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Good Morning Monday Supermoms (Read 30 times)


Honorary Old

    Bermy- I just looked at pictures, and I thought Ginnifer Goodwin's hair was shorter than that. My pixie is already that short- yes I think it was MZM that was considering that hairstyle too. I love short hair.


    Becky- Get that flippin' idiot fired! I bet a teenager would do a better job than her!


    Blehhhh I am so tired today. I woke up at 2 am and couldn't go back to sleep after I went and reapplied Orajel on R's gums.

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      Ok, back for more now that crisis averted.


      CA:  I just started doing those hip strengthening exercises so hopefully that helps.


      Spike:  Ewwwww, as much as I try to make C stop that, he does it anyway.


      Ernie:  I had a hip scope in 2011 and had my hip flexor lengthened.  It is on that side so I think I have just slacked too much on my PT exercises.  Unfortunately, when I feel good - I forget all about them.  Oh and the trails yesterday had some killer uphills for me.


      Zorbs:  I was super stressed out over DH last night so he brought me ice cream and vodka, Ha - he knows me well.  I have booze at work but I am sure bossman would appreciate it if I waited until the afternoon.


      Bermy:  Hip flexor tendonitis has been an issue for a few years now.  I have to watch the hills.


      Mer:  LOL, that sounds like me on most days.  I hope the day gets better for you!


      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        spike - mmm yes sometimes it's nice to run alone, well alone with the stroller and dog... Smile Eeeew on the booger eating!


        bermy - the good thing about the marathon is that it's on trails and trail runners walk the hills Smile We are going to run the 10 mile course a few times just to get in shape for it. My DH knows all the figures but he always quotes how much faster / mile you can run a race per lb you lose, so it makes a big difference in racing for sure.


        becky - I'm gonna go do some hip exercises too, I've been bad lately and don't want to get injured!

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