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More Spring, Please, Monday (Preggos) (Read 19 times)

Laura G in Idaho

    I want more spring-like weather.  Enough cold!

    Laura G in Idaho

      PGR: 30w3d.   I have an appointment with the midwife today.


      NPGR:  I made soap on Saturday.


      RR:  3 miles today, my new long-run distance.


      ER:  I walked  1.75 miles yesterday.  I skipped my sculpting DVD.


      I think I need a bit more sleep, because this post isn't very descriptive or interesting.


        Happy Monday ladies!


        Laura G - I was wondering, as I started to read your post, if something was wrong, as it seemed so abrupt - I hope you an get more sleep, and I hope soap-making went well!


        PGR: 26w6d. OB appt today.  I'm afraid of the scale - according to my home scale, I've jumped a few lbs in a week again.  I've also been feeling first-tri tired, so I think babies are going through a growth spurt.  DH is going too, I'm going to ask some questions about expectations for delivery - I know from our L&D nurse friends that I'll be delivering in the OR, just in case, regardless of how smootlhy things go, but I'm hoping to get a better picture of other "twin" delivery precautions.


        ER: No dedicated exercise yesterday, but lots of moving around - went to church, then went to the pet store, target, and the grocery store, then got in a couple hours of cleaning.  Today - probably nothing, work, then dinner, then childbirth class.


        NPGR: Bball is done! Just have to get the end-of-the-year party wrapped up.  Our last tournament was a bit frustrating- my girls probably could have won the last two games, but it was a bit obvious that they are all a bit burnt out.  I'm very happy to have my two nights of practice and tournament weekends free again - our house needs some deep cleaning and I want to really start organizing and getting things prepared. Looking forward to our trip this weekend!


          Morning all!


          ER: Body flow this morning. It felt really good even though it was hard.


          PGR: 38w3d. I had some real contractions over the weekend, not too painful but enough that I knew they were the real deal. Nothing that lasted though, I had three on Friday night and a few sporadically as I was cooking yesterday and when I went to bed. Speaking of bed... I really hate sleeping on my side but I can't linger on my back long either. I guess I'm just at the point where I won't be comfortable sleeping, but I still am sleeping OK for the most part. I slept on my right shoulder funny though so that hurts this morning.


          PGR2: So I was going to take it easier this weekend, I really was. But then I started working and didn't stop, lol. Did some general house cleaning and packed hospital bag (as much as I can ahead of time at least) on Saturday. I also downloaded some classical music to my computer from itunes to play during labor... I had music playing the first time and that really made a difference. There wasn't enough of it though on three CDs and we listened to the same stuff over and over! Made six freezer meals between Saturday and Sunday. I have four more freezer meals planned to make hopefully sometime this week. I may have bit off more than I can chew with this project, but will definitely come in handy later! I have all the stuff I did and have planned to do on my home computer, I will post links and info tomorrow or when I have it all done. Hopefully I will make one or two more tonight.


          PGR3: Finished baby shopping this weekend and DH was unhappy with me for how much I spent. I got some new bottles but was going to get nipples for the old bottles but found out Target doesn't have either brand that I used last time, at least not in the store. So I don't know if I'll search for some new nipples or just put the old bottles away again because they're the ones we didn't like anyway. I got some nursing bras too, a baby book and a carrier that looks similar to the ergo but was cheaper. Its the Infantino sash mei tei, I think its called. I just couldn't stomach the cost of the ergo and I know DH would have been even more p*ssed if I had. Also bought a present for my friend's baby shower that is next Saturday that I hope I will make... I caved in to cute stuff for her and some cute hats for P.


          PGR4: Its never ending by this stage, right? I'm terrified that P will decide the perfect time to make his appearance will be during the snowstorm forecast for Thursday/Friday. Thats only 8/7 days from DDay and A was 6 days early. But I know this birth won't be the same, so hopefully he can stay where he is when the weather is bad!


          NPGR: Saturday night we did get some relaxation though. Our daycare family took A along to the circus and ended up keeping her overnight since the circus got done late. So we had an unexpected date night. Heck, I suppose this is PGR too because when are we going to get a date night again in the next six months?


            Morning all.


            ER - Nothing Saturday, 5 miles on my parents stationary bike yesterday while my husband set up their new computer. Hoping to get to the gym today.


            PGR - 22w tomorrow. I was going through my notes and found I was almost 22w pg with DS when we went on a weekend trip to Branson. Already my feet swelling was so bad I had to get a new pair of sandals that could accommodate my feet. At the end of pregnancy even those were getting hard to slip on. So what a difference exercise makes! Of course getting pre-e again is always a fear in the back of my mind but if I'm doing this well so far I feel proud.


