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wickedly wonderful weekend (over 40) (Read 22 times)

    DH joined me for 3 mile walk before it started to rain. DD's softball game cancelled.  This would have been trail 50k day for me but I had opted to not piggyback 3 weekend races... good call. Nothing like starting out with nice dry conditions then having them deteriate as the miles pile up on trails.


    Looking like DWD Devil's Lake 50k will be a go.  Working on arrangements but I need to be in Chicago office a few days each month and the week following the race work out. Will likely drive there Friday, use Hilton hotel points for discount in Madison area. Bring dh and dd and dd's friend. They would've like to have gone to the 1 Direction concert sunday in Chicago but, alas, it is sold out. Will be satisfied with a long day at Noah's Ark water park though. Then a couple of days wandering around Chicago with DH while I work. Drive back Tues evening.


    Karen-were you considering DWD Devil's Lake?  13 hour cutoff since there also is a 50 mile.



      Hey!  Had a great time at the duathlon yesterday.  5K + 11 mile bike ride.  I had a good race.  UNTIL some a$$ decided to throw a temper tantrum on the side of the road.  The last couple of miles of the race are on a 4 lane highway.  We ride on the shoulder, and it is not terribly busy.  Apparently a guy had a flat and was walking on the shoulder.  Another guy came barreling over the hill on his bike and clipped him.  The guy yelled "you ok?" and kept riding.  The guy with the flat was so mad that as I was passing he reared back and threw his helmet down and nearly got me in the process.  He was still cursing and snarling when he walked to the finish line.  We think the guy who clipped him just loaded up and left before the other guy could beat his face in....   Thankfully I was able to miss the mad guy without hitting the deeply grooved section of pavement that divides the traffic lane from the shoulder.  Whew!  I got 2nd in my AG and was three minutes faster than the last time I did that race, so I was happy.  Yesterday afternoon we had a party for our running buddy who was at Boston Marathon.  Any excuse for a party Wink


      This morning did 10 miles with the gang.  Well, the rest of the gang stopped at 6 miles and the two of us kept going.  Glad we got finished before the rain comes in this afternoon.  Housework the rest of the afternoon for me.


      Linda--sorry you are injured.  It is so hard to rest and heal.  Hope your recovery is quick.


      HI Laura, Lisa, Ginny (great run!), Carol (hope you are feeling better) and Gatsby (tough assignment, but hope your trip was still fun Smile)


      Better get vacuuming while the dogs are sleeping !


      Run to live; live to run

        21.5 for me today. Back to work tomorrow.


        Laura glad the weather is better.


        Gatsby sounds like the trip worked out.


        Lisa it will get better for the leg. Give it time.


        Carol yep he sold it. Never even got it listed but some couple stopped and then bought it. Full price that he wanted. They've even bought some of the furniture etc. just a fluke I guess but it worked.


        Linda sorry you are injured.



          Marjorie - Wow, his house sure sold quick!  Great job on the 21.5!


          Crazysue - Nice job on the Du!!!   that is great you are doing August 70.3!!!


          LisaMMR - That is nice that DH went for a walk with you Smile   Are you enjoying the travel part of your job?


          Can't believe I have been upright all day Smile  Woohoo, even felt good enough to drag DH out for a 10 mile bike....and I actually felt good.  Tomorrow will RUN Smile



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            Got my 8 easy in, then ran errands, spent some time cleaning up the basement, more cleaning out drawers in bedrooms, etc. Tomorrow after work I start a three week (twice a week) swimming clinic. I have gotten to the point where I can flail the length of the pool, and came across this "Total Immersion" clinic opportunity. Seems like a good idea to work on form now before I get too many bad habits. So looking forward to that tomorrow.


            Lisa, I am still thinking about DWD Devil's Lake. Probably just the marathon. I was waiting to see if I had to go to Boston for work the following week and just found out that I don't, so now that that is out of the way, need to make up my mind.


            Crazysue, congrats on the du! Faster and and AG placement! Sounds a little scary with the temper tantrum and all.


            Marjorie, nice run. I forget, are you running a spring marathon before H-M?


            Carol, glad you're feeling better.


            DH has decided that the time for dinner is RIGHT NOW. So we're off for ribs and fries. I might be gaining a couple pounds this last week during my taper - I certainly haven't run enough to make up for ribs and fries!


            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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              Karen, my entire week consisted of eating too much and not running so I'm with you.  I did 9.6 yesterday and felt sluggish and off kilter.


              Carol, great call getting out on the bike.


              Marjorie, nice 21.5 today.  That's more than I've run this entire week.  Must start picking it up...


              CrazySue, great job at the duathlon.  And then a 10 miler today?  Wow.


              Lisa, sounds like the right call not to race today.


              Hi to everyone else.  Going to try getting in a few miles this afternoon.


              Run to live; live to run

                Karen nope no other race before HM.


                Just did the favor bags for dads wedding. Yep I've gotten roped into this. 130 people. Just insane. Put the bags with the personalized sicker together. Then 8 coordinating Hershey kisses in each. We didn't even invite 100 people to our wedding. No idea how they are having 130 guests. Just insane. centerpieces almost done too.



                  I really have to get a garmin again.  I timed myself yesterday just by writing down the time Ileft the house and noting when I returned and according to the clock 11 miles took me 2:53  which seems awfully slow to me.  I didn't feel like I was going terribly slow.  My worst time for a half is  like 3:06, so I find it hard to believe that it took me that long to do 11.  I can't really map the run because I can't even remember how many time I repeated some blocks or where all I went.  This all hit me last night falling asleep...I am thinking , wait a minute, I couldn't have run that slow, so maybe I ran 12.  Not that it really matters, but you know how "we" are.


