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Tick Tock Tuesday - Preggos (Read 21 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles yesterday! I almost turned around at a half mile, and then a mile, but made it to the mile and a half turn around! I had some of the same pulling feeling in my lady bits, so I walked most of the first half mile until it mostly went away. Bizzare. Today I'm planning on going for a nice long walk after work. No excuses!


      PGR: 36w2d. I think baby is dropping/dropped?? The bladder pressure is unreal! I literally feel like I need to pee 5 min after I go! I was up probably 6 times last night. I know they can drop anytime now... Last night after my run I made dinner, cleaned up, showered and put away the laundry. My feet were KILLING me after that! Like I'd been on them all day long, not just a couple hours. Sigh. Today I'm hoping to at least do some organizing in the nursery. We'll see.


      NPGR: Not much. Work today, but I'm at home so it shouldn't be bad. Smile


      Have a great day!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

      Laura G in Idaho

        MA:  Good job on the run!  I hope your baby has dropped, since first time moms can have it happen up to 2 weeks before delivery.  That would be a good sign of exciting things in store for you.


        RR:  Nothing today.  Ran 2.8 mi, walked 0.3 mi yesterday.  Felt pretty good.  Shin splints seem to be less painful.  I iced afterwards, massaged some, and wrapped.  I'm thinking I'll ice and massage some more today.  I need these shin splints to go away!


        ER:  Swimming this morning.  Walking this afternoon.  Missed my walk yesterday afternoon, but it was for a good reason.  My little guy (nearly 22 months old) needed cuddles, so it got dark while I cuddled my baby, and I didn't care.  I was doing the most important thing I could do at that moment.


        PGR:  31w4d.  I posted on FB yesterday how much better I feel this pregnancy than previous ones.  It's amazing, really.  I feel so much more energy and mobility at this point than I did in previous pregnancies.  +1 for exercise!


        NPGR:  When my husband got home from work last night, he got the van running again.  He says it "should" get me where I need to go today.  I hope so!


          Ma - great job on toughing out the three miles - especially if baby has made himself comfortable on your bladder!


          Laura - I think cuddles in leiu of walk was a great decision.  I hope the van keeps working for you.


          PGR: 28 weeks. Hello, third tri! OB appt today, childbirth class last night - we heard one of the OBs speak about childbirth, show off some of the tools (forceps, vacuum, spring monitor) and then toured the hospital.  You labor and deliver in one room, but then a few hours after delivery you get wheeled down the hall to the post-partum rooms...interesting.


          PGR2: I have mastered turning over at night without excruciating pain in my pelvis, or my hip slipping.  This is huge for me, as it means I can then walk without pain and waddling in the morning.  I have to keep my knees close together and pull them up like I'm going to do a pelvic tilt, then use my feet to lift my pelvis off the bed, then rotate my torso.  Just sharing in case anyone else is experiencing this Smile


          ER: Walk tonight - hopefully 3 miles  It should be warm enough that the sidewalks won't be icy, and hopefully it will still be light out.


          NPGR: We were late to childbirth classes last night because DH brought a vehicle home for me to test-drive, and we had to drive back to the dealer to drop it off.  It is a big SUV, but it fits our needs for a vehicle, plus I get to drive it - my previous car had remote start, and when we got DH a different car, I started driving his, which does not have remote start - which is SO nice for midwest winters...

          MA runner girl

            Laura - I'm glad your shins are feeling better! Good news. I think cuddling is a fantastic reason to miss a walk. Plus you had already gotten in a good run! So glad you are feeling good this pregnancy. Hope the van fix works!


            TN - Welcome to the third tri, it's so much fun! LOL Those tools are super scary aren't they? Especially the medal forceps. :shudder: Are you taking a class specific for multiples? We will labor, deliver, recover in one room at my hospital, assuming vaginal birth, but it's different with twins, since they deliver in the OR. So are you getting the big SUV? Remote starter sounds nice!!!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              PG: nursery furniture get delivered on friday.  Nothing new to report.


              ER: Looks like a rest day today.  I'll be sure to get out of the office for a quick walk on my afternoon break and maybe walk with the dog this evening but feeling tired even though I got a decent night sleep.


