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Honorary Old

    zorbs- I love cheese and mushrooms together. It was so good. I used crimini mushrooms and gruyere cheese. I love a good mushroom swiss burger too.. I love mushrooms so much that my dad and I go tramp around in swamps to collect morels in the spring Smile

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      zorbs - So you move up to steak from pizza for Valentines Day, huh?!


      bermy - Interesting dream...I always wonder what is going on in my head to create the dreams.  Smile  I'm sure you've said before, but does your DH have any family in the Nashville area?  Where are your parents?  Just curious!


      spike - I actually feel like we go out more than the "average" couple.  My ILs are awesome about taking J for us whenever we ask.  (And sometimes just insisting that they take J for the evening.)  We were just out last Friday so I am not sure what we will do.  I just don't want him to do something super thoughtful and for me to look like an idiot for what I come up with.  Although...there are times when I go all out and he doesn't do much.  We shall see!  Exciting about signing the building contract.  You floor plan looks awesome!


      mrszm - DH hasn't had Captain lately, mabye I will buy him a bottle of that!  Ha!  Next time you see J you'll have to ask him about the letter R falling off his wall and going boom in his crib.  That is why we "don't kick the crib at bedtime".  Ha!  Google is currently loaning us 3 Chromebooks because they are so back ordered everywhere!  I had one over the weekend and really liked it.  Now it is just sitting in my office...should really pass that around the building.  Its been a while since you have seen J.  i would love for you to meet the two year old crazy little man that we have.  I usually like Subway, but right now feel I could get rid of it and be very happy.  Plus I feel like my face and fingers smell like the bread.  Yuck.


      CAR - I do fantasize about what it would be like waking up to J babbling in his crib.  This is one of those things that we feel like he will never grow out of. . I hope you were able to get your run in.


      armmama - mmm....breakfast.  You are such a dinner inspiration for me!  Pancakes will be easy if it is just J and I.  I don't think he wan'ts out that fast, he just hasn't learned that he can get our attention by calling for us and not crying.

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      Honorary Old

        Mer- I agree with Patty, that gift works for any occasion- never any complaints about that one :P  Glad you and your DH get out often. I feel like we go in spurts, we haven't been out since we went to Vegas, will need to do that again soon!

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        Bad Ass Mother Runner

          mzm - MIL lives in the same city, we see her about 2x's a week. She's planning on moving closer to our neighborhood so that she'll be closer to help with school drop offs and pickups, she's the best!

          spike - sounds like you're in need of that chiro appt! M is way huggier when she's sick, I kinda like it Smile

          bermy - I got outside! you are right, I'm so so so lucky to have her here. I wish we all had support people or other supermom's nearby so we could get the solo runs in, and other solo things.

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