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      Happy Thursday ladies!!!


      RR: I don't think I'll get to run today. Sad I have too much to get to before I can and I don't feel comfortable running from my new home at dark until DH goes with me since the neighborhood is only a .75mi loop, so I have to go out to a main road with no sidewalks to get to another one. Ugh, he needs to go with me already!


      NRR: Work is crazy. At least we're on the road to being able to unpack our house and get settled in. I've barely had time to think about Christmas shopping, and we need to get that done in the next week since we have to ship gifts. Tonight I have a work celebration party after work, followed by my new neighbor's open house Arbon party I think I need to at least show up to for a little while.


      Have a great day ladies!


      RLTW: I hope you can hang on for another 2 weeks!

      MA runner girl

        Good morning ladies.


        RR: Did not run yesterday. On the way home I felt so tired the last thing I wanted to do was run so I chickened out. Hoping to do those 3 miles today.


        NRR: I came home from work yesterday and crawled into bed! That's pretty pathetic because I was home at 4:15, lol. I slept until about 5:30 and then just relaxed. I was SO TIRED. My belly is still burning all day long and it's taking a toll on me. Sigh. I can't wait until my uterus stops growing so quickly! LOL DH was so sweet and took care of me in my zombie tired state last night Smile


        PO - Bummer about the sidewalk situation. I have about a half mile of no sidewalks and then can run up to 6 on the sidewalks, which is nice. The part without sidewalk is not busy at all so I feel comfortable. I've often thought about what happens if we move, since we want to move further from the suburbs, so that means fewer sidewalks! Your life sounds so crazy right now! Hugs!

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          Morning girls, happy Thursday!


          PO, one thing I miss from my old apartment is my awesome running route. I don't like this running route. Undecided Hope P gets to run with you soon. Are you flying to Philly for the holidays?


          Ma, sorry your tummy was burning. I hope you get some relief today!




          TriR, 4 miles after work. Getting back into a minimum routine little by little. 

          NtriR, late night last night. Went to inlaw. And didn't come home until 1130!! We are thinking instead of Xmas presents we might go to NYC for Xmas!!!  Also filled out application to start volunteering local children's hospital. Since my training has decreased and my full training won't start until early spring I figure I'll go back to volunteering once a week.


          Have a great day!


            Sorry but doing a fly bye post.. 


            RR: Ran 5 mile with M outside in the rain in 42 mins.... totally made me feel like a supermom.


            NRR: Not much, DH got and put up some gates to block off our kitchen and dog water and food area. Its SSSOOO nice. M plays with the bowls and water all the time. I swear I spend about 2 hours a day just move her away from it. So, its so nice to have. Plus, I can separate her and dogs.  We are going o toddler time at the library. Hopefully, I will meet some other moms. M slept another 10 hours last night. I am feeling so much better, not depressed and feel like I doing things right! yay!


            I have been holding this one in for some time, but my mom completely fell off the sober wagon... badly enough that we are probably going to stay here for christmas. We hate it, bc my father is great with M and loves spending time with her. but we can't have that in our family especially with M now. Anywhos... 


            Have a great day! hugs and waves to all.  


              Hi Ladies!


              RR: did 1.3 miles this morning and 20 min of strength. felt good.


              NRR: my allergies are killing me. I just purchased allegra but it's not working to it's max and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid its going to cause another cold... otherwise, going to worthington today to see M and then spending the night, then back here tomorrow for last day of the week, then back to worthington then to the twin cities! excited to go. I have monday off from work! but then next week is going to be absolutely insane as I travel three days for work next week to the far west side of the state... Won't think about that till it comes.


              po: boo about the missed run! that's a bummer that your neighborhood doesn't have too many sidewalks that go out far enough from your house! good luck getting all the stuff done!


              MA: awww. hugs girl. glad you were able to take it easy and nap yesterday!


              mel: that's awesome about the volunteering at the children's hospital! I was just thinking this morning about how I might help a little more out in the community/ world...


              gsd: yay for M sleeping a long time last night! hope you were in turn about to get some needed rest. enjoy toddler time at the lib!


              back later... I hope.


