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Woolliness Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 20 times)

    Hi ladies.  Sorry for the drive-by last night.  Inbetween meetings now so stopping by to say hello to everyone else.  Ran 7 yesterday, 4 today, and planning one more easy run on Friday before the Go! HM on Sunday.  Someone asked earlier what Go! is... it's in St. Louis (marathon and HM).  I'm going for a girls' weekend with a bunch of online running friends.  Hoping to see Karen at some point there!


    Hi Judy!  Sorry to hear it's still snowing.


    Lisa, hoping the long drive was enjoyable.  Or at least uneventful.


    Marjorie, good luck with the charts.  (Medical charts?  What sort of job do you have?)  Nice run as always.


    Carol, enjoy your run later today.  Hoping you can put those woolies away soon.


    LC , how nice to have a few days off for a getaway!  Enjoy the outside time.


    Hi Camille. Enjoy your 8 today and good luck with the taxes.


    Karen, if you're heading out to California, let me know!  I hope you decided to take the afternoon off to do something nice for yourself.


    CrazySue, what a sweet dog trying to save everyone who was swimming.  One of my RC friends has a dog that tries to herd us when we're out running!  He worries when anyone falls too far behind and goes back to check on them.


    Cindy, a running skirt sounds fun.  I keep thinking of getting one but haven't yet.  Let me know how you like it.


    Hi Linda.  Have fun at the night race!  Hoping the trail isn't too rooty or rocky.


    Ginny, boo on bad tummies ruining a good run.


    Tessa, you are quite a storehouse of California weather knowledge!  Anyone that ran the LA Marathon a couple of years ago would attest to the fact that howling winds and lashing rains do happen here.  We've had the driest January-March on record this year.  Good for running, not good for the snowpack or our water supply for the rest of the year.


    Oh, and Cadbury's eggs are acceptable any time of day.  Especially if you bought them on sale post-Easter.  I ate a half a bag of whoppers eggs last hight after dinner.  Urp.

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      So the trip to Ohio for the weekend of the 4th is definitely on. DH signed up for this race the evening of 7/3: http://www.flyingrhinocc.com/summer-race-series/.

      Lisa, is that far from you?


      I plan on taking my bike and doing a lot of running and cycling. And by then my swimming should be to the point that I can do that as well in the lake. Close to shore. I am going to plan on doing the 5K in Sandusky, and I also found a duathlon/triathlon not far from there the Saturday following the 4th. We may decide to come back sooner than that so will wait on signing up for that one. It will be good to get away for an entire week and get in some good training for the sprint tri I signed up for later in July.


      I'm going with the whole "fake it til you make it" thing and trying to be positive. I also walked into the boss' office this morning and told him I solved his vacation problem. I then convinced him that we should get comp days for being out in AZ over the weekend when we had the meeting Friday and the meeting Monday (and I ran a 50K on Saturday and DH raced bikes on Sunday). So now he will have enough days to be out of my hair for two weeks in June, and I have 2 extra days of vacation. And he thinks I'm looking out for him. It's almost too easy.

      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
      Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


        Hello again...I just got back-stopped at 7.2 miles because I was out of water and near my house.  Usually I limit the  runs in the neighborhood to about 3-4 miles because of the steep hills, but was told it would be "very, very good" for me to run the 8 on the hills. If my 410 is right, and it probably is,  the "run" had 1961 ft of ascent and 1924 of descent (started it bottom of drive). I will confess to having a few unkind thoughts about the guy who recommended I do it. : )  I walked the steep parts, so it took forever.


        Cindy, I'll ck with DD about dinner.


        Marjorie, I don't envy you the chart reviews either.   I did some QA as part of my last job. It actually wasn't bad when I got into it.


        Tessa, I enjoyed the weather lesson.  My dad was in a typhoon when he was in the Navy-sounded pretty scary.


        Gatsby, hope you enjoy GO!  I think I've mentioned it, but I did the half one year and was support crew for DD another year.  The shirt is my favorite-so comfy. Nice race. DD got master's at Wash U.


        Linda, I'm with you on races vs speedwork!  Good luck!

        Laura, enjoy the break at your mom's.

