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Freaking out on Friday - Preggos (Read 25 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Didn't end up running yesterday. I felt awful, crampy and then had some GI issues. Figured my body was telling me to rest! It's supposed to be 50 degrees today, so I'm hoping some snow melts so I can go out for a run! We'll see...


      PGR: 34w5d. Like I said in RR, I was very crampy yesterday. And then BAM stomach "issues", not fun! I also feel like baby has dropped a good amount this week. I feel a lot more pressure down there when I'm walking. Tomorrow we are have our full day birth class from 9-4pm. I'm excited to get a tour of the hospital and everything. Then on Sunday I have a 2 hour breast feeding class from 6-8pm. Should be interesting!


      NRR: Work work work! It's deadline day today so all monthly reports need to be sent out. Having a slight panic attack that I'll be working until 8pm! BUT at least I am at home! If I wasn't pregnant there is no way I would get away with it but my boss was the one that told me to stay home, I didn't have to bring it up Smile This weekend is going to be quite crazy. Tomorrow is DH's birthday. I got him 2 Sigg water bottles, some new snow gloves and an organizer for his bureau. Nice and practical LOL After class, we are going to go out for dinner and spending the evening together. We haven't gone out to eat in about a month, so that will be a nice treat! Smile Sunday I'll be getting all my usual Sunday chores done before the bf class.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15




        ER - Mallwalking with my friend. Yesterday I was crunched for time so I did 2.15 miles in 30 minutes, a combined 1.5 of that running. Pretty proud to have a workout with more running than walking in it. Feeling kind of tight/sore in my calves and feet this morning. Glad I have a chiro appt at 11.


        PGR - Not a whole lot. I feel like time has slowed down a little bit.


        NPGR - Dinner last night was fun though DS fell asleep on the way home from Grandma's and then woke back up after we got him home. Then he would. not. drift. off. for awhile until probably 11:30 or so. So there went mom and dad alone time. Kids. It's like they *know*.


        MA - Happy birthday to your husband. I'd be happy with those gifts. Hope you're feeling better after last night. Good luck with your classes this weekend!


          ER: Did 35 minutes on the elliptical. I had set it for 45 but I was too tired so I cut it short.


          PGR: 38 weeks! Eeeek! The to-do list is getting shorter. All we really have left to do is put the other car seat in the other car, organize a few more items and some shopping. Oh and I got some things this week to make a few freezer meals, hopefully I can do a few more of those if I have time. I posted late yesterday... doctor's appointment was fine. I gained 3 pounds in a week and a half (ugggh, up 57 but whatever). Got the internal and was happy to have made progress, 2cm, 70% effaced and P is firmly in my pelvis at -1 station. A week and a half ago I wasn't dilated and 60%. I'll probably skip the internal next time though because of where P's head is, made this one quite painful! P is moving a lot right now, bigger movements. Lately its been more what I could tell to be hands/elbows and feet since there's not as much room.


          NER: I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed at 8 p.m.! And it felt great! We had a nice Valentine's dinner out and A was super fun. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Since the to-do list is shorter I expect to have more laziness and relaxation than I've had in awhile. DH and I want to figure out something we can do for A. Its so hard to find fun things to do in the winter that aren't super expensive.


          So DH drops me off on the street next to the door I go in at work. He didn't pull quite far enough up this morning and ended up next to a bigger snow bank instead of the smaller one. Stupid me got out of the car anyway instead of making him pull up more. I fell down twice trying to get out of the car and close the door. It was quite embarrassing but the only thing I actually hurt was the hand that landed on the hard snow both times. Well, I actually landed on my knee too, so thats stinging a little. I'm so tired of snow!


            Laura:  I continue to be amazed by your resourcefulness.  The various ways you use milk...I have read about cheese cloths but could never imagine myself taking on such an endeavor as to making my own cheese!  I also enjoyed your quick summary to Liz.  So true.  While I still have LO, I honestly did not realize just how much my body (stomach specifically) could possibly get!  We are re-defining limits as I type.


            MA:  Sounds like you needed the rest.  Have fun on your run today and hopefully the stomach issues will pass.  Enjoy your weekend and especially dinner out.


            Monk:  Glad to hear you had a nice dinner and good job on the elliptical.  8 pm sounds so nice.  Hopefully you had a really good night’s sleep.


            ER: Long walk this morning with the dog.  Didn’t get a walk in yesterday afternoon as it rained throughout most of the night.  Might try for another walk this evening but we will see.  It is only 9:40 in the morning and already I am ready for a nap so that might take precedence.


            PGR: Doc appt this afternoon.  Hubby looked at me slightly confused when I mentioned it.  He was standing next to me at the desk last week when we made it.  Have to wonder who is truly suffering from the whole pregnancy memory-loss stuff.  Still hoping LO hangs out for at least another week. 


