Womens Running




    Sending recovery hugs to PO. We love you PO PO. Clown


      Hi ladies, it's my second day back from vacation and just getting back into the swing of things...


      gsd - oooh, the aquarium sounds like a fun idea!


      sassy - wow, you're really working it on the burpees, nice job!  Hope work is going well!


      taylor - I'm sure you'll miss DBF, hope that time goes by quick!


      lizo - I don't think it's weird that you want to be there for picking out the tux, I'm pretty sure that DH brought me with when he picked out his  - and my DH had a lot of strong opinions about what he wanted for our wedding, so M may want you there, especially if he's not sure what he wants...


      outwest - good luck with your presentation, is it for a teleconference or online?  I don't think you're crazy for writing it all out, I've definitely found that running through it at least once or twice is totally necessary for me.


      rltw - you are totally still a runner!  I'm sure it is very tough after a extended break, but you're doing a fantastic job and we're celebrating your recovery with you!


      meli - I just saw your wedding website from the link on FB, looks like everything is going to be beautiful!  Glad everything is coming together!


      norcal - boo to being sick, feel better soon and try not to stress


      athena - will your new skating skills translate to derby, or is it just for fun?  sounds neat anyway


      monk - aw, sounds like you're doing great with P and hopefully his weight will catch up with his eating soon


      lucy - yay for getting the save the date cards out!  Also saw your wedding website from the link on FB, adorable!



      RR/ER:  Not a lot on vacation, played in the snow one day, did quite a bit of walking around mountain ski towns and spent a little time on the elliptical one day, looking forward to going to the gym with DH tonight


      NPGR/NRR:  Our vacation was amazing and relaxing, enjoyed time with friends and their 2-yr old son in Breckenridge, enjoyed a few spa treatments (manicure and massage) and watching winter sports (snowboard cross, nordic ski jumping, and aerlalists) in Park City.  Had a minor breakdown when we got back and I realized that it was our last vacation by ourselves before baby, so it was a little bittersweet to return.   Now I'm just getting back to work and preparing for another presentation, as well as getting our house together before DH's parents arrive this weekend.  Good stuff. Smile