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Mighty Mouse

    Tessa and anyone else who cares:


    Potato Recipe (like potato soup)


    1 bag of frozen potatoes O'brian (has a little bit of red and green peppers)

    2 cups chicken bouillon

    Added a little onion and some chives

    Add grated cheddar at the end if you wish.


    Dumped all in crock pot, started on high, then lowered after an hour. I only cooked until the little cubes were softer. They overcook very easily.


      3.5 miles outside this morning for me.


      Lizzie-ribs did hurt a little last night. We will assign that only to the stretching and twisting of yoga and nothing else. I do find that running is better when I do yoga. Balance, breathing, focus and strength. But don't let a slow moving class fool you. It's all about the level of concentration and what the teacher has you doing. You could be standing completely still in a pose with lots of direction on how to hold your muscles, how to position yourself and be sweating.


      Diane-that's an awesome forecast, sans the wind. Adventures are good!


      Judy-Yum... new recipe!


      Damaris-hope that hearing is impaired. LOL The comment made by exiting attorney? I'd be livid as well. Being proactive is one thing, overstepping boundaries is another.


      Sandy-not really "speed yoga" but Vinyasa or Ashtanga classes are ones in which movement flows along with breath in and breath out. You might hold some poses at times. the challenge is in keeping breath steady throughout. It becomes almost like a dance sequence. Some classes may be the exact same each time. Same series of poses, some teachers use different "flows" so there's that to it as well. There are some that are "slower Vinyasas" where they hold poses more than they do sequences. I used to REALLY be into yoga. I also really like the way that most of the teachers talk to us during the class. It's very positive and affirming without being wimpy.


      Ginny-hope the new trainer was good!


      Kathryn-silly girl, trying to buy thyme.


      Cathy-fun to do a races in so many different places!


      Tessa-that is a time zone challenge!


      Elina-Hope work didn't suck today! Beer is good.


      Sue-yeah for time with DF!



      Jan 27 Piney Woods 50k TX

      Feb 24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ

      April 21 Big Turtle 50k KY

      April 28 The Trail 50k MI

      May 28 Pinelands 50k ME

      July 14 Missoula 26.2 MT

      Aug 25 North Country 26.2 MI

      Sept 7 RunWoodstock 100k MI (it sounded like a good idea at the time)

      Sept 22 Dances With Dirt 100k relay Hell

      Dec 8 Brazos Bend 26.2 TX


      Let me know if you see a good trail race in one of these states....I still need one there: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North and South Carolinas, North and South Dakotas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming. 

      Anonymous Guest

        I'm gonna post and run here. I'm beat. 15 miles this morning, then laundry and some cleaning. Dog is in the kennel (DH has bike races this weekend about three hours north so will be gone tomorrow through Sunday). I need to pack but right now I don't want to walk up the stairs to get my suitcase. I didn't sleep well last night, and probably won't tonight either since I have to get up at Lizzie-time for my 6 am flight. I need to leave here no later than 4, which means getting up at a time that starts with 3 - yikes! Maybe more later, maybe not. If not, have a good evening all!

        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
        Upcoming Marathons: March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston, May 2018 - Fargo

        LC Runs

          3.2 miles after work, another windy run but thankfully, no snow!  I am hoping it is gone for a while!


          Lizzie - snow clearing counts as strength training for sure!!


          Diane - ugh on the wind!  I am tired of it here for sure!!


          Judy - how did the recipe turn out?  If it's good, share it, I need more recipes in my life LOL!


          Damaris - a 4 hour trial does not sound fun, hope you had a good 10 miler!  UGH on the co worker taking over, glad he is on vacation!


          Sandy - NO MORE SNOW!!  LOL.  Ouch on your sisters hand, that sounds so awful!


          Hi Ginny - glad the new trainer worked out okay!


          Kat - whoo hoo on the 5 miles, go Girl!!


          Cathy - glad the foot is feeling okay!  Have fun in Vegas!!


          Tessa - great run,I hope you get some much deserved time off!


          Hey Elina!!


          Sue - glad you had a great mini vacation!!

          Half Crazy K 2.0

            Strength training. My one elbow was a little less than happy about throwing snow off the deck.


            Seloc, hope your sister's finger heals quick.


            DHuffman, hopefully the winds calm down for your race.


            Docket, glad your co-worker is on vacation. Not cool for him to butt in like that.



              I don't think tomorrow will be much of a vacation day. 1.5 hour webinar, plus many crises that need attention. I will have no guilt feelings about going to the post office and to Costco, though. And for a run.


              Really ticked at some colleagues who have made a pattern of forgetting to include me on emails and then including me on the "we need this today or early tomorrow at the latest" final email. Not cool.


              DD and DS made it to their first night's stop with no problem, this is their cousin's (Dear Niece's) in Eureka.


              Trying to get more done before choir practice. Later...

                Hi there!  I'm here, sorry for being MIA.  Having a sort of ho-hum week.  Have done a few short runs here and there, have a HM on Saturday.   Watching college basketball and rooting for the underdogs.  Happy that we got some rain this week -- although I hear it's causing problems elsewhere in CA.


                DHuff, have a great race this weekend!  Other than the wind, that's a great forecast.  Have fun!


                Gah, 8 pm already.  Going to pull a Karen and post 'n run.  Oh wait, that's what I do too...