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    This is what I sent to the person who might be able to help us set up the donation link.  does this sound accurate and in line with what we can/should do?  I just sort of went with feedback and kept it simple. Name certainly not set in stone.


    Here are the loose specs on what we are looking to do for "Karnel's Amazing Race".

    • 2 week time frame so that it hits 2 weekends
    • No specified distance
    • No specified donation amount
    • Mainly within the Runner’s World Over 40 Women’s group but would also like to be able to share with the family and friends of Karnel
    • Donations by credit card; possibly tied to a bank account that family has set up
    • PDF or JPEG graphic that participants download, print out and incorporate somehow into a picture of themselves
    • Ability to upload pictures of self to add to Karnel’s Amazing People collection of participants

    We could set up a Facebook event that would handle all of this except for the donation aspect.  That is primarily what we need help with.. I think.


    The name comes from Karnel often posting pictures to her “Karnel’s Amazing Pictures” album.




    Run to live; live to run

      Hey everyone.  10.4 for me today.  Was a very good run.  Crazy to be in shorts and a sports bra for a run in Dec and be dripping wet when I got back.  I'll take it though.  I like heat better than cold any day.!


      Ginny I bet running with the Christmas lights around you was fun.  I used to enjoy that when I ran at night.  But I find if I run in the evening I have a terrible time sleeping so I have to do mornings now.


      Ouch on the thumb Judy.  A thumb splint is easy enough and should help.  I may have a coupon for futuro splints that you can get at the drug store.  Let me know if you want me to send it to you if I can find it.  I don't think they are expired.


      Carol yuck on returning to work after 2 weeks off.  EMR hell I'm sure has been waiting for you.  (oh and we can swear on this forum and no one will do anything about it ---- or I won't as I'm the admin for the women's forum so it will take a lot for me to censur that...)

      Julie I've never seen a indoor track that they don't reverse directions every day.  How odd


      Julia working 8 to 8.  Yikes!  I hope I'll be in Orlando in Jan or Feb so we can maybe finally meet up this time.


      Carolyn fingers crossed you get good news from the doctor.


      Camille have a great 5!


      Laura such a nice run but hey, at least it isn't November !!!! Haha


      Sue have fun at Pilates/Yoga.  I have Pilates later as welll


      Amydel how is the foot doing?  No flu!  Hope it passes by you.


      Tracey I don't have any spring races right now.  But I know a lot of us are looking at doing Hatfield and McCoy together.  It is a great race apparently. 


      Tessa some of the pics from CIM were amazing.  It was flooded in some areas.  I cannot imagine how miserable it was.  Albany GA was terrible for me I bet CIM was even worse!


      Karen nice RR.  Feel better.


      Lisa I guess I should do some Yasso's again. Haven't in a while.  I did do some strides during my 10.4 today though and those felt good.





        Karen - I have 1:55 written on my calendar as the time I need to leave on days I volunteer at DD's school. It is now my projected time for the next half marathon I do!


        Doc says I can start running again; neck is stable enough to run but for now it will probably be on days I take vicotin. Not sure I get that, but basically we need to keep treating the nerves while the disc problem shouldn't get worse. I'll take it!



        LC Runs

          Sue - great job on the scarf, I am craft challenged lol


          Adjx - great 3 - hope you avoid the flu!!


          Tracey - so happy to hear things are going well for you!!  I'm doing fine, nothing super exciting, but nothing terrible either, for which I am grateful!!


          Tessa - I am envious of your weather, I must come visit sometime!   My mom is the best, she had to pretend she was me, plus use a laptop to access the account.


          Karen - colds are going around my workplace, I am hoping not to be a victim.  Great job on the Half, I want to break 1:45 next year....I do have a question for you, what is your daily calorie count?  You look so great, I am trying to count calories, as well, would really like to drop 10#


          Camille- glad you found a nice route!


          Lisa - nice 8!!


          Marjorie - great 10.4!  Yes, I am on the countdown to longer days.....only a month to go lol



            Congratulations Karen! Great job.


            Sorry about the cold.


            Camille, that's one argument for wearing gloves instead of mittens when running. You never know when some motorist is going to need a free bird.


            Lisa, have fun volunteering and then at the event. I'm afraid you're right, we do know which one will be changing.



              Lisa, that sounds good. For the donations, I think it's fairly easy to set up a paypal account, if you could get the account number and routing number.


              Marjorie, shorts in December no problem. I need something over the running bra, though!


              And don't throw down a dare like that about swearing enough to make you censor us. Karen's a sailor and I'm in marine insurance. Susan's ex-military and I think Linda is too. I'm guessing that between us we could come up with enough foul language to make L&O blush.


              I'm sure CIM was bad. I've done that race a couple of times. Not sure it could be as bad as Diamond Valley Lake a few years ago, though, running across the dams with 40 mph gusts of wind and whitecaps on the puddles.


              Carolyn, running on Vicodin? If the doc says to, then by all means. Not sure I could. I have taken that nasty stuff once, after knee surgery, and after one dose I decided I'd rather have wine. And you can't drink when you're taking Vicodin so it was an either/or. Pity I couldn't have the prescription rewritten for Riesling!


              Laura, come on out! And only 18 days until Yule, so then the days will start getting longer...


