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Brrrrr -2 F Sunday, Supermoms (Read 258 times)


    RR:  I have done 8 days in a row so far of my running streak.  Plan to do 5 to 10 k today depending on the weather.  It is currently -2 but should warm up to 15F later today.  I have run 799 kms since July 1st.  I wanted to get to 1000 kms by NYE but that only leaves me 23 days so not sure if I will make it.  I did 45 kms last week but need more than that to reach 1000.


    KR:  little kids are watching fireman sam and bigger kid is in the basement watching a movie.  P is 21.5 months old and only had one pee accident yesterday. She wears a pull up for naps but a regular diaper for night time


    RR2:  runningskirts has my favourite pattern on sale, just in the athletic skirt.  Skirts on the go.  http://store.runningskirts.com/skirt-on-the-run-athletic-skirt  if it is still there in my size I will buy it on Thursday when I get paid.  The Canadian site doesn't have my size so I will pay $5 more for shipping to get it from the states.  I wanted the capri skirt but they don,t have my size.


    ER: my goal was to do the 30 day shred everyday.  I have done it 7 times out of 9 so I think I am doing alright.  The side lunges and butt kicks were hurting my knee so I do different activities instead.  I don't watch the video.  I have level 1 memorized so I do a set amount of reps for each activitiy.  I hate how long it takes to load the dvd and it has to give a safety message every time.  By the time I can play it I would be done the first set in the dvd.   But I will be watching it again on monday to move up to level 2, I will likely alternate days too and still do level 1 stuff.


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      RR#1 - 7 people showed up for the DM run yesterday, and I was the slowest one.  The pace was around 6:00/km (~9:40/mile) which should have been challenging but not killer for me..but add in the hangover and the hills and I had to take a walk break.  A couple people walked with me, but I'm annoyed that I wasn't able to stay with the group.  At least no one got lost.


      RR#2 - undetermined distance with RP, at least 10K, since my "long" run yesterday was only 8 miles.


      TR - was beyond excited for the family party and did not sleep in the car on the way there like we'd planned for him to.  Then he was excited to see my parents and be in a new place, and when his cousins showed up, well they all played together.  They ran laps around the big dining table like it was a NASCAR track, I swear B must've covered 5K or more running!  So he was up from 6:15 am until 9 pm.  he slept in a BIT this morning, until 7:45.


      FR - fridge is empty, except for a couple leftovers and I don't feel like cooking.


      NRR - DH didn't do jackshit to help me yesterday.  As I said on FB, on Friday night he said he'd help me with whatever, but when I asked him to pack up the groceries, he was 'busy' downloading Christmas music for the party from itunes.  Then when we got to my parent's, he took a nap on the couch while I was cooking, and when we went downstairs to the party room, I did all the cooking while he played with his ipad.  In his mind, he truly believes that he was busy taking care of B and keeping him out of my hair while cooking.  Then EVERYONE else helped clean up, and maybe he replaced a couple of chairs, but that's it.  I am so disgusted and disappointed, I don't know what to do.



      leanne - what's your favourite RS pattern? my all time fave is the mums one.

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        Zorbs: I like the running patterns.  Run on the go is the one I like. I have mums in bloom. and I have the green paisley print.  My bf said he would just play video games on Saturday morning.  T told him he wasn't allowed to play violent games until after Christmas.  He spent 70% of his day playing his game yesterday. And is back at it today.  He will get nap duty (wiping poopy bums since nap time means poop time here, and entertaining T who doesn't have nap time anymore) while I go out for a few hours.  I want to run to walmart to check out a couple things and then run back (10 km round trip). But if the temp keeps dropping (now -22 C) then I will head to the gym which I really don,t want to do.


          RR: Maybe 6 today depending on the outcome of ds' first soccer game.


          KR: DS team won the first game and tied his second game yesterday. That means if he wins this morning he goes on to the championship match in the afternoon. The kids had a tough season so I hope they win this morning. Girls are not that excited to spend another day watching their brother play soccer.


          NRR: Got in a fight with my dad last night. His boat club does a christmas party and we attend every year. This year he called on Wed. to tell me it was Sat. Then he called on Thursday to tell me it was today. I told him ds had a soccer tourney and if he wanted the girls to go he had to come and get them (1 hour south). He griped about having to come get them so I told him not to bother. UGH...I hate the holidays!



          Patty: Sorry you felt you couldn't keep up. I still think its impressive that you made it out the door yesterday morning. Sorry about dh being a butt.


          leah: I wish Shred had a pod cast with dings and verbal instructions that you could put on in the background of your favorite music or TV show.


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            RR - I think I'll just take a rest day today, I have lots going on, and have already run 30k this week.


            TR - was up at 5:30 ish having to pee, I woke up at 5 with exploding b00bs, helped her pee, then was awake till 6:15 until O woke.  M didn't go back to sleep until 6:30 she came to our room and got into our bed, we then all slept till 8:30.


