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TIMING TUESDAY DIVAS! (Read 179 times)


    Morning ladies!


    RR: 3 last night with hills. Was good to get out there and do it. I revamped my schedule yesterday to build back up slowly to where I was. Hopefully I did my schedule so that it builds slow enough to prevent another injury. I think I injured myself because I got impatient and ramped up my miles without a good, solid base.


    NRR: Have a lot of free time at work this week so I've been working on my photography business. I got my dba name filed for my sole proprietorship and I'm working on my tax forms with the state right now. Today I'm going to try to finalize my price list and begin to draft my contract for weddings. Just got a call from the lady at the bridal fair that I have to write a commercial. GEEZ, I suck at that kind of stuff. At least its something to keep my mind off other things.


      Morning, ladies!


      RR-ST tonight: chest and probably some core work today.


      NRR-First day back at classes went well if not a little boring. I only have one class on Monday but it's late in the afternoon. I might change up run schedule to run on Monday instead of having it a rest day.

      My sister sent an awesome late gift: 2 bottles of my favorite facial lotion, chocolate browning cupcakes, more chocolate, a big container of loose-leaf jasmine tea, various chapsticks (I don't quite understand that one) and a giftcard to Whole Foods. Whoohoo!


      Jewel-Have a safe and productive time at the PA office!


      PO-Good luck with the run today. I know it's tough not to get a run in.  Sorry work was ill-prepared for you. Hopefully, it picks up soon.


      MA-Walks definitely count. I hope you feel better soon!


      lizo-Great job on the run and have a good and productive day at work.


      gsd-Good luck on the run today. I'm glad to hear Ms. M is on the mend. I understand the need for emotional connection after the ordeal she and you guys went through.


      Mel-Yay for volunteering! Have fun at spin.


      dona-I think new shoes are definitely worth writing about. Wink Sorry they're the wrong model. That was sweet of DH to buy them for you, but that's tough if you don't want to exchange them.


      outwest-Don't freak out. You're going to great and as cara said, you're fulfilling one of your NY goals. That's awesome. As for your mentioning some of the times, it might have been some of those people's first time running trails in the first place. I remember my first 10 mile trail, I had ran marathon, I was training for another so I thought a trail would be interesting and maybe a "little" challenging. Um...I was 3rd to last and my average pace was 14 min/mile. Ouch, but I still feel in love with trail running and continued after that.  Because you're training on trails you're going to do better than you'll realize. Smile


      Monk-Sorry you're sick! Sending healing vibes to you. Yay for potty training progress!


      Nai-Enjoy that tempo workout!


      Dr. T-Whoohoo, Bama! I"m not a 'Bama fan (strangely and sadly, I'm an Arkansas fan)  but I cheer for SEC teams during bowl games. From what I heard and saw on the highlights, it wasn't very exciting. Hope your day is productive and nice. Enjoy your easy day.


      Gotta jet! Enjoy the day!


        Hey girls!  No time for personals right now, I'll try to hop back on later when I'm puuuumping.


        RR: I ordered our treadmill last night! It is the Nordic Track x7i incline trainer recommended by GSD!  Other than that, did a quick cardio and weight thing last night (some crap video OnDemand ... it wasn't great).  I need a new strength routine that won't interfere with running.


        NRR: Big D is out of town until tonight.  48 hours is long enough! I don't know how single working parents do it.  Just rush rush rush to get to school and work and home, and trying to cook dinner for the hungry 9 month old is tough!  It's fun but I'm ready for Big D to come back!


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          Hi ladies!


          RR. Running with a friend tonight, probably 6 miles.


          NRR. Had a nice visit with my parents this weekend. Yesterday, we spent the day in SF which was nice. My mom lived there in the 70s so she loves to go back there and reminisce!

          Today, working on business stuff from home and then going to work for a couple of massages. Also applying for some new jobs... wish me luck! Smile


          Louie's still favoring his leg a little, but seems a bit better today, hopefully! I'm going to wait until the end of the week, giving him anti-inflammatory meds and lots of rest to hope we can avoid a huge vet bill. Not to sound cheap, but I don't want to take him in and run a bunch of tests, x-rays, etc if it's just a little soreness. But then again, if it's serious, of course I'd pay whatever price to have him better!

          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



          Half: 1:48

          Full: 4:34



            Jewel - Have a safe trip to PA


            MA - sorry you are still feeling poorly!


            PO - good luck with the three miles, just take it easy and take walk breaks if you need to!


            Lizo - nice workout this morning. Wait, missed your wedding date yesterday, what day is it again/


            GSD - glad M is coming around. G won't leave mittens on either (or socks for that matter ... )


            meli - i miss spin class!enjoy your volunteering, when do you get to start?


            KlMcD - I'd just exchange the shoes, no need to injure yourself! I exchanged  half the stuff Big D bought me for xmas, hahaha!


            OWR - do not freak out! are you worried about your time, or finishing?  that race sounds intense, just finish happy and strong, don't worry about finish times or AG etc.


            Monk - glad you are making progress on potty training!


            Nai - enjoy that quarter mile recovery!


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              Sorry for the fly-by, just had to say that I LOVED today's workout!  It was hard...I would've been better without the recovery in the middle, but I wound up with almost 7 miles overall and I felt like a real BA once I was finished, and the endorphins had me flying high!  YAY!