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Winter's on the wing - Wednesday Supermoms (Read 27 times)


    This has been my first sit-down of the day.... it's 8.32pm and I am knackered! DS is asleep (for how long I am not sure) and I am going to bed now I have finished all my personals! Goodnight ladies!


    Zorbs – rock that fake purse with pride. Does your arm hurt form carrying the flag for 2 hours and 15 mins?


    Rg – why were you encouraged with training plan from 2010? Very cute that you kept it. How do you log your runs? I’d like to start doing that. This is my current logging – on RA!


    CA – hope you are in FL safely and lapping up the sunshine and having a cool beer by the pool with happy sleeping children. I can see you in a hot sunny place.


    Jen  - hope proctoring went ok. Poor poor DS on pink eyes. Wow. Poor guy. Great that you have help. I love Panera so much esp their super non-fat smoothie thingy.  A meal in one go.


    Cx2 – know exactly how you feel about working from home. DH needs us out of the house or at least in a completely different area for him to do it successfully. I am making him a “do not disturb” sign for his office otherwise DS and I would be in there all day and he would get nothing done.


    Mer – so cute on DS’s wake up and spending time with him. Eat whatever is staying down is what I would say. You have plenty of time to get those greens in later on when it suits.


    Arm – hope your leg sorts itself out. A bit worrying. Great that your massage was lovely. Agree that screaming kids afterwards is kinda counter-massage.


    Shelby – nice 800s! I sweat a lot too. It’s healthy! It regenerates the skin (according to the quotes on my lulu bag)! So lovely on the flowers. Very sweet. And too cute on your two weddings, how lovely too. Yes we are done. They add a visa to my British passport which will be ready to collect on Friday.


    Mrszm – I told about 4 people your quote from devil wears prada who al find it (and therefore you) very hilarious. I wish I had bought size 2 jeggins. Make sure you get them super tight. Oh and I have been wearing them non-stop so that might explain why they are falling off my arse. Officially out on 15th march. Hope DD’s singing goes well. What are you doing for DH’s b’day?


    Ernie – you were right about dream meaning I was ready to run. I cracked out my 4 like it was nothing.


    Uphill – well done for walking. Sorry you are suffering (again) with your migraine. How old is W? I know nothing about PTing. DS wants to play in the bowl. I say “dirty” and that’s about as far as we have got.

    5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


    Bad Ass Mother Runner

      Bermy - lying on my bed with a very tired baby on my boob Smile but I have had a glass of wine and Maiya has her grandpa to entertain her, it's all good Smile

      5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 4:04:20

      Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


        CA - sounds great. And glad you got to your correct destination, with both kids. Well done mama! Enjoy that rest!

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31