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Teeth-chattering Tuesday Preggos (Read 27 times)


    TN: Well, sometimes people's friends cook for them after giving birth...we had a couple people bring us homecooked meals after A was born, a few more got us restaurant meals. It was much appreciated! One of my friends offered to coordinate efforts to have other friends cook for us... but when I thought of it, I couldn't think of anyone who we would ask!


    trozy: Welcome back! I've been thinking about you. I realized I didn't answer your last PM... I've done crazylegs before and it is a lot of fun but also a hassle. DH does the walk with A, but since I"m so slow and there are so many waves for the run, he gets done with the walk well before I even start running! Still, I'd like to do even just the walk this year, but I think it will be too hard with two kids and one of them being so small. Since its a point-to-point course, its too hard to get back to the car. There are shuttles, but thats not going to work with two kids and strollers.

    Runner in MI

      Thank-you ladies for all the warm welcomes! I am hopeful that I'll be able to run like some of you till very close to my DD, but also hoping I'll be wise enough to call it quits *before* doing any harm, as others of you have.


      ER: Planned to do a workout today (I'm partial to the Nike Training Club [NTC] app workouts), but some snow-shoveling got in the way. Should've worn the HR monitor for that, lol. We have a long driveway.


      PGR: 7w? 11w? Lol. I stopped by the OB office today to pick up some paperwork and was happy to find that they also gave us a decent book on pregnancy. This will be our first, and honestly, we weren't going to start TTC for a few more months, so while not being as "prepared" as I intended to be, this book is great. Also, I put a hold request on the "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy" book that's so highly recommended. Now, I'll just have to wait for it to be checked back in at the library.


      NPGR: DH's birthday is tomorrow, and I didn't get him much, but I *am* making about 6 flavors of ice-cream for him. I haven't pulled the ice-cream maker he got me for Christmas in 2011 out since we moved into our little house this fall, so I figure it's about time. I'm really hoping they turn out well when I get to the churning of them tomorrow (they're hiding in the mini-fridge for the moment). I'm assured that these recipes are made for home ice-cream makers, and won't turn to total ice like other home-made ice cream that I've made does in the freezer.


      TN: Have you heard of this website: http://takethemameal.com/setup.php ? I've seen a couple friends use it, then post a link to their own page on FaceBook. I actually took someone a meal when my friend's mother had a stroke last year and my friend signed her parents up on this site. If' you're social-network-ly connected, you should totally look into it.