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    LCruns - It is the North Country Trail run in Manistee.  Enjoy your run tonight!  Maybe we get some warmer weather this week-end Smile

    KarenAG - On the resume for the job...sometimes you just have to go for it!  You won't know unless you check it out.  No sense being miserable!  I have real mixed emotions about H&M, I was so looking forward to.  But Jenny had asked me to be on her team - during Detroit training, I don't feel like I can back out now...

    Camille - Your weather in Georgia sounds worse than our weather in Michigan!

    Damarias - Those "cones of shame" just look miserable to wear.....hope Trixie's news is good.

    Sue - Whew, you packed alot into a week-end!  Great 10k time....jealous here!

    Ginny - Hope the cold gets better!!!  I'm glad it isn't too far of a drive for you to H&M.

    Marjorie - What kind of shoes are Blurrs?  Never heard of them.

    Julie - Nice job on the 5.5!!!  You wonder if your running group is ever going to be able to get started with this crazy weather :0!

    AmyD - Is Peachtree a Full?


    As you can tell I am stalling cleaning the kitchen...




    Run to live; live to run

      Blurrs are from Asics



        Carol, I doubt our weather is worse than Michigan. I'm just whining more.  Blush  Last week when I saw the blooming trees and flowers, I was sure we were in for warm weather and flowers this week. Those flowers are prob being killed by cold snap.   My mom reminded me that Dec was very warm, so winter hasn't really been longer than usual, just late.  It's still snowing here, very lightly, but it's starting to stick on the deck. I'm just over 2000 feet, so we always get a bit more than town.


        Karen, I've wasted the day, but just ran across a race report you I think you'll  be interested in.  http://community.runnersworld.com/displaycontent/content/4671874889541078#page=1-7345952495149975

        The guy used Hanson's and had a sub 3 in LA. BTW,  I've decided Hanson's 6 days are too much  for me.  I'm still trying 5 days/wk and just increasing just the intensity is leaving my legs beat.   I think it's going to work great for you though.  I like a lot of things about it.

        I'd say apply for the job.


        Marjorie, they have stores here. I need a set for downstairs, so will have to ck them out. Thanks!

        Thank you, too Ginny!

        LC Runs

          Good Evening!


          Added another 2.6 this evening with a running buddy, so...6.6 for the day.  I am now famished and looking forward to the lasagna BF is making yummmmm!


          Camille - I agree, I don't think spring is ever gonna get here lol


          Sue - nice bike ride!!


          AmyDel - nice 5!  Congrats on Peachtree Smile


          Hi Ginny!


          Karen - go for it!  I am always keeping my eyes open for another job opening, but am in a similar position to you.  Plus, I hate to lose my time off benefits.....but I think you should see what they have to offer!!


          Hi Marjorie - great 10.5.  I need new shoes, too.  I am running in Mizuno Waveriders, really like them


          Julie - awww, Jazzie sounds like a great dog.  Mine is barking at his tail at the moment...maybe not the brightest bulb Wink


          Tessa - ugh on the meetings, hope you are able to get out for a run!

          Anonymous Guest

            Cover letter and resume sent! Feeling quite good about myself. Now will wait and see if anything comes of it, but even if not, my resume is now up-to-date, and I have a decent cover letter I can just modify as needed.


            Marjorie, over 600 miles on your shoes - that is awesome you can get so many. Especially with how many miles you run.


            Julie, so glad Jazzie is feeling better. I took Jake (yellow lab that turns 12 this week) in for his follow up appointment yesterday, and for the first time in forever, he got a clean bill of health. No cone of shame, no medications, nothing! Me and my credit card were both very happy.


            Tessa, hope you were able to get a run in. And I hope the bathroom is an easier and quicker fix than anticipated.


            camille, thanks for the link. I did enjoy reading that. Some of the things he really liked about the Hanson plan were things I really like, like knowing Tuesday is speed/strength, Thursday is always tempo, etc. I like the 6 days a week, but my bike is definitely getting neglected. As soon as I finish New Jersey I'm going to figure out a much more balanced plan for a few months while I "relax".

            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
            Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston



              Bathroom is done, no tile breakage (yay) and new toilet installed. We are supposed to leave it for 24 hours to let the caulking around the base dry, so still all sharing one bathroom, but the end is in sight.


              And I did get out for 4.5 this evening, after shoving chicken in the oven and shooing the neighbour's dogs back into their yard. Yappy little Yorkies.