            NPGR: Nothing too crazy on the schedule this weekend which is really nice.  We are headed out to dinner this evening which is always a special treat.  While I enjoy not having to cook and clean-up, seeing the bill anytime we eat out often makes me cringe.  Oh well, at least we only do it occasionally and when LO arrives I have a feeling it will be even less frequent.  Nursery is basically set with the exception of our glider.  Need to remind DH to check on the status of delivery.  Must be coming from china…by rowboat.


            Hope everyone has a great weekend!

            Laura G in Idaho

              MA:  Sorry about the cramping and GI issues.  It sounds like you have a very understanding boss.  Enjoy your classes this weekend.


              schmett:  I also feel like time has slowed down this week.  Hope it picks up soon.  Good job on the walk/run.


              monk:  I'm glad your list is short and you can relax before baby comes.  Sorry about falling in the snow.  Ouch!  I guess next time you'll ask him to pull forward a little more so you aren't in a snow bank.


              yogi:  If you can't find cheesecloth in your local grocery store, you can buy it online at www.cheesemaking.com .  The high-quality stuff online can be washed and reused several times.  Go ahead and give it a shot.  It's amazing all the things you can do with milk.  Here's my yogurt recipe:



              1 quart milk

              2 tablespoons plain yogurt with live active cultures (this can be purchased at any grocery store, or you can use some from your last batch)

              ½ to 1 cup dry milk powder (optional)


              • Warm 1 quart of milk to 100 F, but do not let it get any hotter or you will have to wait for it to cool before going to the next step.  If you are adding dry milk powder to your yogurt, you may do so during this step.  Be sure to mix it thoroughly.
              • Remove from heat, and add 2 tablespoons yogurt.  Mix well.
              • Pour into desired containers (anything that is plastic, glass, or stainless steel will work)
              • Find a heat source that can incubate the mixture for 3-12 hours at 100 F to 110 F (cooler won’t incubate the yogurt culture, and hotter will kill it).  Possible sources of heat: 
                • a water bath in a crockpot set to warm without a lid (check the temperature several times through the incubation process to be sure the temperature is where you want it)
                • a heating pad (possibly insulated with towel to keep it from getting too hot)
                • a warm oven (you will need to turn it on and off at intervals to keep the temperature where you want it)
                • a commercial yogurt maker (sometimes these can be found in thrift stores)
                • a vehicle with windows rolled up on a semi-warm day (make sure it doesn’t get too hot or it will kill the yogurt culture)
                Incubate the yogurt until it is semi-soft set, like soft jello, then refrigerate.  It will last for about 2 weeks in the fridge. 
              • You may experiment with adding vanilla (1-2 teaspoon per batch), fruit, and natural sweeteners (2-4 tablespoons real maple syrup has nice results) to the yogurt.  You can add these before or after incubation.  I usually only add fruit after incubating, however.
              • You may find after using your yogurt culture several times that the results aren’t as consistent (or as thick) as you would like.  This means over time, bacteria from your cooking utensils and containers have adulterated your yogurt culture.  Start over with a fresh yogurt culture from the grocery store.
              • Looks like the cut and paste messed with some bullet points, but the instructions are all there. 



              ER:  Didn't do my swim yesterday.  Instead, I opted to stay home, eat chocolate, and enjoy some romance with my husband.


              PGR:  30 weeks today.  Ten weeks to go.  Seems like just yesterday MA was reaching 30 weeks.  I hope the time flies just as fast for me, now that it's my turn.  It seems to have slowed down a lot this week.


              NPGR:  Payday today.  I paid the bills, and today I have to go grocery shopping (I dislike shopping, even though I like to spend money... go figure?)  Tomorrow I'm having some friends over to teach them how to make soap.  We'll be using the recipe I posted yesterday.  Should be loads of fun!  I do this soapmaking once a year, when I can get friends together to help.  Many hands make light the work, and I spent the last time laughing and laughing over some of our experiments and mishaps.  My soap was thickening too fast to put into the molds, and I was stuffing it into the molds as fast as I could.  Good times.  Hilarious.


                MA: It's such a treat to go out when you don't do it as often. I really hope you and DH enjoy his birthday date, even though you have the all day birthing class. Enjoy your hospital tour. Good for you getting to work at home. Your boss is awesome to be so understanding. My boss has been pretty good, although that means he has just cut my hours back a bit without any explanation. I asked one of the other ladies if he was mad at me for some reason or just thought I was getting tired. She assured me that it was my pregnancy and nothing else. Thank goodness!


                Schmett: Oh, kids! I know that's what I have to look forward to. I'm sure they are worth it though. Smile Enjoy your walk today. Sounds like you did great on the the run/walk yesterday!


