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(Over 40) Jan weekends are done (Read 28 times)

    Julie-hugs... it's so hard not to judge, compare or scorn.  I have a tough time with people who seem to waste the life they are given but right there I've sucombed to judging.  I've often thought though that the HARDEST thing is to just get up every day, deal with the little problems/challenges, strive to do our best with our work, our community, our family and ourselves... then get up and do it all again.  Looking for ways to be a victim, a martyr, or a hero are far easier to fall into... and oh so much more dramatic. Huge generalization of course. But why is just plain living an average and productive life so darn hard?  No magic answer.


    Marjorie-I know you don't want the snow but running in it is so amazing.  Probably comes from all the x-country skiiing I did as a teen with my parents.


    Camille-good joke.


    Linda-25k!  Woohoo! and a trail to boot!!  Which one?


    Amy-you have every right to brag! very nice!  love a capella groups! Straight No Chaser started at Indiana University.


    Laura-and now we get the wierd weather... 50 tomorrow here and 57 on Tuesday?  freezing rain currently.


    Susan-good to hear the good news... hugs to you on dad's news though.


    Cindy-thanks.  sometimes blissful ignorance would be nice.


    Karen-oops she did it again.  we know what happens once you say something like that.  Katie is doing Potto (Indiana) 100 sometime in spring then Sawtooth in Sept. David said that Top of Michigan was a great 100k. rail/trail point to point. not technical but not paved. weather sucked though.


    carol-welcome back. sorry about the weather here.