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    Hi ladies-


    No run for me today, but I wore a bright yellow race shirt to my class at the Y, and am wearing a cotton race shirt now. So sad about what happened yesterday, but I was glad to hear that everyone here and your friends were ok. DS2's ENT/surgeon was there cheering on his wife, but she had finished and they had cleared the area before the explosions.


    Tessa - that sounds like a lot of carbs! I think I would like those cookies.


    Marjorie - where are you off to this week?

    Ginny and Carol - yes, my old gym teacher posted on FB wanting to know if I was ok. I just said that I was, and didn't point out that 1) I don't run marathons, and 2) you have to qualify for Boston. It's nice that people are concerned.


    Karen - I made the mistake of looking at some of pictures on Huffington Post. They were very graphic.


    Crazysue - glad the back is feeling better.


    Hi to everyone I missed - gotta go help DS1 with his math homework.



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      I know. People hear "Boston Marathon" and immediately think "oh, so-and-so runs, I hope she's not there!" without realizing what a big deal it is to qualify for Boston.


      Thanks for the update on Julia. I'm glad she and her brother are OK.


      I wore the "runners united" bib at the gym today. I'll wear it again tomorrow for an outdoor run.


      7.3 on the TM. Probably the last treadmill run until next week.


      Run to live; live to run

        Cindy I'm in Louisiana.


        Bad Ass

          Sorry I have been MIA.  I'm either working, running, or glued to the TV watching the coverage.  Very sad about all the victims.  The videos give me chills.


          I did my 7 with 2 @ MP in their honor.  I brought the bibs that the FB event asked us to use to the running group meeting and we all wore them, took our picture and ran in their honor.



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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            Posting with the west coast ladies! Since I'm here in sunny warm San Diego. Not. In SD but it rained yesterday. even the weather was sad.


            One of my run buddies (I paced her last September for the 100 miler), responded to me on FB yesterday that she had finished 15 minutes before the first bomb.  I honestly can't watch the news on it.  Just stupid.


            Flight from Detroit to San Diego was diverted to Chicago due to sick passenger. That was scary too to hear the pilot ask for a doctor or first responder to please press their alert flight attendant button.  As you can imagine it was a quick landing to Chicago where EMS came on plane. Then we had to wait for an additional hour to let the brakes cool down. (no clue but we must have landed fast I suppose) by the time we were back up and I could get wifi there were the reports of bombs at Boston, then we started descent.  I was scanning FB for Barb and finally just asked on her FB page to please let us know that she was okay which she did. Can't even imagine the emotions from just finishing close to what happened or thinking of runners you passed and people who just cheered you on at the finish. Stupid.


            Leg feeling much better. Still walking with a gimp.  Not exactly marathon ready but we'll see what happens. Aid will be out for a 7 hour time. Course open for 32 hours.


            Wine tasting tonight sponsored by CareerBuilder at a local place. There was an amazing cabernet there from Napa. Could never afford this on my own.  How do I now go back to wine that I can afford??






              At least you will have plenty of time to finish!


              I have Cabernet stocked, though not expensive...but it's not Two-Buck Chuck either.


              Glad your friend is OK. I've heard so many stories of close calls the last few days.