            NPGR - I feel Laura on the need for warmer weather. I am ready for spring and to be able to take DS to the park again on a regular basis.

            Not a whole lot to do today, some errands. I'm trying to put together an Amazon order and feel like I'm forgetting something. Dislike!


            Laura - Good luck at your appointment. Hope you can get a nap in.


            TN - I've also been feeling tired after waking up in the morning. Some days I get a nap, others I don't, but must be a growth spurt like you say. Good luck at your appointment today too!

            MA runner girl

              Have been trying to post all morning... grrr.


              RR: 3 miles yesterday. I think I ran too fast because my pelvis ached again after. Rest day today.


              PGR: 35w1d. It's so surreal being this far along. Less than 5 weeks until my due date! I feel ok, super tired, and uncomfortable, but I guess that's to be expected! I have been getting more BH contractions. I have this strange feeling that I'm going to go early, but of course now that I type that out I will probably be 2 weeks late Wink


              PGR2: We had our full day of birth class on Saturday. It was good, I think DH got mroe out of it than I did, since I've been reading up on stuff all along. Next Saturday we get the hospital tour and some infant care stuff. Last night I had a 2 hour breast feeding class. I didn't get as much out of it as I thought. I'm not too concerned though, because my mom bfed all 3 of her kids, and she's taking some time off after baby is born to help out, so she offered to be my support. That will be nice! Plus the hospital has meetings every week for bfing moms so I can always go to those.


              NPGR: Had a busy weekend. DH's birthday was Saturday so we went out to dinner. We were supposed to go shopping for closet shelving but I was way too uncomfortable and tired so we just went home. Yesterday I went over my brothers to help plan my SIL's 30th birthday party in a few weeks. Should be fun!


              Well I had personals typed out earlier but pressed the back arrow when I wasn't in the text box so I lost it all... and now I really need to get to work!

              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                Back from my appt -  I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks...ugh.  I'm also now measuring 36 weeks, so my uterus at least had a growth spurt, if not the babies.  Everything else looked fine, now I start weekly appts - that makes it seem like they will be here before I know it...


                monk - you certainly had a busy weekend - great job on the freezer meals.


                schmett - Glad you aren't having swelling issues this pg so far. I'm actually quite surprised my engagement/wedding rings still fit, as my hands were prone to swelling before pregnancy.


                MA - Sorry the bf class wasn't as helpful as you thought - I would imagine that, until you actually have a real, live baby, there is only so much you can get out of a class like that?  That's great that your mom is available for support.


                  Hi ladies, I hate that I don't get in here to post more often, I do a quick read every so often, but feel guilty when I know I don't have time to really respond, so a day with 5 posts to start is perfect! Smile


                  Laura - hope the soap-making went well, it's neat that you do a lot of homemade things!


                  TNesq - I did a lot of cleaning this weekend too, felt great.  Too bad about a poor finish at the basketball tournament, but nice to have some more time free.


                  monk - wow, you're so close!  Sounds like you've got just about everything ready, so excited for you!  Glad you got a date night in too.


                  scmett - glad you aren't having as much trouble with swelling this time around, that's one of my worries too.  Hopefully warm (but not too warm) weather is just around the corner and will make it easier to get outside!


                  MA - you're getting close too!  You sound so prepared and I'm glad your DH got a lot out of the class, I think it's going to be an eye-opener for my DH, curious what the reaction will be...


                  PGR: 23w4d, found out a at 21 wks that growth and development were right on track and we are expecting a baby girl!  Took DH a little while to adjust to that. Wink  Generally still feeling really good, just started getting comments in the last week or two that I'm actually starting to show, so that's been kind of fun.  DH and I picked out nursery colors this weekend because we will be on vacation for ten days and then his parents are visiting the following week and they are going to paint for us. Smile


                  RR: ran somewhere between 3 and 3.5 miles this morning.  A group of friends (including DH) has been training for a half marathon, so I've been joining them on their weekend long runs and just doing what I can.  So far, so good and I've been able to slowly increase to 4 miles for a long run.  Otherwise doing a lot of walking and one or two harder workouts a week.


                  NRR:  Work has been crazy busy - I had an important presentation last week, it went well and has really helped me focus my efforts for the next couple of months.  Otherwise DH and I spent a lot of time cleaning this weekend and I threw out/shredded a lot of old documents from grad school, very cathartic.  Also felt good just to cut down on the clutter - I might be a paper hoarder, I had my driver's test results and registration from when I was 16!  Yikes!


                  Hope everyone has a great day!

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Alright, I'm more awake now.  Didn't get anymore sleep, but I'm more awake, nonetheless.