              7.07 on the TM at lunch. 3 minute groups, starting with 3 minutes at 6.1, 2 minutes at 6.2, 1 minute at 6.1, 1:57 at 6:3, 1:03 at 6.1, repeating with each interval a little faster and a few seconds shorter, until the last one was 1:03 at 8.0 and 1:57 at 6.3 (I sped up the recovery intervals as I got more warmed up).


              Happy runs!

              Anonymous Guest

                Got in 7 miles after work. It was just so nice out I didn't want to stop!


                Marjorie, nice run. This weather is awesome - I was even running in shorts up here!


                Carolyn, sound like 1:55 it is for you then!


                Laura, right now my daily calorie intake is around 1450 on days I don't work out. On days I run and/or bike I eat back all those calories, so most days I'm actually eating aroun 2000 or so.  I'm in maintaining mode - when I lost the weight I was doing the same, but my total was 1200. I found it easier to lose when I was running a reasonable amount every day than when I started really upping my mileage for the 50 miler. Luckily I had hit my goal weight by then, but I had to pqy more attention to the bigger picture then - I had to eat more calories the days leading up to a 24 mile run, for example, even though my computer was telling me I was going to gain weight. I've read 1-2 seconds per mile per pound of weight loss, and that's been true for me, so yeah, 10 pounds would probably get you to that 1:45.


                Tessa, that sounds like a great workout. And I love that you saw Marjorie's comments about swearing as a challenge! Made me laugh.

                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                Fire Jumper

                  Hi y'all! 


                  Run went great.  I was surprised that my legs held up as well as they did.  My trainer really beat away on squats and lunges today!  This is getting fun.  


                  Camille - the track is at the college field house.   There's not anyone monitoring it, but it seems that the "norm" is to run one way, and it seems that no one questions it.   I'll see if I can ask one of the phys ed faculty members.


                  Carolyn - next time you're in upstate NY.... please let me know.  I love meeting people from online.  DId you stay at the Belhurst, or just visit it? It's a beautiful old castle.


                  LC - yep, it was me that asked about the Warrior Dash.  Are you doing any this year?  My next one is in February in Florida.  My avatar is from the Hero Rush (my favorite of the obstacle runs).  This year  the Eastern NY race is in May... that could be quite chilly!


                  Sue - It was nearly 66 and steamy here too... very weird weather.  I'm hoping for a very mild winter this year, like we had last year.


                  Tessa - good idea to try it both ways.  Right now I'm just kind of fascinated that I can actually DO both on the same day... lol


                  Karen - still have a hard time "wearing" that tag, athlete.  It's a head thing.  And WOW... what a great race report.  I was nearly in tears for you as I read.  1:40... MAN!  You are blazin' girl!  3rd in AG: That's some incredible icing on that THAT cake!  


                  Lisa - Nice 8.  And I like all that you're talking about with Karnel's Amazing Race.  It looks good to me.


                  Marjorie - I plan to inquire.  My left hip really starts complaining a couple of miles in.    Nice 10.4!! 


                  I found a Local Frostbite 5K for New Year's Eve.  I think that will be my last race of the year.  Oh wait... it will HAVE to be my last race of the year. Cool


                  Have a great night, all!


                  5K's and Obstacle Runs

                  Goal for 2013:  10K


                  Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


                  Disney freak

                    Today I ran another 3.1 without walking!  Whoo hooo!  Easier today than Saturday, but still a challenge.  Off to pick up my first race packet tomorrow, and DH and DS are going to do some more "training" for their Merry Mile.


                    I also had a friend on Facebook message me about signing up for a 10K.  He's been watching/encouraging my workouts on Facebook (I post my runs).  However, the 10K he is interested in is on January 12th.  I'm not sure I can double my mileage in just 5 weeks, nor am I sure it's safe to do so.  

                    Lisa Marie

                    • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
                    • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
                    • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
                    • training for Big D half on 4/14

                    Fire Jumper

                      Hoping some of you see this add-on in the morning.  


                      I am really interested in the Garmin 410 that is on sale at Amazon for $149.98.  It does look like the perfect tool for a geeky girl like me (It has a HRM too!!).  Any big cautions before I take the plunge?





                      5K's and Obstacle Runs

                      Goal for 2013:  10K


                      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


                        Quick hello to everyone.  


                        I never knew Karnel since I wasn't over in the RWOL group, but it sounds like she was much loved and her passing was a real loss.  What a nice tribute that you're putting together for her.


                        Take care of your health everyone.  I read today that flu season is picking up earlier than usual and there's a particularly bad strain out there.  Fortunately the flu shot this year is supposedly targeted to the type that's going around.  


                        No running for me today.  CIM kind of wore me out so I've decided to take a break for a couple weeks.  How easy it is to get used to sleeping in!  I have a trail HM in February then doing the Go! St. Louis Marathon in April.  No training plan yet, but I'm thinking about enlisting a running club friend who's also a coach to help me put together a real training plan for next year's events.  St. Louis will be just for fun, but I might make CIM my goal race for next year and try to improve.


                        Julie, I'm no help on the technology front.  I have an old Garmin 310 but never use it.  Maybe because I never remember to charge it!


                        Anyhoo, it's after 10:00 so off to bed.  Have a good day tomorrow.