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Trump Thursday (Over 40) (Read 18 times)



    Marjorie, apologies, I did not realise that this was the case.


    I think you may need to talk to his doctor. This is way out of character for him, right?


    I'm sorry. DH is an overspender but he doesn't get the chance to spend too much because I handle the budgeting.

      Drill Sargeant checking in... I guess it's all in the perceived tone since "Good morning" isn't typically perceived as an order barked out.  LOL


      Ginny-glad it got you moving.


      Camille-I've done the running in place. Not ideal but better than nothing. I'm not close to Florida to do this race.  What about you?


      Carolyn-stretching... hmmm... that would count as an amazing event for me.


      Marjorie-nice mileage! a measly 161 for me for January.  Just think of all the housework and bad tv we could have watched instead. Thank you God for giving me running!


      Tessa-funny on the difference between your run and your neighbors! Love finding other crazy people to join in our nuttiness.


      Karen-I'm not signign up for this one either but it is an interesting concept... I'm with Tessa on teh yucky 1 mile loop. Couldn't they at least find 5 miles?  Hmm... Chicago... Will be there 2-20/21.  April around the 10th. Nothing for March as of yet.


      Damaris-sorry for the office drama.


      Found out my San Diego hotel room is a double.  PM me if you might be interested in San Diego April 15-18.  Leave your axe at home and I'll do the same.  I would imagine that there are some nice places to run around there.



        Quick hello to all.  It's been whole week without running and I'm feeling antsy and irritable!  My darn cold moved into my chest so if I even walk up the stairs too quickly, it sets off a coughing attack.   I'm hoping to get back out there this weekend.  Sorry I'm haven't been contributing much lately... will catch up with everyone this weekend!  Enjoy your Friday!