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    rg - I'm sure you are anything but a lazy instructor!  Yay for last week of full time!


    jen - L seems to be better for other people.  We just got back from breakfast with my parents and he was so good the whole time, but if it was just me he'd be exhausting I'm sure!  Hopefully J is good for grandma.  We are staying at a hotel near Downtown Disney.


    zorbs - My 10 year old put our first names on our Valentine's card she made us.  I thought it was a little odd, but at least she calls us mommy and daddy still when she says it out loud.


    cx2 - the hilly 10 miler sounds like a good challenge!  Hilly courses are tougher but more interesting than flat ones usually, I think.  Hope you get outside today!


    mer - haha, my 8 miles seemed like nothing compared to some of the mileage around here.  But I have to say I was glad to be done at 8!


    mrszm - wow that is some great shopping!  I was hoping to find a new top for Orlando but I'm not sure I'll have time before we leave.


    ernie - glad you are all starting to feel better!  If I stay home for many days in a row it always feels so weird when I drive a car for the first time.  i don't know if I am going to PR in this race anyway.  It's flatter than my last half but it's supposed to be pretty warm too.  DH is faster at first but he doesn't have much endurance so I don't know how he'll end up!


    CA - I can move back to be with him.  Last year I was in B and he was in C and he caught up to me, ran with me for a couple miles, then went on ahead.  This year I'm faster and he's injured so I don't think he can catch me.  Smile


      RR: 3m with stroller. Did out and back from Bermy hotel that was a bit hilly and windy. Ran with nearly every item from suit suitcase on and stripped as I went. Very enjoyable.

      nrr bought a couch and table plus kitchen ware. Posting from phone in cvs car park today. Oh and Dh and I christened bed and house.

      Br having a blast running around America.

      Fr can't wait to cook with new pots and pans.

      Will read posts and hopefully be back for personals tomorrow.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31



        Morning Ladies, (Edit: Afternoon Ladies...geez)


        RR: 5k on TM at lunch. I need to find something to sign up for to keep me motivated and get back racing.


        BR: We tried new organic yogurt and her forehead is all red. Not sure if it's food related or the weather?? It's been cold here (in the 50's, LOL) and really dry.


        NRR: Was thinking I was possibly pregnant but AF showed up. DH and I aren't trying but we aren't not-trying either...so we'll just see what happens. I was hoping I wasn't as the timing would be a little soon..but then I was disappointed when I wasn't. I think DH feels the same way.


        FR: Spicy chicken drums with some sort of sides...


        Armmama: I think this is your year to go on ahead without DH (if you are so inclined!). It's hard to not-race a race.


        Bermy: Welcome back stateside! Glad you enjoyed stripping in Nashville Shocked


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          rg - SO nice this is your last week of being full time. I need to find me a perdiem gig Smile


          Jen - I always feel like A is better for her Gma's as well. I am always exhausted after a full day with her.


          zorbs - hopefully he grows out of that soon. I will also be annoyed (and will be correcting) if she starts calling us by our first names. We try to refer to each other as mommy and daddy since she is still trying to differentiate.


          cx2 - A was like that this weekend. She didn't want to be held, but she didn't want to play on the ground or eat or crawl around. I know she was tired and did not take a good afternoon nap. We put her to bed at 7 and then she up crawling around in her crib at 3:30am. I think all the new activity she's doing is jacking up her sleep. I'm really hoping one of these days we start getting consistent *good* night sleep. Almost 11 months old...crazy!


          mer - sorry about the horrible tantrum. I am starting to see the beginnings of what those might look like and am not looking forward to them! The kicking on the changing table has already started.


          mrszm - at this point everyone's mileage is more than mine so don't feel wimpy! Yay for 8 new tops!


          Ernie - I'm with you on the bad sleep last night. Just when I feel like we are getting into a nice pattern something screws it up!


          CAR - I don't know what I would have done if A had refused a bottle. Glad O took one from you!


            Bermy- haha on christening the bed and house. I snorted I was laughing so hard. how long will you be at hotel Bermy?

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