            BR - slept over 10 hrs again last night! Smile  Was fussy yesterday, but did manage to get a decent nap out of her in the afternoon so I had 90 minutes to regain my sanity - it was a better day Smile


            NRR - have a bday party for RP's son this afternoon, then our small group xmas party tonight.  I need to run out and get a gift for the small group gift exchange.  Have to decide what to get...  can be anything under $25 - any ideas?


            zorbs- I'd have been pissed at DH!  Will he do assigned tasks - like next time it's his job to set the table or cook the potatoes, etc and then if the table isn't set or there are no potatoes it's obvious that it's his damn fault.  I'd have been in the back with you yesterday!  I was going to try to 'race' my 10k yesterday but ended up with a 6:30/km pace.  Even when I pr'ed my half at 1:46, my lr pace was 6:15-6:30, I'm a slow LR'er.


            leah - -28C with the windchill here this morning, yesterday was -25 when I did my run and -27 when I finished.  I have so many skirts now I have to resist even looking at the runnignskirts site!  


            twin - that sounds super frustrating with the party!  Especially with it changing days like that.

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              And Bermy - from yesterday - I'm going to do a half at the end of March - but won't race this one, it is at a sketchy weather time of year and there seems to be a huge blizzard that weekend often.  Then I'll race a half at the end of April, the Calgary half.  DH is also doing it, so my goal may be to kick his ass.  Then tentatively DH and I are doing the Kelowna marathon next October as a 10 year +1 dating and running anniversary celebration - goal there is also to kick his ass Smile .   There is a race doc on our supermoms fb group also if you ever want to know who is racing what and when, or to add your own races.

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                RR: a nice easy recovery 4.5 miles with R in the stroller this morning. it was cool out, but not bad. legs felt good after yesterday's hilly 11+ miles.

                Planks- did 3:00 front planks, and 2x1:00 each side planks.


                TR: woke up at 5:30AM again this morning, but he's been good! He really loves playing tag with DH and using him like a jungle gym. He is almost able to get his knee up on the sofa and climb up...yikes!


                NRR: got a few presents yesterday afternoon, DH is out shopping for his parents and sisters now. i'll go on my own one morning this week to finish shopping for his gifts and R's. I've ordered a few things online, hoping they arrive soon.



                leanne- brrr, cold morning! great job with the running streak. Wow, P is doing well with the PT. did your other kids PT easily? DH and I joke that R will take forever to PT because he has never seemed to be bothered by a wet or dirty diaper.


                zorbs- hope you got a great run in this morning. Boo to DH doing nothing to help you yesterday!! Mine is useless in the kitchen, but he will keep an eagle eye on R while i do all the prep/cooking. sorry you couldn't keep up yesterday- maybe they will be a good training group to improve your speed?


                twin- wow, your DS is doing great with soccer! I hope they have a great set of games today. bummer about the holiday drama- sometimes it's really frustrating! hope you can get a good run in later.


                CA- enjoy your RD today! Yay for O sleeping so well again last night- that's amazing!! have fun at the bday party and small group later. does it have to be a generic gift? maybe a gift card for gas or grocery store?

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                  twin - pretty much the fact that I was the organizer and the only person who knew the route is what got me out the door.  I was sitting at my desk with my forehead on the table 5 min before leaving, trying not to puke.


                  CA - yesterday I gave DH a specific task - packing up the groceries in the fridge for the party, and he wouldn't do it.  Other times when I give him specific tasks, he'll say something non-commital like, "I'll TRY to do it" so I'm like, if it's that difficult for you to TRY, I'll just do it myself.


                  rg - the bunch yesterday drove from all over (25-40 min drive for most of them) so it's not like I can run with them on a regular basis.  The next planned group run will probably not be until February.

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                    RR - rest day. ~~~~~~~~~~ NRR - just woke up at 9:00. The kids are still sleeping. There is a God! ~~~~~~~~~~ BR - has a horrible cold with a very congested cough but no fever. We are going to take pictures today. I hope she's in a good mood. ~~~~~~~~~~ KR - really excited to put up the tree. We got it yesterday but its still outside.

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                      At the mall to pick up my gift for the exchange but the mall doesn't open for another half hour. Shoot - now I have to sit alone in a coffee shop. -------RG - nice runs this weekend! And great planks. I want to be like you when I grow up! Wink the gift can be anything. I think I'm gonna get something for a girl and if a dh gets it he'll have to step up and give it to his wife. ------ lee - cant wait to see your pics!! Your pics are always gorgeous! Yay for sleeping kids! O slept till after 9 this morning!

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                        Hey look who made it over to RA! I've even set up my training log, so yah i'm all organized. 


                        RR: 5 this morning, heading out for 7-10 later since my lsr was short in distance yesterday.


                        NRR: working on the redevelopment of a Spanish 101 course and grading oral assessments. don't be jealous of how much fun i'm having!


                        KR: DS dropped a snowglobe on the kitchen floor this afternoon and the glass and water exploded everywhere. i think we got everything cleaned up but i think we'll find glitter on the floor forever (apparently the snow was glitter).


                        FR: DH made his sunday brunch meal: eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits. SO GOOD.




                        have a great day everyone! i'll probably be a loser poster and get on here sporadically and not always reply to personals.....


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