                    PGR:  Midwife appointment went just fine.  There was a student nurse shadowing the nurse-midwife today.  The midwife said that I was right, and that my numbers were, indeed, much better than what I was told over the phone.  She believed it to be on the high end of average when we were talking, but I mentioned that when I saw the actual results, it was much lower than what I was told on the phone.  So, she went back and checked the paperwork herself.  She mumbled something about her assistant checking it off for her, and that's why she didn't catch it.  Yes, the wrong number had been recorded on my file, but the correct number was in the lab results.  I'm nowhere near diabetic, just as I thought.  She changed the number that was recorded on my file to the correct number, and we all had a good laugh.


                    RR:  I ended up running 2.9 miles and walking 0.1 miles today.  The first 1.5 miles went by fairly fast, as I let my mind drift and wander.  There was a slight downhill grade and I was able to run on the soft shoulder of the road, so it was easy-peasy.  Midway through, I walked 0.1 mi to give myself a break.  It seemed harder to get going again after stopping.  The second 1.5  miles wasn't near as fast or easy, because I had to turn around and run on the other side of the road, where there the shoulder is paved, and the grade is slightly uphill.  My mind was no longer on varied subjects, but rather, on the effort of getting through the run, and feeling like an elephant.


                    NPGR:  The soapmaking went just great on Saturday.  I didn't have a big turnout this year (this is an annual event for me), but it was fun, and the ladies that came were very conversational with me and each other.  My back and feet were really tired when I was finished.  Pregnant women weren't meant to stand for hours on cement.  Yesterday I took my soaps out of the molds, and realized a mistake I made.  I chose three old quart vinegar bottles for some of my molds, and these bottles have ridges at the bottom.  Getting the soap out was a nightmare.  I ended up mutilating my soap and giving myself some minor cuts and the free lye in the soap burned me a bit.  I'll never make that mistake again!


                    I am off to do some visiting of some of the ladies in my church today.  In our church, the ministry is all lay-ministry, and the people don't support the pastor (or in our case, he's called a Bishop).  Since he isn't financially supported by the church members, he works elsewhere for his living, and it is up to the membership of the church to be his eyes and ears, to reach out and love and support the members of the congregation.  So, once a month, I go with another woman, and make personal visits to a few of the members to see how they are doing, grow genuine friendship with them, and leave a spiritual message with them.  I really love doing it, but it means I don't have time for personals right now.  I'll try and get back later today.  Sorry about my abruptness this morning.  I really think I was half-asleep when I wrote that.  Ha ha!


                      Hi all-

                      Enjoying a day off work thanks to President's day!

                      ER: Saturday, did 5 miles on the elliptical, plus a whole lot of walking around town. Sunday, 5 mile walk. And today, accidentally didn't set alarm properly, so missed boot camp. So it was another 5 miles on the elliptical, followed by some strength stuff.

                      PGR: 34w2d. Keep getting bigger... Went to see the lactation consultant on Saturday and it was reassuring. She showed me how to express a bit of colostrum, which was cool...there's something in there! (I know it's been there for a while, but seeing it made me more confident that I'd be able to feed the baby. Got a couple new maternity dresses. Pants are feeling kind of uncomfortable for me now, so glad to have these, although I do feel bad spending more money so close to the end. We spent some time going over our birth plan this weekend, too.

                      MW appointment tomorrow...a bit scared of the scale.

                      I saw a Chariot for sale on Craigslist and was tempted...I like that you can run with it with the infant sling at 1 month, but it is so big and bulky, I'm not even sure we can fit it through our door.

                      NPGR - Saw Silver Lining's Playbook on Friday night. We enjoyed it.


                      Laura - glad you have things straightened out with your GD test. I can't believe they screwed up so badly! You seem more forgiving about it than I would be! It is always hard for me to get started again running if I stop to walk.

                      TN - How do you feel about delivering in the OR? Is that common everywhere for twins, or unique to your doc? Congrats on being done with bball!

                      Monk - Glad you got an unexpected date night! Sorry sleep is so uncomfortable, but the end is def in sight!

                      Schmett - glad things are on track for you this preg in terms of swelling and pre-e signs.

                      MA - good job on the continued running! Glad your class went well.

                      Dr. T, congrats on the baby girl!




                        Dr.T - Congrats on the girl! Great job on your miles! (I had great job on the runs, but that sounded like I was referencing a bowel movement...)


                        Laura - Glad you got the results straightened out with the midwife - I'm glad you were able to laugh about it.


                        Liz - Glad the lactation consultant visit went well.  I think the main reasons for delivering twins in the OR are (1) to address complications quickly, since there are 2 instead of 1, and (2) if you are lucky enough to get the "double whammy" (one vag, one c/s) they have you ready to go.  I believe our hospital only has one OR in L&D, so I guess we'll see.