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It's going to be a WET ONE WEEKENDS (DAILIES) (Read 20 times)

Half Crazy K 2.0

    5 miles yesterday on the treadmill and 9 this afternoon after the rain stopped for a bit. It was 60+ degrees out, I was roasting in a tank top and capris. Foot was a little tender. I think the shoes I had one (same ones from the race last week) are nearing the end. I've noticed some rubbing that I tend to get as they wear.


    GatsyBird, that race sounds fun.


    Lizzie, no President's Day for me. We used to get it when I first started at my job, but several years ago they took it away. 


    Anonymous Guest, seems like a good call to skip the du. That weather sounds miserable.


    Hi All!

    LC Runs

      Tessa  - busy week, glad you got in a good run!!


      Lizzie - I am taking President's Day off though we are open.  Glad to have a day to get things together before having to go back to work.  Yeah, the snow was a problem because cars had driven on it but the plows hadn't been through yet, so the tire track stuff was super slippery.


      K - nice 5 yesterday and 9 today!!