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    spike - booo on the yuck stomach. I don't puke either, last time I puked from a virus was highschool I think. Yeah if I had been at home I'd have tidied or done laundry, but at MIL's I just surfed on my phone.


    bermy - my current 5k is probably closer to 27-28 mins... so I'll trade that time for sure Smile I'm taking the stroller out today and channeling my inner Bermy.

    5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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      zorbs - I can remember you cooking for a bunch of guests once - you had about 10 people and you hated it and DH messed up the potatoes or something. Make em all curry tofu next time! Piano playing has to have some transferable skills hey - timing, multi-tasking, following instructions?


      becky - mind sharing your weight loss story when you get a mo? I love weight loss stories.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31

      running eh

        to all who asked, Little Ninja's is a TaeKwonDo program.  DS likes it so far, but it's only his third time.


        mjen - hope LO is happier today.  DD2 has been crabby on and off and has had nasty diapers - today I just noticed two new eye teeth, so that explains it!


        cx2 - we have a wonderful person coming to our house now too, and it is wonderful.  Keep us updated on the house situation.  great TM run yesterday!


        mer - hope you are feeling better.  crazy about the dreams - I hate it when I wake up from a long sleep but don't feel rested b/c of dreams.  Making shepherd's pie with sweet potato topping.


          eh - LOL at having to hold the van doors closed. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it happens to my ghetto car!


          Jen - Ugh, what a bad start to your day with the mail mishap. I can just imagine that feeling of putting the mail in and then thinking "noooo!" and it's too late to get it back out. For losing weight, the 3 things that have worked for me are: 1) strength training regularly 2) being really strict 6 days a week and then having one cheat day and 3) making sure half my plate is fruits or veggies at every meal


          Cx2 - Mmm, pulled pork sounds good! I hope your rental house sale works out - my DH always stays up late and then tries to talk to me when I'm sleeping and I answer him back with gibberish and have no idea what we talked about by morning,


          Mer - I always let S play with sugar packets at restaurants too. It's amazing how long they can stay entertained by them. Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on - sounds like you have a yummy dinner to look forward to!


          Arm - You have a very active day with tennis and running! How often are you playing tennis these days? S does the exact same thing of shrieking when she throws a ball back to me! Apparently it's sooo funny.


          Shelby - Hope you can get a few miles in today at least. I can't believe your teacher hasn't gotten back to you yet - it must be driving you crazy! Hopefully his own disorganization will make him more sympathetic to you missing your simulation. Ha, I didn't have to drive anywhere today so I haven't even tried to fix the mirror yet...I probably should get on that.


          Beckykay - I've missed your stories about that receptionist lately! Sounds like she's still being a crazy biotch. LOL...your trash can story reminded me of a friend of mine who backed into a giant metal trash can on his driving test when he was 16. It flew up in the air and he said it felt like he and the examiner were watching it crash to the ground in slow motion.  He did not pass that test!


          CAR - Yay for a sleepover at grandma's. It must feel almost relaxing to only have the baby home with you. Glad you're able to schedule that cyst removal - sounds like you've got a good plan to rejig your race schedule around it,


          Spike - Sorry about the stomach bug. Stomach distress feels so horrible, even if you aren't puking. So cute about R holding his nose and saying stinky!


          Zorbs - Sounds like the potty progress is continuing! I boil my rapini with the pasta noodles and that seems to cut the bitterness a lot. Once I made a baked pasta dish with rapini in it and forgot to boil the rapini first - it came out bitter and terrible.

          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

          running eh

            arm - hope tennis clinic went well.  The beach sounds like fun.  When is spring break and what beach do you go to?


            shelby - you are one determined mama!  hope clinical is good, that sounds like a long day.


            becky - two, huh??  Wow!  Hope it goes well.  I am laughing about you putting DH on the schedule, awesome!


            CA - hope you can figure out the schedule thing.  I think it is best to make sure you are healed well before you dive back into training.  Oh, the stories landlords could tell!!  Smile


            spike - hope you are doing okay!!  I hate that sick feeling, especially when you have a LO to take care of!

            running eh



                Bermy - I'll try and type it up tonight for you Smile  I think I may have posted a before and after on FB.  Not to toot my own horn, but to motivate myself never to go back there again.


                Ernie:  Its always something daily with new girl.  I try and not post about it all the time, in hopes that you ladies don't think I'm evil but she seriously is a piece of work.  Although friday the story was that she aced her SAT's and is smarter than us all.


