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    Who here thinks that chocolate and wine would make an acceptable hump day lunch? Can I get a vote?


    +1 for me, Lucy! Chocolate is DEFINITELY an acceptable lunch and wine is the perfect beverage to go with it!


      Hey ladies!


      Checking back in as I eat an early lunch...


      Investment meeting went well. The long and short of it is he gave me some ideas for where to put money for short-term (car) and mid-term (BIG vacation) goals that will earn more than in a savings account. Also discussed my current retirement. Everything looks good and keep doing what I'm doing.


      Did laundry already, want to spot clean the carpet, and take a nap after my massage.



      Mel - What's the price difference between embossing the address and the clear labels?


      Seattle - Your evening exhausted me! I do like how staying up late means getting more things done, but that means missing out on precious sleep. Getting my quads worked on this session..between the squats and running, they're all I can think about.


      Jewel - I hope you can get a good night's sleep in the hotel. Maybe some cold medicine will help.


      NC - I bet Louie would LOVE it if you took him for a hike!


      Lucy - Sounds like a great lunch to me!  DO IT


        I also want to point out that my neighbor is still moving.


          Jewel - sorry you aren't feeling so good!  Sad  I think all of us are babies when we are not feeling well.  I hope you can get some rest and feel nice and perky for your 20 this weekend!


          norcal - way to go on your hilly run!  I love that nervous/excited feeling for long runs.  I used to dislike it but now it's fun Smile  Your evening sounds lovely!  What kind of art do you and DH do?  I think it would be really fun to get a bottle of wine and do some painting with DBF... neither of us are artistic but who cares!


          outwest - massages are even better when you have one spot in particular you are just dying to get worked on!  Have you tried rolling your quads at all?  I don't have a foam roller yet (meaning to get one) but I've been using my Nalgene (haha) and it works pretty well!



          and, now I want wine and chocolate for lunch...  that sounds so yummy!


            Seattle - Yeah I have a foam roller, and probably should roll more throughout the week. I also want my shoulders worked on, and I can't get to those spots so well.


              OWR the embossing is about 50 bucks but I have to order it and it takes a while. Clear labels are 12 bucks. I'm using clear labels. Where did he say you should put money? We learned we should have three different accounts to save up: emergency savings, long term savings and I forgot the other one. This is something C and I need to do soon.


              Lucy I'm virtually joining you for wine and chocolate!


              NC can you share your veggie burger recipe?


              Lizo hope the shower is done done!


              So invites the RSVP needs to get redone. They spelled please RSVP by the firth of May instead of first. And or return address they wrote 135 Court instead of Street, that mistake was my screwup....


                Mel - He suggested the emergency savings (the 6 months' expenses) stay as cash in a savings account so you can get to it easily without having to wait or pay any penalties. Kind of like having it under the mattress but not really. I just put some money towards a car in a mutual fund that's 20% stocks but the rest is bonds so it will grow steadily. The stocks will add some aggression but overall it's a slow steady grower that's better than  a savings account by maybe a few percentage points. I don't want to be as risky with this as with my retirement, because I will want the money sooner and won't be able to weather fluctuations in the stock market at well. I guess the car/vacation accounts are mid-term savings for me because I want to use the money within the next 5-6 years (newer car preferably within 2 years, and the vacation is for something cool for my 40th birthday). I would like to get a long-term savings account going, too, but first I want to contribute my max to my IRA for the year (half-way there already) and pump some more cash into the car/vacation account.. Plus I'd like to get new furniture, etc., at some point.


                Sorry that was so detailed.. but basically I have all these different pots on different burners and they should be ready when I need them. I feel really positive about this - it's something I've been wanting to take care of since I started this job.


                Off to my massage!


                  lucy: heck ya! I'm with you on the wine and chocolate!


                    OWR- Glad the meeting went well, enjoy your massage!


                    Meli- Do you get Vegetarian Times? It's the burger recipe from this month's issue. If you don't get it, I'll type it up for you. It's very basic, beans, carrots, parsley, oats, seasonings and any other veggies. Very easy to make and you can change it up easily!


                    Seattle- Oh, DH and I don't do art, I would be doing it with S, so probably some sort of painting or drawing. Her mom is an artist, so she loves anything to do with art. She's actually good! I'm starting to like the pre-long run feeling, but I don't like being nervous about injury this close to my race!


                    Lucy- How was the chocolate and wine for lunch? Wink sounds good to me!

                    Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                    Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                    Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                    Half: 1:48

                    Full: 4:34



                      Well, I didn't have any wine for lunch, because, you know, I'm working (but I honestly think if I told my editor I needed wine she'd go out and get me some LOL), but I did have a chocolate bunny. Unfortunately, I accidentally ate a piece of foil, which felt REALLY GOOD on my filling. Roll eyes


                        outwest - oh yeah, shoulder massages are the best!  It sounds like you have a great plan for savings - I need to start thinking about something like that now that I have a "real job".  I've been dumping $ into savings account but it would be nice if I could grow it more!


                        norcal - aww, I bet S is just adorable when she is painting and making her art.  And I totally get what you mean about the injury paranoia... every time I feel a little twinge it's like "ahhhhhh what is that???" haha!


                        Lucy - oh bummer, can't even eat chocolate without something weird happening?  Hopefully you're getting all your stress for the year over with at once and the rest of the year will be smooth sailing Smile