              NPGR: DH bday is next week.  Not sure if we'll have date night this weekend or the weekend after.  Pretty uneventful work week which I'm not complaining about.


              MA: Sounds like a productive day yesterday!


              Laura: since this is my first I dont have anything to compare it too but I'm pleasantly surprised that I feel this good.  Dont get me wrong I have some bad days but overall its been a great experience physically and mentally. I'm sure exercise has something to do with that. I really thought I was going to be uncomfortable and pack on the lbs even faster.   I've seen what my GFs have been through w/o exercise so I'm sure it makes a big difference.


              TN: Yay for the third tri!  My hospital is the same set up.  Delivery and two hours of bonding in same room then off to a private recovery room.  They left out the forceps and vaccum show and tell but I think that will be in our next class preparing for child birth.


                QOTD - what are everyone's favorite workout DVDs?  I know I'm not going to be able to hit the gym like I use to.  I have the Insanity DVD set which is crazy hard for an at home workout.  After all its called insanity for a reason. I never followed the program completely but its tough.  I bought it with the intention to work out in the moring before work but sleeping in usually won.  I'm looking for a couple DVDs to get back into the swing of things postpartum.


                  Morning everyone. Or I should say, afternoon.


                  ER - 3 mile walk at the mall today.


                  PGR - 23 weeks today. I had to go back and count to make sure I didn't skip a week somewhere.

                  NPGR - We're having some totally awesome weather today. Rain, then freezing rain, then snow. It's a mess out there. Unfortunately DS fell asleep in the car on the way back from the mall, so I try to let him sleep a little bit (30 minutes) but then I started getting hungry again. Argh! At least when they're itty bitties it's so much easier to get them back to sleep.


                  MA - Good job finishing the workout. I had to similarly talk myself through finishing the workout I did on Saturday. My friend who's 35 weeks is saying the same thing, she feels the baby could just fall out of her, so you're not alone!


                  Laura - It's the small things right? Good job on your workout, but I'm sure the cuddles were the best part of the day. Hope the van repairs stick!


                  TN - So glad you've found a way to turn over without pain. I remember those days, and I'm sure they're coming again soon. Our hospitals are the same way, though at the last hospital I delivered at, they had alternative birthing rooms that if you were so lucky (I was not with the induction) if there wasn't a busy period, you could stay there for the postpartum period too. Queen bed, mini fridge, etc. Otherwise the regular postpartum rooms were kind of a closet. The hospital I'm using this time has waaaay nicer rooms, both for delivery and postpartum.


                  Mann - Yay for an uneventful week! As for workouts, I did the Shred last time, and I got a ballet workout DVD (well, getting it today). I'll let you know how that goes. Should be good for pregnancy and postpartum.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    TN:  So glad you found a way to turn over that is easier on you.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester.  If you think the forceps look scary, you should see a video I have of them actually being inserted and used.  It looks downright torturous!  I call them the salad spoons... I think Bill Cosby also called them salad spoons.  Sorry if I scared anyone.  I hope no one here needs forceps assistance at their birth.


                    Mann:  I wasn't terribly uncomfortable in my other pregnancies.  I've always had good pregnancies.  I just feel so much better this time, and it's awesome.  I'm sure you are feeling good and experiencing less discomfort than your girlfriends because of the exercise.  That's my super-scientific opinion.  Ha ha!  For workout DVDs I'm really liking the Perfect Pregnancy Workout Sculpting and I just received the Yoga volume.  I have previewed it, and  I'm excited to give it a try.  It looks fast-paced enough to keep my interest, and not super hokey-spiritual like some yoga DVDs I've seen.  There is one out there with some lady in a turban who spends what seems like an hour talking about the breath, and she's really gets into the spiritual aspects of yoga.  I felt pretty weirded out by that.  The PPW Yoga is good, without being hokey.  If any of the positions are unfamiliar, a visit with an instructor at the gym should clear up any confusion.  I like videos that are designed for pregnant women when I'm pregnant.  I am searching for a step-aerobic video to add to my collection, so if anyone knows of a good one, let me know.


                    schmett:  Great job on the walk.  I like using an online pregnancy ticker to help me remember how far along I am.  I also write the weeks on my calendar so that I can check at a quick glance, because it is easy to lose track!  Don't send your weather out west, please.  I'm tired of winter.




