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      RR - Going on a walk with my pregnant exercise buddy...who's 32 weeks! Time is flying!


      PGR - So, as I posted yesterday on FB, it's a girl! A feisty girl at that. I don't remember DS flipping around and squirming so much. Luckily we had a patient tech and eventually a cooperative baby to get all the pictures we needed. Midwife appt today, so hopefully she'll be able to review everything. They said everything looked good and unlike last time I don't have a marginal previa so yay for that! And after all my wondering about how much this would cost, we got to the hospital, the cashier's office was closed, so admitting said they'd run our insurance even though we explained about cash pay. DH is confident that even if our insurance rejects the bill which I'm 99.99% certain they will, a call to the billing office will end with us paying the discounted cash rate. So I'm letting him handle it.


      NPGR - I'm dealing with the aftermath of DS all wound up because he probably sensed yesterday was a Big Day, and then eating a bunch of junk food while we were at our appt. I was hoping for a better pic to put on FB but he was so hyper. I've never seen him like that. I'm going to have DH talk to my FIL because we're having some issues with him not listening to us (or MIL) about boundaries. I really wish it wouldn't come down to this but he's putting it on himself. Sigh.

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        Morning! Glad I didn't have to start the thread... my creativity is waning after 2 days! lol


        Schmetterling - Congrats on the girl!!! So excited for you! I hope the payment works out for you, that has to be frustrating! Yikes, bummer you have to have the boundaries talk, hope that goes well...


        RR: 3 miles yesterday went really well! I had no cramping during or pelvis aching after. Yay! I took it slower than normal, and took walk breaks every half mile so I think that helped too.


        PGR: 33w3d. Going to pick up the crib and dresser tonight! Yay! DH finished putting in the trim yesterday so we are ready! So excited for the room to come together. Due to my registry stalking (oops), I know we got the rug, glider, and a few other smaller decorations, so after Sunday it will look even more like a nursery Smile Other than that, just back in the office today and already uncomfortable. I swear it's that darn drive in. I hate being in the car for 45 min first thing in the morning. Sigh.


        NPGR: Proud of DH. He has been really good about bringing his lunch to work every day the last few weeks, and also we haven't eaten out (except for my mom's birthday) in 3 weeks! That's really good for us considering we were eating out 2-3 nights a week before. Now I plan some easy meals every week to make when I don't feel like cooking instead of take out. Also, DH has cut back on beer, to almost NONE during the week when he used to have a few almost every night. I can already tell he's losing the beer gut. Smile I think I really opened his eyes to the spending, and I'm glad he's making changes. That's a relief!!!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          So I'd been meaning to clean my work desk, its been a really long time. Well I was forced to this morning when I spilled (and by spilled I really mean sprayed) half my water bottle allllll over my desk, computer, walls, chair, floor... I was going to put some G2 powder in so I didn't close the lid and I set it down on the edge or something and across the desk it went... at least thats done! But I moved my monitors around and of course they're not in the right spot now so I'll spend the morning getting them back where they should be.


          ER: Body flow this morning. I'm getting to a point where I don't know what kind of exercise I can do comfortably the next few weeks. My pelvis was getting sore at times during class and my back has been sore since. I'll just make do as best I can as long as I can I guess.


          PGR: 36w5d. Just got my GBS results and I'm negative, woo hoo! I've been having what I think are more real contractions, one kinda big one last night, but the only reason I recognized it as such is because I had just read about the difference between real and false labor. Nothing regular by any means but I can tell things are happening. I was running around the house last night cooking dinner and cleaning up A and stuff and P was really poking out in really uncomfortable ways. Not sure what was up with that. I could tell those weren't contractions though and he finally stopped doing it when I was finally able to sit down. My back has been more uncomfortable since all my exertion of last night too and I was up three times for the bathroom overnight.


          NER: Had a tough night with A last night. DH went out with a friend so it was just us. Had some disagreements and then I had to clean up a major potty accident... ugggh. I felt like an awful parent. We got over it though. Not much else going on at the moment. We had a lot of fun wrapping P's birthday present. It was a suggestion in an article I read awhile ago about helping the toddler sibling get used to the new baby. Having them give the baby a present, wrapping it was my idea though. Unfortunately A got upset when I said we had to put it away to save for his birthday!

