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    zorbs - I've never been to hot yoga either, I think I'd hate it as I'm always boiling in regular yoga. We are constantly discussing red adn green lights whenever we're going somewhere also.

    rg - must be a good class if the instructor gets sore abs! M looooves her grandpa also.

    ernie - that would be super frustrating w/ dh and not knowing his schedule! Have fun swimming, that's one of the downsides of being home w/ 2 I can't take them swimming, no way I could keep track of M w/ a baby also.

    bermy - my dh doesn't have baths, so nope he doesn't do that, and neither do I - I have baths but just the normal fill the tub type.

    eh - ooo a night w/o kids - have fun!!

    jen - booo that DS is sick again Sad I'd talk to the sitter and see, unless he's 'I need my mommy and no one else' sick.

    mer - I hope you and dh get some time to talk about things/job soon!

    mzm - I don't think it's bad to run with a slower rp, sometimes it's good, slows you down when you should be building endurance. Yay for jeans! What brand?

    arm - lucky you to have the parents night out!! Enjoy it whatever you do.

    becky - ugh on the cranky toddler, esp when he messed with your sleep! when's the race? a passport here only takes 2-3 weeks max... exciting that you get to leave the country!

    shel - poor baby w/ all the teeth! At least maybe it'll be over with more quickly!

    jm - it put the returns in even though it was from your phone! yay for kids sleeping!

    rocky - I was always so nervous about being called out for internet time, so I always kept some sort of work window open to switch back and forth.

    spike - bummer on the nasty weather! That was the cause of my long drive yesterday, the dr is normally 30 minutes but we got 8 inches of snow and people drive like morons here when there is fresh snow, so yeah it took an hour longer than it usually does.

    cx2 - weird that you'd lose friends over what you said - I think teachers work hard too!

    uphill - bummer on the sick parents! You are going to be my exercise hero everytime you post that you're running/working out while preggo w/ twins! Nice work.

    Ernie - thanks for letting me know about your shrimp's growth - it gives me hope! I'm ok w/ a shrimpy baby but don't want her to always be the shortest kid in class! Yep it was the snow that made the drive hellish... roads/people are much better today!

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      Jen - Don't cancel date night!!  You guys need it.  And yes H got his flu shot, 2 of them actually.  I except him to get sick often.  I am just nervous about the flu since so many kiddos are getting hospitalized.  I had heard an earlier report that the flu shot didn't cover the strain but I am glad to hear otherwise!  We also had what seemed like the flu a few weeks ago but who knows.

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        Jen - I'm sorry to hear J is sick!!  For me it would depend on how sick he was.  If he acted mostly normal with some medicine in him I'd be OK leaving him with a sitter, but if not I'd probably feel more comfortable staying home with him.


          CA:  Race is in June but DH has to get permission/clearance to leave the country from work so that's the part that will take awhile and he doesn't have his passport either.  I know that in college it took my roommate 6 weeks to get her passport.


          Jen:  Don't cancel, see if sitter ok with a sick kiddo!


          Ok, I know I am missing others but I came back for a quick work rant.  I responded receptionist since I am logged into work and saw an email she had sent.  Her response was I was just doing as I am told.  Stupid, I know that and I am telling you how to follow up.  It was all over her taking a message that no one will ever respond to and telling her to call the person and making an appointment so we can show the client a prompt response.....she didn't want to call him back and make the appointment.  Then I found out that she never followed through on something I asked her to do yesterday which was a similar situtation.  That she saw my emails and didn't think she needed to do anything.  I am going to tell her if you don't follow up and force me to do everything myself, then maybe we don't need you as a receptionist!


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            Becky- whyyyyyy?!?!?!?! has she not been fired yet?


            I have a work rant of my own. Just got a hire notice across the system for a creep that used to hit on me in High School. The bad thing is that our branch is responsible for a portion of his training. Blech. I know people change, blah blah blah but I have mutual friends with him and know he's still a creepy idiot. Here's hoping he doesn't pass his licensing requirements.

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              So sorry for lack of personals! I got hit with a last minute motion. Boo!!


              Jen:  You  must go on date  night!  Our sitter has no problem with watching my kids when they are sick. Its par for the course I think.


              I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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                NRR: 13 houses viewed today. LOVED number 1. Why is it always the first house you look at?!! It is 0.4m from the huge park (2058 acres) which we drove round. Park was TOTALLY stroller running do-able. It was hilly throughout but I could run and keep running it (as in the hills weren't too steep). I talked to a few women runners in the park about trails etc. The owner lady was just heading out for a run (is that a sign or what?) as we entered. DS was a complete gem - we carried him in the boba carrier through all the houses and he fell asleep during one of the drives. He didn't cry at all. We had panera for lunch and now we are mulling over our list of house viewings for tomorrow.

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