                    ER:  Had a pretty good swim.  Only got a little scared once when I accidentally swallowed some water, and had to stop to cough and sputter for a few seconds.  Also got some up my nose once, and got through it without stopping.  Towards the end of my whopping 21 minutes of swimming, I was getting very tired, and losing what little bit of good form I have in the water.  I feel good that I did my swim, though, and I know the more I'm in the water, the easier it is for me to swim.  Looking forward to my walk later today.  Smile  I like being on land.


                    NPGR:  The van started rough this morning, but I got it going, and it got me and my sons where we needed to go this morning.  I have a lot of taxiiing of kids this afternoon, so I hope it works.  S has a church activity from 3:30 to 4:30.  K & M  have swim practice from 4:00 to 6:00.  A needs to be at work at 4:00, and he stays until closing.  G has a church activity from 4:30 to 5:30.  I am thinking everyone will pile into the van at 3:00, and some will be early to their activities, or everyone will end up late.  My walk will probably happen when I pick up the swim team kids.  They get out of the pool at 6:00, but usually take some time getting showered, so that'll be my opportunity.  Thank goodness the gym has a drop-off daycare for my younger ones, or I would kiss the walk goodbye!  Is my afternoon enough to make your heads spin?  Ha ha!  As long as I feel in control of the day, I'm fine with it being busy.  If anyone changes my plans on me, that's when I start getting really cranky about it.

                    MA runner girl

                      Mann - I did p90x 2 years ago when I was coming back to running after injury and had some extra time on my hands. I really liked it and definitely could see differences in my body, but I don't see myself having time for the whole thing. I also have done shred in the past and that's good too for a quick workout. I did random yoga videos on demand too, which are good and free!


                      Schmetterling - Ha, can't wiat for that weather to get here tonight/tomorrow. Though ours is supposed to start as snow and turn into the freezing rain/rain mess.


                      Laura - I'm super impressed you can keep all that straight! Do you have a huge calendar to write it all down in?? Smile

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                        MA - We are just taking the regular childbirth class- I don't think there are enough multiple births in the community to do a multiples-only class - DH enjoys editing all the materials to say "babies" instead of baby Smile We are getting the big SUV - probably picking it up on Thursday.  It's monstrous - I'll be parking in the back of  parking lots and spending a fortune to fill up the tank, soon.  Luckily, my commute is only about 2.5 miles each way, and daycare will hopefully be on the same block.


                        Mann - I had seen the forceps before, but never the vacuum - I had no idea it looked like a plastic child's toy...I have Ripped in 30, and I like it on non-running days for a quick morning workout - I like the quick circuits it has, as well as the mods to make it easier/harder. However, if you're in decent shape, it may be too easy.


                        schmett - I started losing track of what week I was on about then, too - now I've started counting down the weeks instead. Great job on the mall walk.


                        Laura - The dr. was telling me at the appt today that he is willing to do a breech extraction on Baby B if baby A is head down and my marginal previa resolves, and he basically said he would "reach in and pull her out by the ankles."  Sweet. I'm impressed you're able to keep track of that schedule - having that much stuff to plan and organize would probably stress me out to the max.


                        Update on my ob appt - only gained .3 lbs, everything looks fine, except OB has decided since I am a ginormously tall and have loose ligaments and long fingers (which to me just seem in proportion to all the long rest of me), along with a heart murmer, which isn't uncommon in pg I guess?  that I should be screened for Marfan Syndrome, which can cause aneurysms, especially in pregnancy.  He consulted the cardiologist, who agreed - so I'm headed in on Friday for an echocardiogram. He isn't particularly worried that I have it, since I come from a tall family, but he said he'd rather be cautious, which is okay with me. Marfan's can be inherited or can occur spontaneously, so now I do get to worry that I've passed it on to my unborn if I do appear to have it.  Awesome.