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            PGR2: Soo we have our first of our 1.5 day birthing class at the hospital on Saturday. Well they are forcasting a huge blizzard here for Friday! So I'm thinking it might get cancelled... the problem is the half day is on DH's birthday. He didn't mind signing up for it since we would be done by noon, but I have a feeling they will reschedule for the full day on his birthday! I will feel so bad if we are stuck in class the whole day Sad


            Monk - Yay for GBS negative! Sorry about the uncomfortableness, I've been feeling the same. At least you are closer to being done than I am!! I'm sorry you had a rough night with A, you are not an awful parent!!!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              MA - what could they possibly talk about for a day and a half on birthing?! (mostly a rhetorical question) Most labor and delivery of an actual baby takes less time than that!  Don't worry about it.  The nurses at our hospital at least were great about updating us on progress, helping me move into different positions, coaching DH as needed, etc.  And they were great afterward with all the baby care stuff.  In hindsight I wish I hadn't spent the $$ on any of the hospital classes on birthing, breastfeeding or baby care.  But I guess it was piece of mind at the time.  Hope you don't have to do the full day on your DH birthday!


                schmett - Congrats again on the girl! GL with the ILs and boundaries - my mom generally completely ignores boundaries for DSD, and so does SIL - it's frustrating, especially when DSD has been those people a lot, and then spends all shopping trips showing you what she likes, because she is so used to getting it if she shows it to someone.  It's gotten better now that she's older, but it still happens.


                MA - You'll have to post pictures of the finished project! I can't imagine that long drive- I already feel uncomfortable in the car, and i have like a 7 minute drive!


                monk - Ugh, I've had the accidental water spill on my desk before - mine required swabbing water off of files - not fun. Sorry you had a tough night, but don't feel like an awful parent - parenting is tough!


                PGR: 25w1d - Passed my GD screening - yay! DH and DSD set up the second crib last night, so we have two cribs set up - unfortunately, DH decided the first one was done incorrectly, so he set the second one up differently, and it's wrong (there were directions for both sets, but he felt it was unnecessary to use them, surprise, surprise).


                PGR2: At bball last night, I was demonstrating some things to my girls - by bedtime,  I could barely walk - somehow I have messed up one of my hips. Ugh.  It seems to get better if I keep moving and keep it loosened up (moving in my sleep was torture after laying in the same position for a few hours) but I'm pretty tethered to the computer at work so I'm just going to try and focus on taking frequent walk breaks today.  This is the same hip that has been popping at night previously, so I'm wondering if I subluxated it slightly at practice - I used to have issues with my shoulders sliding in the joint when I played basketball in college, so it wouldn't surprise me.


                RR: yoga tonight. Reminded DH, and he said I was the busiest pregnant woman he's known. Makes me wonder what his ex-wife did (or didn't do) when she was pg with DSD.


                NPGR: DH is considering taking a new job.  The unknown of this is makes me a little anxious, but it would be a good career move for him.  The timing sort of stinks, but he would still have leave, some of which would be paid.


                  Best laid plans kinda day. The one benefit from being up between 4-6 was that my friend whom I was supposed to go mallwalking with was also up around 5ish and I discovered she completely forgot about mallwalking today. So that's tomorrow. And my m/w office called to reschedule since my m/w is sick. So I took G to my parents to have other Grandma time and he took a bit of a nap on the way home. Decided he was more hungry than interested in continuing his nap, so I'm napless and getting kind of grumpy since DH didn't talk to his dad yet. And I haven't exercised. And bah! I need to get to the gym today before I turn into a monster.


                  MA - We had a weekend 1.5 day birth class. From what I can remember, we watched videos of various natural births (awesome to me, but that particular hospital does a lot of epis/c-sections, so needless to say a lot of people in the class were horrified anyone would do that to themselves. Sigh), went through various relaxation techniques including timing the length of an average contraction and figuring out how many breaths that would be, what positions/techniques worked best etc. I found that actually helped in active labor. We also had the hospital tour (irrelevant for me since I was delivering elsewhere), lunch, and I'm sure we talked about more that first day. We also were expected to stay longer but we had a great nurse that realized most people weren't that keen on giving up their weekend, so she condensed it down so we'd get out an hour or so early. The half day we looked at carseats and swaddling and some other "hands on" stuff with the baby dolls.


