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Darkness Mondays (DAILIES) (Read 19 times)

    Hello ladies!  Not much news other than getting in some short training runs.  Was raining off and on all weekend, low clouds totally covering the mountain peaks, in the 30s/40s, slight breeze made for awesome days because as long as it's not windy, these types of gloomy days are actually really nice .....and different.

    Saturday:  DH had to make a day trip to Phoenix, I stayed behind.  Met up with running group at designated trail at 9 am.  Ran the loop of about 6 miles, still some snow in areas and had to walk the muddy/slushy portions.  They all left afterwards, meeting up for breakfast/coffee.  I stayed and ran another 10 miles.  it started to sprinkle more. Trails got more muddy but I got in some good hill runs.

    Sunday:  raining most of the day, clouds still covering the mountain peaks.  Trails are muddy, so rest day.  Did some stretching, weights, yoga stuff.  But it was a perfect day to make some soup, and watch the men's and women's college BB conference championship games! WOOHOO!!  Love MARCH MADNESS, DH can't stand it, LOL! And then the NBA playoffs begin, YES!!

    Today:  easy TM run of 4 miles.....at local rec center.......wanted to do at least 6.  Normally, I can push through, and I tried but body already made its mind up, just couldn't get in 2 more miles, the boredom became too tiresome and dull.    So spent time on weights, elliptical and cycling.


    Liz:  I just read and hope I don't bring up negative emotions even more when I say that I'm so sorry about the job that fell through ............. I hope you will keep searching.  you need to get out of there!  Most of AZ doesn't recognize daylight savings time, and we live in the area that doesn't.  It's funny tho', and maybe it's from living in states that do but we are always 'reminding' others (family, friends in nearby states) to make sure they know. HAHA!


    Gatsby:  CONGRATS!!  and ouch!!  I'm so overly cautious nowadays that I will walk if I have any questions about certain parts of trails that may result in sprained ankles or a faceplant, not worth it.  Have too many other races to run and want to be healthy and in one piece.  Questions:  I think I would have preferred to run this but I will miss it: https://trailrunner.com/event/golden-gate-trail-races/

    But have you run this?  http://www.coastaltrailruns.com/gg_course_information.html  What do you think about it?  I'm looking for a July trail race, either FM or 50k and thinking of nearby states.


    Diane:  WTG on the 20!!  The weather for my trail marathon on the 25th in White Sands, NM is predicted to be about 71 degrees, partly cloudy.  It's a given that it will be pretty warm.  I really try not to be one of the whiners/complainers on race day. Can't control it.  Instead, I try to 'train' for it by wearing long sleeve tech shirt/light windbreak/jacket/capris and hydration. Then, on race day, I wear running skirt or shorts, sleeveless or short sleeved, body usually makes a good adjustment. But that's just me 


    LC:  ouch!  Wishing you a speedy recovery.


    Seloc:  YES, MARCH MADNESS!!  Spent my Sunday watching the M and W conference championship, then the NCAA brackets. After all that, the NBA playoffs begin, woohoo!!  DH dislikes this time of the year, he does not like the sport, probably b/c I have full control of the remote, HAHA!  I love it!!  Wishing you warmer days ...........just around the corner ...........not!  That's what everyone use to tell me when I lived in MN.


    Sue:  beautiful photo!!  Lovely home too!


    Turtles:  if I could just learn to take naps, I would totally honor the day, but I'll let DH know, he can add more naps for today,  LOL!!  I actually prefer cheesecake over cake, it's just too sweet for me and tummy doesn't like it.  Hope they enjoyed their trip, sounds nice!!


    Well, gotta go, need to pick up DH at home, his '57 Buick is done at the shop, and I need to take/drop him off at car shop.

    Safe runs ladies!

    PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


    LC Runs

      Hello!!  Yeah that work Monday is over!!


      3 miles after work - it was kind of refreshing since 33 degrees isn't terrible, but it is windy and snowing so going into the wind was interesting with snowflakes flying in my eyes and nose LOL


      Lizzie - I do  not like the time change; well, I guess I would be okay with DST but I want to just keep it, I don't like adjusting to the change and I like light mornings.  Sounds like a long week for you, do you get a day off next week to make up for it?  Do compression socks help with calf tightness?


      Hi Damaris - have a great night!


      Diane - awesome mileage week!!  I LOVED Wind River, great movie!


      Hi Judy!  I am doing good, thanks for checking, I do have a couple of lovely bruises on my right hip and knee but I'm not sore anymore.  Hope you had a great day!


      Karen - great run and workout!  I am trying to get back into at least 2 weight workouts a week, big FAIL on that this morning lol, this puppy is kind of messing up my morning schedule.  At least she is quiet during the night now, we put her in a bigger crate right next to my other dog and she seems to be comforted with him near her.


      Hi Diana - glad things are going well, nice run on Saturday!


      Sad news here, a boy at my kids high school committed suicide yesterday (hanging) - 14 years old.  Ugh, so sad.  I don't really know him or his parents but I do know his grandparents, really nice family.  I had a talk at dinner about how this is not the answer and how  much I loved them and they can come to me with problems, etc.  Well, my DD (one grade older than him) and my oldest DS did fine, I was really thinking more of them since they are all in the same school.  But my youngest DS just started bawling, I forget he  and the boy were friendly and knew each other in church programs/Sunday school (my DS is 8th grade). I just felt so bad for him.  He's a really sweet kid.  Just a tragedy all around.



        Laura, I'm sorry. Your poor DS. Please reassure him that this is not his fault. Kids that age tend to think "if I had only [fill in the blank]" and that's not something they should be guilting themselves about.


        Lisa, take care of those ribs -- ouch that hurts when you sneeze or cough.


        Liz, I'm sure Boston or New Hampshire would send you plenty of snow if you wanted.


        Tired here. 2.2 before work, I had to get up to go to the bathroom so decided I might as well get dressed and go out. Then 6.03 on the TM at lunch.


        Diane, woo hoo on the big week!


        Waving to everyone else and off to class.

          Quick hello to all!  Thanks for the condolences on the knee... I think it will survive, maybe do a short run tomorrow.  Good news, I got in off the wait list for the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler in July!


          Diana, although I don't think I've done the Golden Gate race specifically, I've run many races in the Marin Headlands (in fact, that's where I was running last weekend when I splatted on the trail!).  Trails up there are a mix of single track and fire roads, a bit rocky but generally not rooty, some stairs.  Not much (any?) tree cover, but in July, odds are good that there will be fog and it will not be warm.  It can get windy up on the ridges.  If you do the 50k, the Pirate's Cove trail is really spectacular.  SCA trail is another favorite.  I have volunteered at and run many Coastal Trail Run events so yes, I can recommend them.   They're not big races (probably around 50 people or less) but the course will be marked with ribbons.  I'm not going to offer to join you in running it, since the race date is two weeks before my 50 miler, but I'd come say hi and maybe volunteer too.  Happy to answer any other Qs!  (Probably more info than you want!)


          Here are pics I took from SCA trail and Wolf Ridge, which you would run on if you do the Golden Gate event (Pics are from Marin Ultra Challenge, March 2017).


          Half Crazy K 2.0

            Upper body weights and core work. I feel like I've been up since 5am, stupid time change.


            Lizzie, take Docket's advice.


            LCRuns, sorry to hear about your DS's friend.


            GatsbyBird, those pictures are beautiful.