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    Hi Ladies,


    I'm back from the RW forum...I was off for work and then couldn't access the RW website for a while and was just directed here.


    MA: Sleep is becoming such a luxury, so I understand the frustration of not being able to fall back asleep after your cold hand wake up!  Hope you catch up tonight.


    Canada: I must have missed what happened, but I'm sorry you aren't running!  I had my own stint of that a few weeks ago and still have some issues so I've learned to be so thankful for the days I am able to.  Its so tough, I know!


    Ozzy: glad you are still growing and hope that the rest of your appointments continue to go that way!


    YJPM: Sorry to hear about your groin pull!  Not what you needed on top of the pregnancy!  Geesh!


    TNes: I hear you on the Christmas shopping, I need to get my butt in gear too, but feel like DH and I have been so busy with all the baby stuff lately it makes it hard to find the time!


    Schmetter: Congrats on the 12 week mark!  I know I was soo happy to make it to that big milestone Smile  Hoping you don't get sick from hubby!


    Liz: Wow, your sis may have felt pressure to have a baby if her younger sis is pregnant.  As an older sister I can relate.  Its not so much that people tell you things, its more something you just sense.  I know when I told my Grandma the news that I was expecting she sort of made a joke that it was "about time".  LOL, whatever that means!


    monk: Yes, its good to see the weight gain thus far as a plus for this pregnancy.  In the end, healthy baby is most important and I figure I can always go hardcore exercise again once the baby is born.


    sasha: I wouldn't worry too much about the BH.  I started getting these about 23 weeks.  I think they say as long as they are not recurring more than 4 times in an hour, its harmless.  I noticed that when I walk my dog and its cold out, my belly gets really tight.  As long as it gets back to normal when I'm done, I'm not worried.  I actually had some painful contractions the weekend before Thanksgiving because I caught the stomach flu and got severly dehydrated.  I went to the hospital and they monitored my contractions and the baby for several hours while pumping me with IV fluids.  Even my painful contractions they said were not strong enough to bring on labor.


    Okay, as for me, its been a while!  I've had some issues to deal with so I'll start and try to not make this too long:


    RR: Had to take about 2 weeks off of running.  When I got back from a work trip I ran 10 miles at 24 weeks and strained my back...BAD!  I could barely move and it took several days for me to even be able to walk normally again.  So, I had to learn to really cut back.  After I started to recover, I caught the stomach flu and had to go to the hospital since I had been throwing up all day and got dehydrated and started having contractions!  Everything was fine with the baby and after they got some fluids in me the contractions subsided.  I didn't run for several days after that and when I did, everything was different.  My pace had slowed down by a minute a mile and I kept my runs to 3 miles, every other day because of my back.  I started swimming on my days off of running and that felt pretty good.  A couple weeks ago though, I had a new issue.  I ran with my hubby and when I got back I peed blood!  I freaked out and called the doctor and they had me take a urine test and assumed I had a bladder infection so started me on antibiotics until the results came back.  Results showed it wasn't an infection.  I had gone running a few times since then and not had the problem so I went for a run last Saturday and peed blood again!  I'm supposed to go back and get another test, but I think that both times I had the issue my bladder had been "too empty" and the weight of my baby/belly was compressing it too much and caused some internal bleeding.  I tested my theory yesterday and didn't pee before my run and everything was fine!  Just wanted to mention it in case you other ladies ever run into the same issue. 


    PRGR: 28 weeks, 1 day!  Measuring right on track and baby is moving lots and has a good heartbeat.  Last week I failed my intial glucose screen and had to do the 3 hour test.  It was NOT FUN!  But I passed.  Thankful that I don't have GD--I don't know how well I would do at poking my finger and testing my sugar if I had to.  Looking so forward to the days and weeks passing and actually having my baby.  I don't hate being pregnant, but I think at this point I'd much rather have the baby and have my body back.  It was extremely hard for me to not run and its even hard for me to only be able to run a few miles every other day. 


    NPRGR: Hubby and I are making huge progress on the house and nursery.  Its been really busy so I'm looking forward to it all being done.  On Friday I fly out to CO to visit my little sister for the weekend.  Can't wait!  We're actually going to go to one of those 3D/4D ultrasound places and pay to get an ultrasound since I don't get another one at my OB's unless something high risk occurs.  Can't wait to see her again!


      adamsjen: Welcome back! Wow, you've had a rough few weeks! I'm glad everything got worked out for you concerning early contractions, etc. Super scary! Take it easy with the running. It's hard to slow down. Probably the swimming is a good alternative. Sounds like the baby is doing fine despite any problems. The glucose test sounds awful! My midwife is not making me do it b/c there is no history of GD in my family. I'm so thankful, b/c getting blood drawn makes me queasy for the entire day!


      Thanks all for the info on the BH. I think I was fairly well hydrated, so I think the heat was mostly to blame. I have started using the low calorie gatorade every time I run because of someone else's  comments on the benefits of electrolytes for preventing BH. This is my first pregnancy, so I actually think I may have been having BH occasionally at work since sometime last week and not known what they were. It was just last night that I realized what could be happening. Anyway, I'll go for the frisbee tonight and make sure I'm well hydrated and take my gatorade.