                  Monk - Enjoy your clean desk even though that wasn't exactly how you were going to clean it! Smile Congrats about the negative result, that must be a relief.


                  TN - Congrats to you too on the negative result. Hope everything works out with your DH and the possible job change.


                    Schmett: Definitely do the boundaries talk sooner than later. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be. Otherwise later DS will wonder what you are so worked up about and it will be even harder to enforce. Hope it goes well. Yay for a girl! I'm sure you are super excited! And it's awesome that the placenta is in the right place. That's what we all like to hear.


                    MA: Sounds like you've got the running figured out for now. Your nursery sounds adorable! We have just a one bedroom apartment so LO will have to deal with Mommy and Daddy's decor for now. Smile Sounds like you guys are doing great budgeting! It is tough I'm sure, but good for both of you. DH and I have never gone out more than once a month or so b/c either he or myself, or both of us have always been in school and had huge tuition bills the entire time we've been married. Kind of makes the baby thing easier.


                    TN: Yay for passing the GD test! Maybe if you had an exercise ball to sit on instead of a regular chair that could help your hip? Not sure, but at least you could stay relatively active while sitting... Enjoy the yoga! Just thinking about it makes me feel good!


                    ER: Yesterday I ended up doing about 25 minutes of yoga before bed b/c I had been laying in bed all day and was aching. Ugh, being sick while pregnant is miserable b/c it's so much harder to rest. DH says he wants to do yoga tonight, so probably I'll do the entire 40 minute cycle with him.


                    PGR: 34w5d. Still dealing with this miserable chest cold. Hacking up some not-so-nice stuff (sorry if TMI) but I'm feeling better than yesterday. I'm planning on a nap after I finish my lunch and this post. I had a midwife appointment today and felt much more reassured after going. The baby's heart rate sounded great and it's growth was normal. I am measuring 2 cm behind, which they said is not concerning because there is always the possibility of my due date being off (considering that I wasn't certain the first day of my last period). Also, since LO's growth is consistent and my weight gain is normal (up 22 lbs total) there is no cause for concern. However, they said I am likely to go late, so I may have to encourage my parents to push their visit back a week or so.


                    NPGR: Since the midwife said I would probably deliver later rather than earlier, I am encouraging DH to go ahead and go to the interview at Notre Dame at the scheduled time. I will be 37w1d, but this is so important to our family's future that I will just suck it up. I'll just pray that LO stays where it needs to be til DH gets back.


                      Argh...getting here late! Crazy week continues.


                      Schmett- congrats on finding out! Yay for girls! Hope your day got better and you made it to the gym, if that was what was best for you!

                      MA - glad your shorter run was okay. Nice work to DH on cutting back so well on so many things! Mine has a soft spot for beer too Smile On the birth classes, I think there is more than enough to cover in a day and a half (but I am taking an 8 week class that meets for 2 hours a week, so...) But maybe it won't be so bad for your DH, if you can cap the day off with a nice dinner or something? We actually enjoy our class because it gets us even more excited about the arrival of LO.

                      Monk- sorry about the tough night. Wow, I can't believe how close you are getting!

                      TN - hope your hip feels better. Funny about DH's ex... as someone who's husband was also married before (tho no kids), I know I often am perplexed by some of the "history."

                      Sash - sorry you are sick...ugh, seems like you've had to deal with sickness a lot. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you re: DH's trip to ND!


                      RR- Bootcamp this AM...but turned out not to be bootcamp. We had yoga instead, because our bootcamp instructor was sick. There is a once a week yoga included in our bootcamp package, but I pretty much never go because I don't find it a good enough workout to get up a *4th* day at 4:45AM. But I was forced to do it today! Oh well. I jogged there and back, so got in 3 miles. DId feel a bit of pubic bone pain after, but not too bad. Hope to get a run or elliptical in tomorrow early before my mw appt.

                      PGR - 32weeks4days. MW appt tomorrow. Hope for 100% confirmation on baby's position. I am pretty sure she's head down, though, because of where I feel her hiccups! Back has really been hurting at work, which sucks.

                      NPGR- crazy week of work continues...