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    Yogi - Welcome! You are a rockstar if you can run 7 miles at that stage of pregnancy.


    Ozzy - We got a new couch for the living room, and a new desk for my desk stuff since the armoire I was using in the living room for my computer, etc. is now my husband's stuff for his computer/tech stuff we don't want DS getting into. Behind closed doors, an asset during the toddler years! I moved the new desk into what was solely DS's room, so now it's kind of a play area/mom area. Of course now we're trying to juggle closet space and where we put everything in the upheaval but DH is more confident than me we'll find a space for it all.

    I know wine has sugar to it, but I'd be having a glass of wine right about that point in pregnancy. Nothing relaxes quite like it (well, and chocolate). Wink I hope you can raise a small glass after your results on Friday.


    MA - I'd totally be livid too. WTF was your co-worker thinking?


    Liz - I'm totally impressed about that video in your class. I was just reading an article about how squatting is so much better for you than kegels in terms of pelvic floor strength and preparing for birth. I pushed for awhile on a squatting stool, I think it helped a lot.