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    Rocky- It sucks being the biter's mom! R bit Sophie at daycare pretty hard one day and I felt awful. He's mostly fights with her and my hairdresser's son and she is two and he is 3 LOL. He did mush one of the twin babies face and steal a toy one time too, I have to be really careful to keep R's nails trimmed.

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      Plank – measly 22 seconds yesterday but I was busted from hills. My core was all sore from running. That’s gotta be good right?


      zorbs – what colour are your nails today? 8m of hills sounds worse as that would be at least another 30 mins on top of what I ran. I am so impressed with your shopping. Very organized missy.


      Rg – jealous you get to LR solo. Jealous you have a helpful mom. Jealous you get to run solo. Period. Enjoy a little bit of it for me… nice times too on fb. Thanks for posting!


      Jen – it is 77 outside right now. It was raining quite hard this morning but it has cleared. I don’t mind the rain as long as it is warm. Still shorts and short t-shirt weather. Women are still running in bra tops. Do the LR today! Any chance you can skip out of work earlier?


      Cm – love your pity party for 1 – well I am sorry that you are having a pity party, but it was funny to read in a sweet way. You have my full support in your pity party. More pity from me to you to add to your party. Hugs x


      Mer – hope your 8th grader gets with the programme and gets her butt into gear. I asked my coach about pooping on the run. She pooped into a pringle container once (she was in a very posh residential area and there was no where to go). I cried laughing.


      Cx2 – nice on the 8fm. I have done 3. What is your pr?


      Shelby – I am very impressed you are posting on your moving date! Hope your babe travels well and doesn’t vomit/poop whilst you have your hands full. Maybe we can get my coach out to the states and she can do a supermom series of booster sessions in a weekend…


      Mrszm – hope you get a nice oven. I am really fussy about things like that and know exactly what I like.


      Izzie – welcome! my DH is from Denver. Nice on the pg! How are you feeling?


      CA – enjoy chiro (can I say that?) I think of you often as I have your thank you card by my back door and it makes me smile every time I come in and out of the house.


      Spike – nice running plans! Jealous you get to run with your dad watching ds. Sigh for having no parents… pity party for me. Hope R is feeling better soon. I had no idea about the chili but I am the queen of following a recipe.


      Rocky – glad you got your pic. Got any cooking plans for the weekend?

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      Honorary Old

        Bermy- I'll probably just run with R in the stroller before I go to dad's (Since R wakes at 6 am anyways), they aren't very supportive of my running. Dad has had 2 heart attacks and 5 stents in his arteries, and I'm the crazy one for running and being thin.

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          Rocky - I would so love to do a daycare stake out too.  LOL!  


          Zorbs - Yes...that is policy because your right..I might accidentally trip or push the other mother...LOL  No I wouldn't because I can totally see J biting, hitting, kicking another kid in the near future... after all, he has my temperSmile


            Bermy - I wish I could skip out early but I am a teacher and have kids in my room straight until the end of the day. I wish DH could leave early to get J but he is in a meeting and mostly will be late coming home...ugh.  Doesn't look good for a LR tonight.  I am very JEALOUS of your weather.  I am considering running in shorts after school because it is 45 and sunny!!!  WOOOHOOO


              Jen - ooohhh I just had an idea. Take a photo of the bite mark and then go and inspect all the kids with teeth that match up. I can run in shorts here all year round. Lucky I know.


              Spike - ok, I am sorry that you don't get help too. What are you cooking this weekend?

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              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                zorbs - M has Nikes also, they were the only shoes I found that were her size at the outlets - the saucony store didn't have any toddler size kinvaras.

                bermy - yowsers on the massive hill run, props to you! I'm getting scared and excited for 'real' training... so far I'm mostly been just running to get my body back used to itself.

                RG - UGHHHH on the biting! Sooooo frustrating. I hope the daycare will be able to stop it! I hope you can get your LR in before the weather turns bad!

                CM - I like hill repeats also! Makes me feel bad ass. Do you bathe her every night? M gets a bath just 1-2 times a week, she loves those nights though. Hope C feels better!

                mer - So nice of you to run with the 8th grader! I love dinner leftovers for lunch!

                cx2 - the 10 minute car nap is the WORST!! Booo on work's bad communication - I'm not checking my work email at all.

                shel - poor DS! I hope he feels better. Good luck with the moving.

                mzm - holy cow on the baby sleep! Wasn't it you that posted about another massive baby sleep last week? I'd never let my DH choose our oven!! I have a double and LOVE it!

                izzie - welcome! I have two DD's one is 3 mos, the other 2.5 years. Do you know what #2 is?

                spike - I hope you get your run in today/tomorrow!

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                Honorary Old

                  I'm so sick over the school shooting. What a sick fuck to attack innocent children. Hits close to home since there was a school shooting in my town when I was in the 5th grade that killed I think 6 people.

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                    Bermy - cooking related:


                    Tonight: turkey meatloaf, broccoli & baked potatoes.  Might sneak some shredded carrots in, lol.


                    Tomorrow: Leftovers & friend's holiday party


                    Sunday Breakfast: Quiche with whatever veggie and cheese leftovers we have.  Likely onion, swiss and spinach. 


                    Sunday Lunch: Not sure.  Looking on Skinnytaste for some inspiration.  I just need meals through Wednesday as MIL is coming and the meal planning involves her when she's here so I'm sort of at a standstill until she gets here.  I'm hoping DH and her don't go crazy.  I'm dying for some pan fried fish though, or shrimp quesadillas. 


                    What are you making?!


                    I have to say all our talk about food and meals really inspires me to cook for my family instead of take-out or easy canned stuff.  So seriously, thank you! 


                    Does anyone make a good broccoli potato cheddar soup?  That is completely sodium or fat laden?  We have some potatoes to use up and thoguht that sounded good.  I have a potato leek recipe that DH makes so I could do that too.


                    Honorary Old

                      Bermy- I think I'll make Meatballs tonight since R likes those and I already did something Mexican this week. No cooking tomorrow since I'll be at my dads, and not sure about Sunday. I need to eat more vegetables, for sure!

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