                Good morning!


                RR: Got 4 in this morning and it was pretty good, though I suppose its just becoming a normal part of my workout to stop in the middle for a bathroom break.


                NRR: Today is my Friday! I'm so excited for date day with DH tomorrow. Yesterday it was officially decided that DH's last day of work will be Dec. 14. He's officially laid off on the 31st, but there's no reason for him to work to the end of the month. He'll get paid normally for the last two weeks of the month and then get his severance in January (wish we got that severance in December though so all the tax they take could be part of our tax refund!). I think he's excited but a little sad. His one coworker who's staying on there is a good friend and I hope they can stay in touch because he doesn't have many friends here. I'm trying to contain my nerves since he has no real leads on a new job yet. We're going to be fine, but I can't help but think of my own experience with unemployment.


                  Happy Thursday, DIVAs!

                  PO, How far are you from your old neighborhood? Can you still train with your group? I think you’re being smart to wait to get familiar with the area before heading out alone!


                  MA, I was SO tired when I was pg with lil C. None of my other pregnancies quite as tired, but I can relate! Sleep is exactly what your bod needs, so please don’t sweat about not running one night, you’re in great shape and have been staying comfortably active!


                  Mel, volunteering is a wonderful tradition! And I love your NYC trip plans, be sure to let us know when you’ll be here, hooray!


                  Gsd, so sorry to hear about your mom. We had to make similar decisions when my mother goes off her meds…I won’t have it around the boys. I grew up with it, and honestly told her flat out if she wanted to see them, she’d have to keep it together. Still, Christmas at home with M will be wonderful!


                  Lizo, I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well! N had awful allergies when he was younger, I swore none of the allergy meds ever gave him any relief. So frustrating! Enjoy your travels!


                  Monk, good job on your 4 miles, and yay for your day date tomorrow! I love the idea, and will probably “steal” it some day soon while the boys are in school!


                  I ran 3.25 horrible TM miles last night…I can’t breathe when I run, since Monday night. I was sick with what I thought was a stomach bug, but since then, I’m having trouble on all my runs, inside or outside, with breathing. Grrr. And marathon training starts on the 17th, I’m TOTES stoked for it as it is a much more thorough training schedule than I’ve ever done and it’s for a full, but I need to be able to breathe!! Kids are good, N was cleared by the pediatrician to go back to “conditioning”, and then as long as all is well, he can wrestle starting next Wednesday. His first meet will be on his birthday, the 19th…he’s so excited for that, as well his behind the wheel driver trainings and then having his permit! When did HE get so old?!? And lil C had his “holiday shop” at school yesterday. He bought me a huge pink “bling ring” and said “now you can marry Mommy Lila”…I loves me some C-buckets! He got gifts for all of us including the animals, and some random other family members…so fun. Tomorrow night we get our tree for the house…let it settle overnight, and decorate on Saturday. Yay!


                  Happy Friday eve, all!


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: SRD. ST later today.


                    NRR: DBF and I ran a bunch of errands last night, which I'm happy to have crossed off my list. I think I found the ever-elusive plum individual pasta bowl I want. :P  Working from home for a bit today. This one project is consuming my life, but I need to catch up on some other stuff, too.


                    Sorry for the fly-by post!


                      Hi ladies! 


                      RR. Ended up running 4 mls yesterday morning and then 3 more last night. My right knee is a little sore, but I'm probably off running the next 3 days, so hopefully that helps. 


                      NRR. Finishing our monthly billing today, then surprising S at school to take her ICE SKATING! So excited! It's been YEARS since I've gone, so I hope I don't make an @ss out of myself and don't get hurt! haha. We'll probably get hot chocolate before and maybe dinner afterwards. Oh, I got a new phone yesterday, since mine was dying on me. It's the htc evo 4G and I love it! 

                      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                      Half: 1:48

                      Full: 4:34



                        Feels good to be back and thanks for your well wishes yesterday!