                Monk: Sounds like P is working on making his way out! So exciting! Yeah, no need for more painful internal exams until the day comes. I asked if they would do an internal on me before DH goes to Notre Dame this weekend, just to put my mind at ease and they said no. They said it might only encourage contractions that should not be starting, and as long as I wasn't showing any other labor signs there was no reason to disrupt things.


                Yogi: Hahaha! My DH has always had a "preggo brain" where appointments/practical things are concerned. So even though I have more forgetfulness than normal, I am still not as bad as him. I know what you mean about dinner bills, but try to enjoy it anyway. I'm having an easier time enjoying time out right now b/c both of us are working full time. It will be harder after the baby. Enjoy your walk if you take it, or your nap. Or both!


                Laura: My mom does something very similar for yogurt! She always leaves it plain and sends her homemade jam for Dad to mix in at work with his granola. Yay for chocolate and romance! I'm waiting for my turn tomorrow! The soap making party sounds like great fun. Enjoy yourself!


                ER: Probably a walk to work today. DH and I were planning on getting up and working out but it was the first morning we have had to sleep in together in a long time (at least when I haven't been sick) and it just felt so good to lay there and cuddle...And yes, he was good enough to just stick with that. DH loves cuddling. I'm really blessed in that area.


                PGR: 36w1d. I did walk to both Starbucks and then Barnes and Noble yesterday. It was very beautiful outside, but I ached a lot walking. I think having to take a week off working out due to being sick really set me back a bit. My entire pelvic girdle was aching as well as my inner thighs. SO weird. Baby has been super active all week, which makes me happy. It is turned LOA now, which is supposed to be the best position, other than actually facing directly towards your back, for labor. I hope it stays that way. It was ROA for a long time, but I started sleeping more on my left so it would migrate that way, and apparently it has.


                NPGR: Working the "Straight No Chaser" concert tonight and I'm looking forward to being able to watch it. Tomorrow is a sushi date with DH. He also says he is going to do maternity photos of me, and he is a great photographer so I'm looking forward to it. I think it's the perfect time because I still feel small enough to be elegant, but large enough to look properly pregnant.


                  PG: nothing new really. Scored a bunch of used baby clothes 0-6mon from DH's coworker!


                  ER: spin class last night. elliptical today.


                  NPGR: I'm off today! taking my mandatory unaid day for this month for a four daY weekend. Having carpet repair guy come today carpet lifting a bubbling up in the hall and spare rooms and It installed only three years ago. Going to paint the nursery picture frames i found at the dollar store and a book shelf I'm going use in the nursery. Looking forward to out date night tomorrow. Then no plans for the rest of the weekend and I happy bout that.


                  MA: hope you're feeling better, good luck with baby classes . It seems like people love or hate them. happy bday to DH.


                  schm: yay good more running than walking


                  monk: glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad. sounds like your about ready for LO to arrive!


                  yogi: enjoy you night out. No cooking is always nice


                  laura: thanks for the soap recipe not sure I'm brave enough to try it.  Your soap making party sounds fun.


                  Sash: have fun at the concert and post some pics!


                    quick selfish post for me - I'll be back for personals this afternoon, I hope...


                    PGR: 26w3d. The BH frequency still freaks me out a bit.  Dr. appt on Monday, so I'll ask him about it then.  I'm "lucky" enough to get cervical checks at every Dr. appt, so if everything is all still closed up, that should ease some of my concerns. I've started getting periodic headaches again, although nothing like the constant headaches i had from weeks 13-18 or whenever. I can't believe that they'll be here in 10-12 weeks. DH and I talked more about his leave - I think we've agreed that he'll take 2 weeks in the beginning, then probably a month after I go back to work.  He'll be able to work from home periodically, so there will also be days in there when he'll be able to help me out.  I think after he initially goes back to work I'll see if my mom can come from like 12-4 a few times a week to give me a break - she'd come from 7am-10pm if I'd let her, but then I might have to kill her Smile


                    ER: Hmm...not sure yet. Need to pick up some dog food and household essentials so maybe stop by the deserted old mall and get some walking in?


                    NPGR: Last bball tournament tomorrow - woohoo! We have to leave our house at about 6:45 am though, so boo to that.  Also looking forward to our family babymoon next weekend - it seemed so far away when we first planned it. - now it's almost here and February is almost over.  Baby shower is coming up quickly, too - time is flying!


                      Ended up doing 3 miles at the mall (6 laps) and then had my chiro appointment. DS had a 20 minute nap between but he's actually functioning. My neck was the part out of whack today. It's always a surprise to me since I was convinced I'd get Grastoned on my shins and instead my neck took precedence.


                      Monk - Good job on the eliptical. Sorry about falling on snow. Enjoy your weekend with A.


                      Yogi - Funny about the pregnancy brain hitting your husband. Always seems like you're at the dr. at the end there. Hope you can get both a nap and a walk in. Enjoy dinner tonight!