        Sue, it's hard to believe you're swimming in a lake so early in the year.

        Karen, I like your problem solving!


          Karen....so excited that you are going to do the 5 k here in Sandusky!   The way you have been flying on your feet however, I will be way, way, way behind you, but still so fun to have you here!  Oh win overall female...that would be awesome!!   Yesterday I suggested you may be overtraining and now I am egging you on to win!!





          6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


          Run to live; live to run

            Tomorrow will be a big run. I'm po'd. Dad has set his wedding date. Sept has become June. Date is June15. How the hell did that happen?  Oh Hell!!!



            Run to live; live to run

              Gatsby I'm a physical therapist. I work with several hundred of out outpatient centers on coding, policy reimbursement etc. today I was looking at 175 charts we had an issue with from a work comp carrier. Our billing office can only do so much and the carrier was denying some things. I reviewed and made my recommendations on appeals since it needed clinical input. Lucky i process info fast. I got them all done and the follow up calls.


              I review other things frequently for individual clinicians to give them feedback. . This was a special project.




                Marjorie, I know it's a cliche, but it is one for a reason. No fool like an old fool.


                Sigh. Hope this does not muck up your plans for H-M!


                Karen, you are sneaky. *bows down in admiration*


                7.31 at lunch.


                And I have one thing to say about needing woolens still:



                Or Baaaaaaaaaa-h as the case may be.


                Run to live; live to run

                  It is only 73 days away. And he says 80 people. Wow. twin is highly concerned and not happy. guess he should have paid more attention when this started. I called and told him the date.  Oh and I'm supposed to order the disposable cameras for the table. Really?  Really?  Geesh.


                    Home again.


                    For those of you familiar with the I75 route near Cincinnati... Touchdown Jesus is back!!  Lest you think I speak disrespectfully...What would you call this pose?

                    Back because in 2010 he was struck by lightning and burned completely within a few minutes.


                    Although he's not quite the same...

                    Taken from I75 earlier today as we sped past.  I did giggle when I saw the lightning rod on top of his head and the new nicknames when I Googled "touchdown Jesus"... apparently now he's "Hug Me Jesus" or "$5 Foot long Jesus" ... I'm glad that he has a sense of humor and am glad to see this back in some form.


                    Karen and Ginny-Alas, we will be in North Carolina for the 4th of July.  Driving back the weekend afterwards.  You know, because one 13 hour each way drive wasn't enough this year.


                    Karen-that bike race isn't too far from me.  If you guys want to use our house let me know.  The race is probably less than or no more than an hour from my house. Doesn't hurt to have someone in and out of it.


                    Marjorie-Disposable cameras?  Is this symbolic?


                    Tessa-whew! Imagine if Veronica and I had planned our flights and all around Shadow of the Giants being that first weekend?? Dodged that bullet! I guess I'll just have to plan on Mountain View next year around same time.  2 weeks? I have a marathon in 2 weeks? Must mean that I have another in 4 then.  And away we go...


                    Camille-I'd be thinking unkind thoughts too.  Probably about the same ones my SIL was thinking part way up that "moderate" hill.  Actually she was surprised that she felt pretty good the next day.


                    Only "eventful" thing was when dh elbowed dd's Slurpee and it went all over the back seat, into my laptop backpack, onto books, etc.  That was fun.




                      Good and interesting read comparing a road marathon to a trail race.  Granted the writer is a different level than most of us speed and distance wise but the tone carries through none the less.  I love trail running because it pretty much eliminates that "all out" road thing.  But I love road races because they are spectacles and it's nice to cover ground faster sometimes. I also love the unexpected stuff that comes up on a trail.  Things that would just totally leave us flabbergasted on a road, you just slow down and go around, over or under on a trail then continue on.  I think that it's the very uncertainty of what I'll come across on a trail, how I'll react to it, what I'll do to deal with it, and how I'll go on that appeals to me.  You sort of give up control to a big extent on a trail too.  Hitting those mile/minute splits perfectly, just not going to happen when you have to climb over a tree or deal with a 4 foot deep gulley that's only 5 feet wide.


                      Off to bed.. to dream of happy, pretty trails with gentle surprises.