                        TX - I obviously hadn't even looked at the calendar to see when St Jude's was this year, oops. College Station should be a nice little homecoming for you anyway, have you run the race before?


                        PO - new neighborhoods can be tough, hope you get out to find your new routes soon


                        MA - that awesome that your DH was so sweet and just took care of you when you were tired, that's the best


                        meli - ooooh, a trip to NYCdoor Christmas sounds like fun! And good for you for looking into volunteering activities again, that's awesome


                        Gsd - glad things are going well with M, loved your story about her sneaking into the shower yesterday. Sosorry to hear about your mom, that makes for tough decisions. ((hugs))


                        Lizo - say hi to the twin cities for me, where do you usually stay when you're there?


                        Monk - happy "Friday"! Wishing your DH the best of luck with his job search, you made it through and he will too.


                        Nai - hope you can get those breathing issues sorted out so you're totally ready to start that kick@ss training plan!


                        Outwest - ha, you sound just like DH and I when we picked out our dishes, we tried to mix and match and it was an adventure! Sounds like you're much more successful at it than we were though



                        RR: 2.5-ish miles this morning, felt great! First run lately without a dog or my RP and I think it's a great way to go,very relaxing.


                        NRR: Trying to pick out a watch for DH's birthday gift, trying to decide on price point, dressy or multipurpose, etc. And it's prettymuch got to be ordered today so it gets here by Monday. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Also going to see Skyfall tonight with work friends!


                          My new neighborhood itself is nice, but going outside of it immediately is a bit sketchy, and it’s a half mile to get to another main road that has nicer neighborhoods outside of it. They are at least adding some sidewalks north on the main road (50mph 4 lane road), but not south, and either way can be a bit sketchy. It was the one thing I had to give up for a nicer house on the water but with a decent immediate neighborhood.


                          MA: At least you got some extra sleep! I hope your belly burning goes away soon.


                          Meli: I know, my new running route options stink unless I want to drive to the causeways (I’d have to run on US1 for a bit). I’ll be in Chicago for half of the holidays then in Philly for the 2nd half. When are you in NY? Good for you on volunteering.


                          GSD: Glad you have some gates up now, and you got some extra sleep!


                          Lizo: Sorry about the allergies! I hope they go away soon!


                          Monk: At least DH will get paid for the time he’ll be out of work early.


                          Nai: I’m a 20 minute drive from the old neighborhood, just basically moved across town. Yes, I’ll still be able to train with the new running group. Oh no! I hope you start feeling better quickly!!! Wow, N is going through a lot of changes right now! That’s exciting through.


                          OWR: Good job getting the errands done.


                          Norcal: Ooh! I hope S is excited!!!


                          DrT: Glad you had a nice run this morning. Good luck finding a good gift for DH!


                            I am late, today; I am sure everyone is going home - or, about to go home!  It is Friday Eve!  YippeeBig grin


                            Dr.T - So great to see you posting again, and CONGRATULATIONS!  I am so excited for you! Big grin


                            RR:  DH taught a Spin class last night, so we went.  That has been the extent of my physical activity this week.  See NRR.


                            NRR:  This morning I ate oatmeal with rice milk, a banana, and some juice for breakfast; was starving a few hours later, so had some blueberries; then, I felt like death after that; nausea, cramping, pain.  This week has been horrid.  I did get in a little more around lunch time, but not much of anything. Disapprove  It bums me out, because we were going to try and run tonight; there is no way with all of the 500 calories I have consumed today.  Our dinner is going to be some grilled chicken, with some rice, and Low FODMAP vegetables (I have been trying to stick to this diet the past several weeks).  I should be able to get that down; my tummy has settled down this afternoon.  The GI appointment is on Tuesday, so I am doing all I can to hang on until then.  I JUST WANT TO EAT FOOD, and not have my insides revolt every time I do. Sad  Work has been slow the past couple of days too, which does not help matters.  Although, it sounds like I should have some things to do tomorrow.  Then, WEEKEND! Smile


                            Anyways...  I hope that everyone is having a great day!  I will try and check in earlier tomorrow! Wink