the final month, seems to go at a snail's pace for me, even if I am busy.  I think it has to do with feeling like an elephant all the time.




                      RR:  I was planning 2 miles today, but while I was doing my morning animal chores, I felt acute shin splint pain just walking from the haystack to the pasture, so maybe I need to do something else today.  I guess I could find a way to make myself do the elliptical or stairstep machine at the Y.  I just find all of those cardio machines to be soooo boring!


                      ER:  Yesterday I did a bike ride on the recumbent exercise bike at the Y.  I don't think it was any better than being upright.  I was still hitting my belly with my legs, and I could not get my legs far enough apart to allow my belly to rest in between them, and still reach the pedals.  I'm going to have to figure something else out.  There are pedal extenders and handlebar extenders, but I was hoping to stay indoors for the biking because there's no risk of falling.  I can't make those adjustments on the YMCA's exercise bikes, lol.  I am still training for that sprint tri the first weekend of April, when I'll HAVE to be on my real bike, but I've done this race before, and I know that they stagger all the starts on the bike, according to your swim times.  So, I'll be hopping on my bike when the area isn't congested, since I'm a slower swimmer.  The race is mostly flat, and I'll be behind all the speedy people.  It should be an enjoyable 12.5 miles for me, if I can make adjustments to my comfort bike to make it even more comfortable.  Maybe if I get onto a spinning bike at the Y, I can put the handlebars up high enough that I won't hit my belly.  The computer-programmable exercise bikes don't have adjustable handlebars.  As far as intensity goes... I set the resistance pretty low and didn't really work that hard.  I just didn't feel like I wanted to pour sweat yesterday, I guess.  I also did my sculpting DVD yesterday, and again, took the intensity down a bit.


                      PGR:  30w6d.  I'll have my pants and dresses back from my friend hemming them for me on Saturday.  I am so glad.  I have had little to wear the last two weeks, because I was wearing the pants and just rolling them up before she agreed to hem them in exchange for eggs.  It'll be nice to have more than slob clothes to wear again.


                      NPGR:  My family cow got out yesterday night, and again this morning.  I figured out this morning where/how she was getting out, and was able to sort of repair the fence.  Really, we need to put more money into proper fence, or we're going to have the cow out again.  It's only a matter of time.


                        sasha - I had to laugh at the title of the post and that we're a day off. DH actually just complemented me the other day stating I didn't have "preggo brain" as bad this time around. My theory is that it just turns into "mom brain" so it never really goes awaySmile Good luck getting through your long work day! Do you work at a college?


                        MA - you should be so proud of yourself for keeping up with your running like you have. Sounds like you deserve a rest day so enjoy!


                        TNesq - Enjoy your trip! You must be in the midwest as we received the same snow predictions (and then changes to the predictions) here in WI.


                        shmett - How far along are you? Sorry I know you've posted it in the past, but I can't recall.


                        Dr T - Getting together with other new moms is always fun (especially when your pregnant or a new mom yourself)! You definitely have to make that time for yourself even if it is sometimes with the babies! DH will try to understand, but they never really do "get it" like another woman going through something similar does.


                        Laura - It sounds like your daily animal chores should definitely count at ER! Good luck keeping that cow of yours contained.


                        ER: Nothing yesterday, but hoping to get something in tonight just not sure what yet.


                        PGR: 16w2d I "think" I'm starting to feel the baby, some shifting, and some small kicks. It's not very consistent but usually at least once a day. I really look forward to when I "know" it's baby and its consistent which I hope will be soon. When did you all start feeling baby movements?


                        NPGR: Looking forward to a night home. I need to get a lot of laundry done and wasn't really home at all yesterday/last night. So glad the weekend is just around the corner!


                          DrT. - Yay for ordering nursery furniture! Enjoy your vacation.


                          Laura G - It's amazing how cows can find a weak spot in the fence - my relatives had dairy cows when I was growing up, and my grandpa always kept a few heifers around his farmplace to keep the long grass down, and I've gotten to assist in corraling them back into the fence - fun times.


                          trozy - I'm in MN - we are heading to the great state of WI for our trip! We wanted to go somewhere warm, but thne decided to plan to drive just in case I was put on the no-fly list, which I was two weeks ago due to marginal previa - boo.  I think I started feeling babies move for sure at 17.5 weeks - it was more of a realization that there was no way I could have that much gas to cause that many pops - I had probably really been feeling movement closer to 16ish weeks.


                            So far DS is having a better day, though I had too many cookies and want a nap. DS doesn't think so. Zzz.


                            Dr T. - Your dinner with friends sounded fun. I'm sure your new mom friend enjoyed getting out. Good job on the exercise.


                            Laura - I know what you mean about bikes and pregnancy. It works now but I'm not sure how much longer I'll find riding the bike machines comfortable. I ended up buying a nosefrida based on rave reviews from my moms group but I can't manage it solo with a toddler. If DH doesn't hear anything by 4:30, he's free to go. And my phone dinged, so maybe that's him telling me he got out early.


                            Trozy - I started feeling movement this time around 16 weeks. Maybe even 15 weeks, but that was pretty imperceptible. Last time I felt movement closer to 18-19 weeks. I think the position of this placenta is obviously different, because I can "feel" a lot more now this time. I'm 22 weeks and change now.

                            Runner in MI

                              Apologies for no line breaks-cant get my phone to do this properly... Trying to go to sleep, but it's not working. Grr. This thread title is fitting, as I won't have much time for anything tomorrow. Smile RR: I ran today! Woohoo! (autocorrect wanted to change that to Eliohem... What?) 6 miles. I'm not fast, so if I slow down a few minutes per mile by the end of this pregnancy, I'll just be walking, but that's better than nothing. Anyway, it was nippy and a tad black-icy in spots, but a good run nonetheless. NRR: Conference all day tomorrow, and a friend's 30th later if we're lucky (and sleet to keep us off the 45-mike drive if we're not lucky). Sasha and MA: I'm hoping I'll be able to be as active as you at that far along. You're both inspiring. Smile TN: yes, I have to give Jeni's a thumb's-up. Totally scoopable. I found some recipes floating around the web, but sprung for the book since I had to order a PG book anyway and got the free shipping. The book came today and it should keep me busy. Schmett: now I'm thinking about the cookies in the downstairs freezer. I swear I eat healthy, I really do... DrT have fun on vacation! Laura I'm living your farm references. I dream of having a hobby farm some day, or perhaps something a bit more than that. I love our local farmers who work so hard to bring us the great good that we're so lucky to have. Trozy: Wow, I'm not there yet (nit sure if 7 or 11w), but I'm not ready for kicking. I can barely get a full night's rest as it is - I keep waking up wide awake at 3:something and am just now getting better at falling back asleep quickly. Can you tell this will be my first?