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Rainy Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 19 times)

    Tessa--Uh, no, thanks......


    Went out for lunch for Administrative Assistant's Day.  Lenora wanted to go to Hibachi Buffet.  I had never been there.  Won't be back.  Mediocre Chinese buffet.  I eat EVERYTHING but not today.  Left half my food on the plate.  Not worth my calories.  Even the fortune cookie tasted old....  So the  good news is I went to the buffet and did not over eat.  Smile


    Rainy here now.  Good.  I forgot to water the sod I planted.  And I won't have to water it today, either.  Smile


    So it is a smiley kind of day! Smile



      Karen, if it was more of what's between 3 and 4, yes I would be questioning my sanity. 3 is the lowest point in the course except the start/finish. Between 3 and 4 is switchbacky, steep, narrow single track, and I pity the Pacific Crest Trail through hikers who are struggling up that with big heavy backpacks -- they have to carry everything including water. However, between 4 and 5 is single track (also PCT) but it's along a ridge and doesn't have much in the way of elevation change.


      Good point that I can turn around at any time.


      Susan, Hibachi Grill is Chinese? I thought a hibachi was Japanese. Oh well.


      Cindy, congratulations on the refi!


      Amy, how's the move going?


      Run to live; live to run

        Tessa no advice from me


        Ginny I was not amused by the snow this afternoon.


        Met my dads to be. She seems fine. Dad actually asked me to call her mom before she got here. Um no. Got all the stuff I want together. Tidied   up and cleaned several rooms for dad. It took all day as they were messy. Left messages for the places for downsizing estate sales. Hope they will come out soon to give him a quote. Took all my moms old records over to the record place. They didn't want many of them so they will Go to the estate sale too.


        Karen blowing off a run. Is fine sometimes.


        LC Runs

          Happy Wednesday night!


          4 nicely paced miles this evening, still chilly but dry and sunny.


          Have a good evening!

            Hi all.  Did a 1.7 mile hill workout at the gym this morning on the DM.  Felt great Did about 2 miles of walking (slowing with DH) this evening.  Could barely sit down because of the hip/ groin pain when I got home.  Iced it and it feels better.  But argh!  I guess now that classes are winding down I should finally get this checked out.  (BTW, no pain during or after the HM on Sunday).