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Honorary Old

    Zorbs- Hope the snow stays away! It snowed here the day after Dh got his off.


    runnergirl- R loves to be outside too. Have fun planting your garden.


    Ernie- good job on your mileage! R's daycare has a ginormous yard so they spend as much time outside as possible.


    cx2- we eat very little red meat, its mostly chicken and turkey for us.


    Jen- LOL at the daycare comment- how many weeks are you now? Sorry you slept like crap Sad I'm probably going to tell R's daycare when we start trying so she knows to save us a spot.


    dexy- mmmm chocolate. I'm out of chocolate in the house other than hershey's sauce and R's potty candy.


    mer- glad you slaked that craving- have a good trip to chicago! How long of a drive is it from where you live? When my dad lived in IA we went to chicago and went fishing in Door county in the summer, but I don't remember the travel time because we drove our motorhome so I would  read or watch movies.


    Becky- glad your dad is recovering well from surgery.


    mzm- those bike trailers have some serious wind resistance! Sorry about c's blister. I just can't bring myself to buy crocs...

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      zorbs - I  have to agree with others...at least he is in his room playing and not screaming his head off like my kid would be!  Still early though!  At least you are up! Smile


      rg - Enjoy your afternoon with your DH.  I love how much you are outside with R.  It was crazy windy by us last night which cut our time at the park short.  I was freezing, but J was dressed appropriately.


      ernie - Have fun at the park today.  Whoa to the 7 day mileage!  That is awesome!


      cx2 - Sounds like C is growing!  That is some great eating.  I envy you for running in the dark.  I get too freaked out...which I guess makes me run a little faster!


      jen - Is there anything OTC that is safe to take?  I was awake around 4:30 because I was thirsty and my legs were cramping.  I declared today a coffee day! Smile  Must have woke baby up too, because he/she was kicking away on my way to work.  I will miss you too.  Best part is it is a Tech Conference so I will have my iPad with me! Smile  Candy Crush here I come!


      dexy - Great job on the early morning workouts!  It will be nice for you when the pup is old enough to run.


      becky - Glad to hear that your dad is doing well!  I hope work at least goes fast and the day flies by.


      mrszackmorris - That is a crazy fast 8K!  Wow!  Have fun on the trails tonight.  It is cool out, but good running weather.  I tried on a lot of your stuff last night.  There are a couple shirts I can wear next week!  The bin pretty much contains my entire summer/fall wardrobe!  You are a lifesaver!  We are carpooling down.  J couldn't get the straw to work, so I helped him drink it from the cup...which resulted in the mess.


      spike - Enjoy your comfy day.  Your outfit sounds adorable.  Crazy about all the stuff that goes in to building a house!  That is a TON of eating.  R has a great appetite! Smile  We are about 2 hours from the city of Chicago, but staying outside of the city tonight. (Driections say an hour and a half...real time, over 2 hours!)   My house is about 2 hours from Door County.

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        RR - I'd like to run 10k but my left sciatic feels a bit annoyed this morning, MIL is coming over to watch O during M's music class, and I'm not sure how long she can stay, if I can go for a solo outside run also, It looks like it is going to be a super nice sunny day.


        TR - is quoting green eggs and ham, the entire book... wants to play the parts, I don't know all the words but DH does.


        BR - was still awake fussing when I got home from my run last night, I went in to see her, and it was like she just wanted her mommy.  She snuggled up to me and was super smiley.  I let her stay up a bit longer and then she went straight to sleep for me.  Such a sweetie Smile


        FR - halibut tonight, need to figure out a recipe.  I've been craving fish, so I was excited to find a package that was marked down last night.

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        Honorary Old

          CA- Do you like capers? Halibut with a brown butter/lemon/caper sauce is delish.

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            Becky - Glad things went well with your Dad...being a bad patient is always a good sign! Hope the legal research isn't too painful


            Cx2 - Ew to the dead frog...better than stepping on a live one, though! On Tuesday morning when  I was running, I got hissed at by a giant Canada Goose, and I thought of you and how you're always under attack by wildlife Wink We have the same problem with S always wanting to run onto the street. Our street is a side street, so not much traffic and kids always play on it anyway, but she doesn't grasp the concept of looking out for traffic yet.


            Jen - Hope you can find some good mommy groups this summer! If you ask at your local library and community centre, they might know of some. Some mommies in town here just created a fb group and a friend added me to it, which is how I found out about the park workout today. It turned out that two of the other moms live on my street, but at the other end, and I'd never met them. So funny! The big brother comment from the daycare lady is so sweet. Hope you get a better sleep tonight!