                  Lisa...nice on the 3 mile walk.  Smart not to do the trail.  Sounds like a good trip to Chicago coming up.


                  Linda...sorry about the injury


                  Sue...you have been placing in AG in everything you do lately!  That's great and so satisfying for you.


                  Carol...glad that you are feeling better.  It is nice to say ran 11 today!


                  Karen...not sure if I am going to do Cleveland yet or not, still thinking about it.  Now that I have run 11 I think I am ready, but not quite sure yet. I have not registered.  I have been eating too much lately too.


                  Hi to everyone else too, sorry I did't get everyone.





                  6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                    I must be PMSing big time and coupled with not running and then gloomy rainy weather all day am feeling unbelievably down.

                    Trying to remind myself of all the good things going on but keep going back to all the things that aren't present.  Not like me so I'm sure that it's hormonal... probably lack of endorphins too.  Or the impending big birthday that I'm sure will just come and go as far as family is concerned.  Having to cut back on eating since not exercising much and the on again off again achey leg aren't doing much for attitude either.


                    Gloomfest now showing in Detroit.


                    Sue-great job on the duathlon!!  road rage!


                    Marjorie-sounds like you are handling it all with grace.


                    Carol-I am but I wish I could take family along more.


                    Karen-we're pretty set for the race so let me know what you decide. will likely have hotel for weekend in Madison, using Hilton points so $50/night. I just need to figure out a way there so if you do end up going let me know; maybe you'll find a cheap room in same hotel and we can carpool together so that I don't need to have dh drive me to 5:30am start.


                    Gatsby-sounds like a wonderful trip though, even if not your typical cup of tea. sluggish, I know well.


                    Ginny-I'm sure that you were faster than that.  it is frustrating though.





                      Hi everyone! Quick check in before leaving for family dinner and my mum's birthday celebration since they were in Hawaii on her actual birthday. Cheesy potatoes are in the oven and they smell so good I would like to sit down with the baking dish and a fork.


                      Susan, laughing over both the weims/Deuce chasing the Chihuahua and the idiot throwing his helmet. The guy who clipped him needs a lesson in race manners.


                      Marjorie, maybe it's that as your dad and his fiancee got older they made more friends so they invited more guests? I think most young people have a wedding and a lot of the attendees are their parents' friends and their relatives, whereas being his age your dad knows a lot more folks.


                      Lisa, sorry you are missing good running weather. DWD...I am envious.


                      Hello to everyone else!


                      Race report will come later, I did 32 miles in 8:53 -- think the 90 degree heat and about 6000' elevation gain might have had something to do with it? Running neighbour did her first 50 in just over 13. It was brutal.


                      Off again...I want a weekend to recover from the weekend!

                        Hi all, trying to get back to writing, but I'm so out of practice...

                        Ran 3.8 miles on trails yesterday. Lots of birds happily welcoming spring.  Squirrels running about.  The water level was down so the trail was completely dry (much had been flooded with the recent rains).  Some of the trail felt soft and squishy.  Reminded me of when we were little and we'd jump on the thick moss and lichens on the trails.  DH came with me and he walked 2.4 miles.  We finished at essentially the same time.  Smile

                        Today swam 24 laps plus did some strength training in the pool and then again this evening at home.

                        Just got a call a little while ago.  My dad fell in the driveway and my mom called from ER. They were talking him for a ct scan.  My niece posted a while later that all was good and they'd send him home after they stitched up the gash on his head.  But its scary especially since he's just finished his third session of chemo treatment for non- hodgkin's lymphoma and my uncle (his brother) died about 2 years ago after a fall in the middle of the night in the bathroom.  Waiting to hear back from my mom.

                        Worked on homework solutions, helped DH with homework, and did laundry.  I'm sorry I should write personals but I'm beat.  Love to all.


                          Tessa-congrats on the 50k!  Enjoy your time with family too!


                          Susan-Glad to hear your dad is okay!  So are you contemplating Detroit full?



                            Thanks, Lisa.  No, thinking of starting to get the back pack out and start adding books, lol.  And finding hills.  Thinking of doing the Old Fart HM in Lowell in August if I don't  go to Tanzania with EWB.  But first have to deal with this darn hip.  Still can run easily. Can't walk without pain.  Now that classes are over, calling the doc and scheduling an appt.  I figured she would probably send me to PT and I didn't have time to deal with it.  But once I'm back from Philmont, its time to start training for a full.  Thinking Detroit full in 2014. If I survive Philmont LOL.  (PM me and tell me what happened).

                              Hi again.  I wanted to take a nap this afternoon but I ran 4.2 instead.   Working on being less of a slug!


                              Marjorie, I'm sure you're earning major karma points for taking on those wedding duties.


                              Ginny, no need to explain being driven nuts when your distance/time don't make sense.  We get it. Big grin


                              Lisa, sorry you've got the blues.  I'm sure the achy leg and lack of exercise and low endorphins are all playing a part.   Hang in there.


                              Tessa, 50k in 90 degrees with 6000 elevation gain?  Makes me want to keel over just reading about it.   Amazing.


                              Hi Susan.  What a scary thing to have happen to your dad.  Hopefully all goes well after he gets the stitches.


                              Back to work tomorrow.  Ugh.