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Thriving Thursday (Over 40) (Read 197 times)


    Getting ready quicker than I thought so took a peak.

    Karen, two years is a short timein the scheme of things, but it can seem like an eternity when you spend 40 hours a week doing a job you don't like.  I think most regrets are for opportunities not taken and my vote would be for you to apply for the new job.  I also did a job I didn't want to continue in-very burned out and had resigned but was begged/pressured into staying.  Big  mistake.


    I like number 1.


    Linda, good luck. Hope it works. I have a little tummy pudge, too. Hate it...but prob won't do a thing about it.

      Is there a way to "cut" the leaf out of the picture and put on plain white background? will print out easier with less ink than a dark background.


      I tend to like simpler font for something like this so for printing purposes #2. but I also like #1 for it's amazingness quality.


      6 miles on tm this morning. didn't want to do speedy stuff so did mini hills (yes, i know hills are speed work in another form).  Warm, then .25 intervals with .25 flat recoveries.  Did 3,4,5,5% grades, twice, then cool down. Did the "hill" parts at slower speed but did speed up the flat parts since it then felt hard to go same speed.


      Will sleep in tomorrow. this getting up at 4am to drive to gym and be home by 6:30am is tough after awhile.


      Planning many rounds of travel for events and also told to book something developmental too.  Big Sur would develop me.  Not what they mean.



      LC Runs

        Hey Ladies,


        Jumping in for a quick check in - slept in this morning, just got back from a quick 3.5 this evening.  Wore my new Brooks jacket, I bought for $28 at Running Warehouse (clearance plus discount plus a few bucks left on my bday gift certificate).  Lightweight, black with bright pink sleeves/back.  Love it!


        Karen - I love the top two graphics, really cool!!


        Linda - I hear ya on the tummy, mine is fairly flat but will never be like it was pre preg.  I really hate the love handles ugh.  I think you look great!!


        Gotta get dinner going Smile



          Karen, I would go for it. You can always negotiate a flex schedule. And two years in one job is quite a long time by some folks' standards.


          I will be contrary and say I like #3. That leaf without the text stands out more.


          Linda, no I am not doing SLO this year. San Miguel's Buzz Marathon in February, they have a half and a 5K...not too far from you... in April I plan on doing Labor of Love over in Nevada on 4/20, Leona Divide on 4/27, then Lincoln on 5/5. Glad the surgery went well. I have given up hope of ever having a flat tummy. My abs don't bend that way.


          Lisa, if you are visiting universities, good gracious, put some Los Angeles institutions on your list. What majors would be the ones you are focusing on? We have everything from CalArts (wacky art majors) to Caltech (nerds and engineers...oh wait, that's redundant).


          4.25 last night while DS was donating blood, 4 this morning with neighbour, then 6.15 on the TM at lunch. Not fast but with the incline at 2.0 rather than 1.0.


          And now finishing a few of the day's crises before heading to choir practice...

            Hey look!  I'm posting and it's not 10pm yet!  got a reprieve on a big project so I'm dithering away the afternoon...


            Lisa/MMR, I'm sure everyone else knows this already but what are your travels for?  Regardless, I'm sure Big Sure would fit the bill -- how could it not?!  Safe travels.


            Judy, I also need to work on getting more protein.  I tend to eat carbs, carbs and more carbs if I'm not paying attention to my diet.


            Camille, I was trying to remember who had mentioned doing GO St. Louis before  I'm looking forward to it... glad you had a good experience.   Will be interested in what you think about Hanson's training program.  I tend to default to Higdon but really haven't looked into others.


            Carol, hopefully the conference wasn't too PAINful.  Haha, okay I know, not funny.


            Carolyn, did you get your warm weather?  BTW, the Go race Camille mentioned is the GO! St. Louis HM and marathon in April, which I'm doing.


            Julie, hoping your medical appoinments went well and no xrays were required.


            Marjorie, thanks for the info on strides.  I need to mix up my workouts and I was thinking of incorpirating fartleck or strides or something to help build some speed and work different muscles.


            Demaris, very envious of your off day tomorrow!


            CrazySue, that's good you went to the memorial service.  I'm sure the family could use all the support they can get at such a sad time.


            Karen, I'd apply for the job.  Two years in a more satisfying and interesting job sounds far better than the alternative of losing your mind for two years in your current position.   It's okay to think about it in terms of what's best for YOU instead of worrying about whether it's fair to the associations.  They'll be fine.  And very nice graphics gpt Karnel's run.


            Linda, glad the procedure went fine and hoping for a good outcome.


            LC, nice find on the jacket at Running Warehouse!


            Maybe I'll actually leave work at a decent time today!


            MTA: HI Tessa!

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              Lisa, there is a way to do that, just have to pull out my old class notes to remember how. You realize you're asking me, ME of all people, to cut out the asphalt.


              Tessa, hey, this engineer is not a ner.....oh, wait a minute, never mind. Point taken.


              Gatsby, I'm running the GO! St. Louis half - maybe we can meet up!


              One finger typing on the iPad, so will keep this short.


              Ran 6 easy after work.


              Thanks for the advice on the job, much appreciated. Now to work on a cover letter this weekend.


              Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
              Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                Karen -- That would be fun to meet up.   Are you staying in St. Louis or are you already in the area and just coming into town to do the race?  I'll be there from Saturday afternoon until Monday, with a group of other folks including some RAers.