            Dexy - I had to google image search the magic shell thing. Needless to say, it looks delicious. I live in Ontario - we seem to have skipped spring this year. It was snowing a week ago and now it's like summer.


            Mer - Yes, up that water intake. You do not want to get preggo calf cramps while you sleep, they are the worst! Hope your work trip goes well!


            Zorbs - Well, we just started TTC this month, but if I am not knocked up by fall I will run a fm for sure! Have you ever run Scotia? I hear the route used to be boring and industrial but they changed it last year so it goes through the city more and is more interesting.


            mrszm - Wow, that 8k winner is FAST! Omg on C opening the door and walking outside. I think I need to start locking our front door, because I'm sure S will figure out how to get out before I know it.


            Spike - R is an eating machine! Hope you get that permit taken care of easily, sounds like things are moving along with the house!


            CA - Hope you get your run in later to enjoy that nice, sunny day. Did you get a ton of snow recently? I saw a quick weather network clip of somewhere in Alberta having a big snow storm, but I didn't catch what part of alta it was. Aww to the baby snuggles. +1 to spike's halibut idea, I've done it like that before and it's yummy!

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              late to post but a ton of stuff going on


              RR: met bermy2 at park who then played with DS whilst I joined running group. We did 15 mins of core/butt/hips and then 3m running. Ran off with RP and we were clocking it. If I can run without stroller regularly, I will be putting in so many faster miles. It was also one of the organiser's 40th birthdays so the ladies had decorated the trail along the way with signs and balloons which was a great surprise. Bermy2 managed an hour and then had DS in stroller and I met her on way back from run. At least he will go an hour. legs were very lovely fresh to start and turned to toast about 2.5m. Still need to rest more.


              RR2: RP and i are working out our schedules. I think we are going to keep tues/thurs with running group but do tempo/ mid week LR and short race pace on those days and then we are going to meet for 2 more days for track and then hills. I have never put so much thought into training and logistics and feel like once the planning is done, I will just have to show up and perform. I like that. We have very similar strides and very similar breathing rates. It's very freaky. Cool, but freaky.


              ER: 71 marathon a year lady recommended a PT who she likes. I think we might go into something together. That would be an honour to ST next to her. It's 60 bucks an hour apparently. Non negotiable flat rate.


              NRR: bermy2 then came home to do cleaning (did I say how much I love her already). and DS and I went swimming. Epic fail. He cried the whole time. Baby steps. Although loved changing and unchanging part.


              NRR2: All our smoke alarms went off at 5.20am. Then DH looked at me like "wtf?" and left. They went off again at 8.20 and 10.20. DH came back at lunch with a very tall ladder and a gebillion new batteries and replaced every single one. My hero. So far, no more smoke alarms.


              TR: sttn. 5.08am. positively joyful. I feel like a new woman. 1st time in a very very long time.


              FR: salmon filets, sweet potato and steamed broccoli. Get the job done kinda dinner.

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              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                zorbs - how are you feeling about this marathon, confident? Are you and Sam running it together?


                RG - yay for a perfect run morning! It's been so windy here!! We need to get outside more, now that it seems to be actual spring, maybe....

                ernie - wow that's a lot of kms!! We had snow on Monday, but now it's sunny and beautiful and it's all gone.


                cx2 - ewww on the dead frog!!! Awesome eating for C!!


                Jen - I hope J has a good nap today and is happy tonight! Sleep has such a huge effect on them! Lol on the note from J's teacher! I bet he'll be a great big brother!!


                dexy - nice work on the early run!! I think I ran w/ my pointer a bit before he was 1, but I'd run to the off leash park and then he'd run off leash, I think it's just bad to run with them on leash when they're young. I had no idea what the majic shell was either.


                mer - that sounds like a perfect greek pizza to me, I hate olives! Hope you have a good time in chicago!


                becky - glad your dad did ok! hope you get your run in!


                mzm - yay for trails!! cool on your sisters friend, he's speedy!! All the spring baby gear sales are on here too but I don't think I need anymore crap in my house, lol.


                spike - thanks for the halibut idea, I might just do that! R must be going through a big growth spurt! I could see GF flour not holding a sauce together as well, could you use cornstarch instead?


                bermy - an hour break is a great start!! Sounds like bermy2 is doing great w/ DS. Hope you like the PT - is that 60 shared? 30 an hour sounds very reasonable from what I am used to. Booo to the smoke alarm wakeup, I hope the batteries solved the problem for good!

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                Honorary Old

                  CA- the GF flour mix I'm using is rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch- should thicken well and it had a nice consistency- maybe the chicken/veggies I added at the end released some liquids.

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                  Honorary Old

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