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    Carol, yes I eat a bit more for activity. I'm on Weight Watchers so when I was in the losing stage I ate the points for weight loss plus most of the activity points I earned. I couldn't get by with just the weight loss allowance of points and not eat any extra for activity. I'd chew off my arm.


    Marjorie, hope the woman notices that the board's vacancies fill now that she has resigned!


    Cindy, sorry your hammie is hurting. Stretch!


    Camille, you'll know about the trail for next time.


    7.35 in 65 minutes. I'm pleased with myself!


      Camille - Sigh, it is a struggle isn't it.  I have always had to watch my weight, too.  But you are right better than gaining 3 LOL!


      Tessa - Thanks for the input on eating your activity points.   I am thinking I need to do that....figure I will feel better.



      LC Runs

        Good Evening, Ladies!


        Was able to get out and run 4.1 after work, pretty brisk out there, but I'm glad I did it.


        Ginny - nice TM run.  The mouth situation sounds miserable, glad you are on the upswing


        Damaris - awww, poor kitty (and poor momma, sorry about the migraine).  My cats are fat, too lol


        Julie - hi sleeping buddy!!  Congrats on your anniversary, you have done great this past year!!


        Hi Tessa!  I would LOVE to visit CA someday!!  Men are such buttheads sometimes!


        Marjorie - great mileage!


        Cindy - you poor thing.  Sore hamstring and root canal?? Feel better


        Sue - I need to have days where I go overboard with organizing, I used to be so good about it, now it just seems like so much work lol.


        Carol - yes, where is spring???? I don't have any great advice about weight loss, sometimes I just try to eliminate a little bit from each meal to help with overall calorie reduction (like, 1 piece of toast instead of 2) or cut out the carbs and up the protein (yogurt instead of crackers).  But, it's still a struggle Confused


        Camille - nice job on yesterday and today's run!

          It was a nice service and I am quite proud of dd's.

          Growing up.  sigh.


          Need to get to bed.  I still need to pack for noon flight. Yikes.


          Ran 6.01 this morning in 60 minutes.  That's what the tm said when it shut down at the hour mark so I'm taking the extra .01.


          NY will be morning low of 31 going up to 45 on Saturday for my half.  starts at 9am.  Might feel balmy.  Probably not.  I can get late checkout until 2pm so that's good.  No runs in CP this trip. I'll sleep in on Friday.  Saturday's race is in Flushing Meadows... where the world's fair was in the 40's. And where the Metts play.