                Eh:  DH seriously is a sloth when he gets home from work.  I understand being mentally drained but who isn't dude.


                Question - how do you ladies remember to drink water during the day?  Here it is 2 p.m. and I haven't finished my first bottle of water yet!


                  becky  - Ha, I read your question, and looked at my bottle of water.  Yep, half full!  I try to carry mine around with me to force me to drink more.

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                    Becky - Same as Mer...I carry mine with me and drink it...usually I fail.  At the end of the work day I slam the rest otherwise I get cramps when running.  I also try to drink a whole bottle at lunch.


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                      Becky- I have a 20 oz insulated straw cup. I drink more when its through a straw. I try to drink two a day.

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                        Oh Becky - I also drink flavored water...I don't think I could drink that much plain water.


                          zorbs - I think I got less picky when I went to college and after I moved in to my own place.  My parents eat a lot of processed junk, which I loved growing up,  but I think I wanted to eat healthier so I started trying new things and discovered I actually liked some things.  And what I didn't like (peppers) I just kept forcing myself to eat and eventually I did like them.


                          eh - spring break for us starts March 9th so not too far away.  I wish it was later in the year so it was a little warmer.  We are going to Orange Beach, Alabama.  We were going to go to Florida but DH can get a deal on a condo in Orange Beach so we are going with that.


                          becky - maybe gross but I always look at my urine when I go to the bathroom.  If it's too yellow I go down a glass of water!


                          beskirted & manicured

                            Becky - I started out with a 500 mL bottle. Had to drink one by lunch and another by bedtime. When that became habit, I got a 750mL bottle. I also own a litre bottle (lulu-stupidly cute-says I <3 running on it) I drink either 2x the 750mL bottle or 1x 750 plus 1x1 litre. Either way it's one in the morning, one in the afternoon.

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                              Thanks for the water tips ladies!  I did manage to guzzle a few more bottles.


                              Ok, here it goes – my weight loss story.  Feel free to ignore my ramblings.

                              I was a sickly child.  Doctors told me flat out to not exercise, that I would be in worse shape.  Swimming was ok but I swim like a rock.  Biking was also ok but a stationary bike in moderation.  I was told I would be in a wheelchair by 30 so don’t push my luck.  Uh, not very helpful.  I wasn’t overweight but I wasn’t skinny by any means, that was until I went started working at dunkin donuts to pay for college J  I didn’t understand the concept of healthy eating.  My mother is very southern and father a farm boy.  They like to eat.  Never a shortage of yummy food around the house.  In comes my college roommates – all athletes. In 2002, I met Jojo my senior year (by this time I was pushing 250 lbs).  She was going to school for exercise science, played tennis, was a swimmer growing up, and ran track in high school.  Like the energizer bunny, she never stopped.  We soon became best friends and she introduced me to a beautiful trail that she liked to run on.  I laughed at her and told her that I would never be a runner but would walk the trail while she ran.  By this time I was working at a law firm, while still in school and had several other jobs as well.  I needed the stress relief and would visit the trail almost daily.  So around 2003, I found it getting easier and easier to walk further and further.  Soon I added some running in the mix.  I was nervous since I was told running would never be in my future…..would I end up in pain or not?  No, not at all.  Started losing weight and the running got easier.  But wait, I started eating healthier too.  I followed the South Beach diet and counting calories and the weight was flying off!  2004 I was melting away.  I joined the gym would go every morning by myself, then again in the evening when Jojo got home from class, we would go again.  She started me on strength training and even got me on a treadmill.  I thought treadmills were for only serious runners and was very intimidated.  Around this time I went to the doctor only to find that my bloodwork came back normal.   I was baffled as well as my doctors.  No more lupus, connective tissue disease or whatever illness they thought I had.  Remission is what they called it but I’ll take it.  I’ll have some bad days every now and again, but I have more good days than bad.  I was now 135 lbs and was having a serious self-esteem boost.  That was 2005, the year I met hubby.  He has sabotaged my efforts to stay skinny with his crappy diet, lots of traveling, having a baby and of course my hip surgery (going to blame him but probably doesn’t deserve that one).  I have a constant struggle with my past and my weight issue but I have met so many wonderful people that have helped along the way.  I have learned what healthy is: diet isn’t a four letter word,  healthy food can taste good too, exercise makes me feel better not worse and most importantly, I CAN DO IT!  Supermoms inspire me so much and have helped me realize that taking care of me is the best way I can teach C healthy habits. I love you all!