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    r-eh: good to see you back! i'm so sorry that you have been sick! hope you're all recovered soon. enjoy the day in the kitchen- i love those kinds of days!


    twin- congrats to your DS on his soccer!!! that's fantastic. what kind of food does Freebirds serve? hope you're able to tackle all of that laundry, etc! hope you get that run in today!


    rocky- i'm glad things are a bit better with DH. he owes you more than just a foot rub, but it's a good start! sounds like Em had a great time in the snow- i can't wait until we get snow this year. i know what you mean about trying to squeeze it all in over the weekend- it's hard. But you're supermom Smile


    spike- do you pack snacks/drinks for R in the stroller? i haven't yet for my R, as i usually go right after i feed him his breakfast. ahh, the lovey thing is too cute! R grabs his blanket and carries it everywhere in the house, too. he puts it down on the floor and snuggles. cute boys! great job getting all of the christmas crafts done!


    leelee- hope you enjoy the movie!! yay for DS acing his spelling test, and J sleeping so well for you! that's awesome!

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      Uphill: i am so sorry about the migraines! i have no idea how you function through them! your trail run sounds like it was awesome this weekend. sorry about the TTC stuff, i have no advice for you on that one. it's been over 2 years since my last AF so details are a little fuzzy. i'm hoping you get a really good christmas present this year: a BFP!


      think i got everyone Smile

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        rg - the food did turn out well, the issue is that DH did not help me with ANY of it.

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          zorbs - DS was 4 and he did an ok sitting still. J does ok in the living room where she can spin around and has a lot of distraction but I would not take her to a theatre yet. That was the first movie that she (almost) sat through. 


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            RG- I don't bring snacks in the stroller. When its hot I'll bring a drink for him, but I normally just make sure he has a meal or snack before we leave. I think the mittens are a big problem- I keep a book and toy in there when its warm but he can't really do much with mittens on.

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              Quick flyby for me... 


              RR - rest day, 2nd in a row...  prolly good for me as I'm building my base mileage.  I just did a 1:10 plank.  I'll do another plus side planks later, but wanted to do something so I could post.


              TR - awesome at pottying except for #2... we've been bribing her with bonus treats if she goes poop.  Last night we got home late, she had had a long busy day, and DH was with her in the bathroom bawling over going poop, thankfully he convinced her to go, so she did not go in her pullup over night.  Her poops are stinkier than DH's - anyone else's toddler have lethal poops?  Sorry, tmi and stfum's worthy.


              BR - sleeping champ.  She's also officially acting like a cute little human being not just a newborn milk sucking amoeba.  Newborns are sweet but are a lot of work with little in return, I'm liking the little human coos and smiles.


              FR - chicken cacciatore.


              NRR - almost all xmas gifts are purchased.  Love the internet, it is a mom's shopping lifesaver.  I need to order some xmas cards - I think I'll just use a photo from our family shoot from the fall - they are recent enough.


              Have a good one ladies!

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                CA - LOL about little human, I know what you mean!  I was going through Emily's baby book yesterday and can tell I was much happier once she was about 3-4 months old.  The early time is special and sweet, but helluva alot of work.  Oh and yes Emily has noxious poops.  But my DH can definitely give her a run for her money.  STFUM comment:  The other day I came back from walking the dogs and Em and DH were in our master bedroom, door shut.  It smelled terrible when I walked in.  I asked DH if he farted or if Emily had pooped.  He looked offended, but then confessed it was him. 


                Way to go on the plank!


                  R-eh: thanks for the SS gifts!! I love the socks and arm warmers!

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                    Uphill - 7 miles of trails! Wow, I don't know how you can do that with a migraine! 


                      spike - any idea why you were so hard on yourself? Do you know of anything I can say to him to help him relax about it? Every grade he gets is pretty much perfect. He is called out for behavior but he seems ok with that. I was very behind in reading at his age (and for the rest of my life) so it is hard for me to identify with it. I was happy just to pass. It's hard to watch him beat himself up.

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                        Spike - I'm getting my BS in Sport Management: Health and Wellness. 


                        Everyone else - ill try to get back before bed!


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                          Lee- I think I was hard on myself because I was insecure and it was my way of being better than other people. I came from a weirdo family, and when I hit puberty I became really introverted/gained weight/ lost self esteem. I wasn't good at owning my weirdness so I really threw myself into my school work.. Plus my family didn't really bug me if I was doing homework, so I'd just hole up in my room and study or read. I guess I thought better grades= I'm smarter than you= I'm better than you. I used to get a total ego trip when the popular kids would ask me for  help- I wasn't mean to them or anything, I just remember feeling smug/superior.  I'm pretty sure my issues aren't what your DS is dealing with because it sounds like he has a pretty great home life, so maybe he's just a Type-A personality and grades to him are a more tangible thing to control than his behavior.

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                            spike - interesting story. You are very charismatic now so it sort of surprises me that you were insecure. I could totally see how low self esteem from your family life would feed that though, as well as why you would throw yourself into your school work. Yes, I agree that DS is probably just type A. DH and I both have incredibly high standards for ourselves as well as plans for our future. 


                            Banshee - wow! Your walking pace is only a tiny bit slower than my running pace!


                              Leelee: I do a lot of things with a migraine : (  Par for the course.


                                Just did my plank 50 seconds - not quite the 1.30 I was aiming for, but hey it was done. And it was on the back of my 1000m repeats. Will post about that tomorrow. Just nursed DS down for night. I am beat. My fingers are too tired to type. 


                                Except... Uphill - I am wishing you the biggest, sexiest, luckiest, most fertile baby making vibes right now.

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