                      Laura - I'm getting smarter and learning to either pin links you guys post to Pinterest, add it to my Amazon wishlist, or copy/paste stuff like your soap recipe onto Word and save it to my computer. Thanks for posting that. Hope your soapmaking goes well. I don't know why, but this part of the 2nd tri drags like the early 1st tri. Nothing much going on (that's visible anyway) and especially 2nd kids and so forth onward, not much to really *do* since you have it all, or mostly all.


                      Sasha - Ooh enjoy your maternity photos. Funny how that goes on the internet, someone will mention something (in this case Straight No Chaser) and then you seem to be reading mentions of it everywhere. Including here now. I've never heard their music but they sound like a fun group.


                      Mann - Congrats on the baby clothes. Hope the carpet installation is smooth and painless.


                      TN - Just when I think time is going slow I read your updates. Can you pass some of that "time is flying" feeling to me? Wink Where are you going for your babymoon next weekend?


                        Hi guys-

                        Tons to do at work, but so tired and unmotivated, so going to try to do some personals for once!


                        MA- Hope your class and the birthday celebrations go well! I think my LO has also dropped. COuld explain constant insatiable hunger!

                        Schmett - nice work on the 3 miles!

                        Monk - good work on the elliptical. Glad you weren't hurt when you fell.

                        Yogi- enjoy your dinner. Funny about DH forgetting appointments...but i feel like since it's our bodies that are experiencing all the craziness, it's just harder for them to feel like these things are as central to their lives!

                        Laura - chocolate and romance...sounds nice!

                        Sasha- photo session sounds like fun! Lucky that DH is a good photographer. Enjoy date night.

                        Mann - enjoy the four day weekend!

                        TN - nice that you'll have your mom to help, but hear you on setting limits. My mom will come for a week while I am on mat leave and after dh goes back to work. But more than that...not sure I could handle it!


                        ER - boot camp and walk to bootcamp. We've decided to stop bootcamp at the end of Feb. Will be 36 weeks. I still feel like I can do most things, but who knows how the next month will go. Plus we could use the saved $$. DH is going to stop too...not sure he'd ever go if I didn't drag him out of bed Wink

                        PGR - 33weeks6days. 34 tomorrow! I'm going to see a lactation consultant tomorrow. I'm kind of worried about BFing for a couple of reasons...one is that I have flat nipples (one was a bit inverted before preg, but now out) and the other is a medication that I take that i have heard could reduce supply. The research doesn't actually support this...it's just anecdotal. Anyway, probably it'll be fine, but at my last job I did a lot of work on breastfeeding promotion, so would be really disappointing not to be able to do it! Plus worried about challenges of pumping when I go back to work after 12 weeks.

                        NPGR - excited that our new couch is finally being delivered tomorrow. Hoping for a relaxing but productive long weekend!




                          Late on Friday personals post for me:


                          MA: I hope you're feeling better today - enjoy your night out for DH's birthday! I hope the birth classes go well.  Are you attending BF class solo?  OUr class registration states partners are "encouraged" to attend, and I can tell DH is less than thrilled with going...


                          schmett: Haha on kids "knowing" - I think DSD is wise enough now to know if we tell her we are going to "shower and change clothes" it's best to not knock on the door. Smile  We're just going to a resort in WI for the babymoon - we had wanted to fly someplace warm, but decided to stick to a driving trip, which is good, since the Dr. started my no flying restriction last Friday due to the borderline previa. Sad  I think DH and I will try for a nice overnight at a hotel or something yet just the two of us as well some other time.


                          monk: Yay for progress! Glad you got a good night's sleep and had a good Valentine's dinner.


                          yogi: My DH has pregnancy memory-loss all the time - if I don't remind him to put it in his calendar, he never remembers - and half the time he schedules over some work appointment that he then has to juggle somewhere else- he is the worst smartphone calendar user every.


                          Laura - Thanks for sharing the yogurt and the queso blanco recipe - not sure i have the time to monitor either, and I think my family would rebel against using the queso blanco in place of meat...do you use raw milk for these things, or is pastuerized okay?  I certainly didn't know you could just start with yogurt from the grocery store.  I'll have to file that away for later.


                          sasha - what does LOA stand for?  Does that mean toward the back, but slightly toward the left?  I try to sleep on my left side at night, but now I feel like baby B is getting scrunched - she likes to hang out somewhere in the middle and pester baby A....


                          Mann - yay for baby clothes! I'm hoping to troll through my brother and SILs girls' clothes - they have two, the youngest is 2, so I'm hoping they will send some stuff our way!


                          Liz - I think it's great that you are being proactive about the lactation consultant - my nurse from the insurance well baby program I'm enrolled in, who is largely redundant since I have a dr. visit every two weeks, recommended that with twins I also seek out a lactation consultant prior to delivery.  Enjoy the new couch!


                            TN: I can give you recommendations for a nice hotel in Madison and fun things to do here!