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Weary Wednesday Supermoms (Read 28 times)


    shelby - Ugh....so sorry about the added stress.  I pray that the make up assignment isn't too much.  But at least they are giving you that option.


    zorbs - How can you function on that little of sleep?


      Zorbs: how do you do it on so little sleep?  I think I get more in one night than you get in two nights.  Do you nap?


      Uphill:  Your thoughts were mine exactly.  This guy is someone I met in college when I dated his friend (who is now married).  We ran into each other again a couple years ago at a race.  We only see each other at races so we aren't really good friends or anything.  I will just talk to DH.  LIke you said I wouldn't like it if Jon went surfing with a girl. Although he does do music stuff with a girl but that's a little different bc he needed  a girl voice for the songs.  I  need to do a long run Sunday for Boston so I'm not sure a trail run is a good idea on Saturday anyway.  Have you heard of the Born to Run race series?  My partner Karen is trying to get me to do the 50k. She claims its easy and should be no problem because I will be in good shape from Boston.

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      beskirted & manicured

        arm - B has a vibrating toothbrush and when it is on, it pisses him off even more.


        jmm - see I am cool with letting B just chew on the brush and suck off the toothpaste, but DH is adamant that B get his teeth brushed PROPERLY and insists on the headlock every night.  Now DH is even more adamant because the dentist kept stressing how important toothbrushing was.


        becky - I am a little apprehensive about taking B to the dentist, because I remember when she was training with me, she'd bitch about how annoying the little kid patients were.


        shelby - I don't mind getting my teeth cleaned, but DH REALLY LOVES it.  He has told me many times about a particular hygienist who would smoosh his head in her cleavage while cleaning... (this was before we got married)


        spike - I never do the headlock when I have to put B to bed myself, i don't think it is worth the battle to have him all riled up before bedtime.


        rocky - see my reply to becky.


        uphill - I keep putting it off because we have no insurance and would have to pay out of pocket.


        jen - I'm so used to not sleeping that it doesn't bother me in the least.  I also nap every day for a couple hours.

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          rocky/uphill- Nope, nearest indoor pool for lap swimming is a 30 minute drive Sad


          rocky- right now R has *just* enough clothes, about 75% are from MIL and the rest are cheapie Walmart/Resale store/handmedowns. I have a big bin of handmedowns that I need to sort through and pull out the 24 mos stuff before we move. MIL wanted to take me to Crave- she really wants me to come down for Restaurants week but I just can't swing it right now.


          Jen- Well, just drink lots of pepto and 7up. That helped me. Sorry! Its a pretty mild bug and I felt better by lunch time yesterday.

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            zorbs - a hygienist complaining about a little kid client is like me complaining about middle-aged men in finance.  It's the field I went into, so suck it up buttercup!  Think how dull her day would be without the adrenaline rush of wrangling a kid for a cleaning.  you're doing her a favor.  and you have alcohol to take the edge off afterward :-)


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              Jmmiller- I had a guy I would run with occasionally, but he only wanted to go if my single RP was going. They are married now. Both me and DH were totally fine with it, but he was weird about being seen out running with a married lady.. small town rumors I guess.

              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                Jen - Nice run yesterday! Sorry about the upset stomach... my stomach was really upset when I went to bed last night but I'm fine today, so hopefully yours goes away quickly as well.


                Bermy - Wow, that's a full day of exercise + walking around at the zoo. You'll sleep well tonight! Unless the pushy kid is really picking on ds, I would go back to the play group. Kids that age always seem to be pushing each other and bonking each other in the head and don't mean anything by it. It would be nice if the playgroup was held somewhere with something softer than a tile floor, though.


                Cx2 - I hope your sister didn't give anyone strep either! I guess they didn't go directly on their honeymoon? Too bad C ends up being cranky whenever she sees the ILs, especially if they are so nice. I'm sure she will be happy to see them as she gets a bit older. S always cries around MIL, but MIL is a bit off, so I don't blame her Wink


                Mzm - Have a nice birthday dinner with your dad! I thought the third hunger games book started out kind of slow and boring, but now that they're getting into a bit of combat, it's exciting. I've heard so many people say they hated the ending, so I'm looking forward to reading on and finding out how it ends.


                Mer - Wow, that's a crazy pee from ds! No wonder he woke up. I go through phases where I have very vivid and sometimes disturbing dreams like that. It especially sucks if you wake up from one in the middle of the night and are too disturbed to fall back to sleep.


                Becky - Aw, so cute with the hug from ds! My DH loves to clomp in late at night and crash around the kitchen, too. I think I've become immune to the noise because it doesn't wake me as much anymore.


                CAR - Impressive stroller run! Hopefully O's early wakeups are just a phase and she's start sleeping in more for you. It's a long day when a kid is a awake before 6!


                Arm - The hide and seek sounds adorable. Ugh, hopefully you do not catch that sinus infection from your DH. There are so many nasty bugs going around right now.


                Jm - SIL's vacation plans sure don't sound relaxing. Are you planning to use the spaghetti squash as pasta? I'm always meaning to try that but haven't yet. As for your QOTD, I wouldn't find it weird at all to run with that guy. I ran with a male friend for awhile a couple of years ago and both of our spouses were fine with it.


                Shelby - I always think that cutting a bit more than planned on a cutback week will do no harm. You've been so busy, it will be nice to have an easy week of running and come back refreshed next week. Glad you are able to get that Mirena out soon. Hopefully it's quick and painless!


                Spike - Skipping your run yesterday was probably a good call - nothing worse than getting struck with bad stomach problems in the middle of a run. Love the t shirt idea!


                Uphill - Nice job with your swim! I'm hoping for good weather for your beach party! Good idea to do it away from home so you don't have so much cleanup to deal with.


                Rocky - Omg, your sandwich sounds delicious to me and I'm not pregnant! S has an outrageous amount of baby clothes because family and friends are constantly buying her things...probably upwards of 50 complete outfits. It's all good with me...we've hardly had to buy her anything and if I get behind on laundry it's no biggie.

                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                  jmiller - yeah totally depends.  if it were me, I would tell/ask my dh something like, "so-n-so wants to go trail running with me.  it'd just be the two of us.  I'd like to go.  do you have any reservations about it?" Or something like that.  My dh doesn't care if I go, but would care if I just went and didn't give me the details of the situation.  But that goes for anything.  If you think there is a hint of it being weird either with you and RP or you and DH then you should definitely bring it up/talk about it first.  Now, taking all those dynamics out of it, yes, I would run solo with a male RP if I felt comfortable doing so with that individual.


                    page 4! PAGE 4? ladies! how am I supposed to get back to you all now? I am gonna try but no promises....

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                      I did it! yes! Just got back from core class. DS is napping and then we have coaching session which will probably be grueling speed work. Went to cycling store. One of my former students works there so of course I came out with a whole pile of new socks, gels and other goodies for super cheap. Very exciting. Then I bumped into my coach and we went to lrs and pottered around whilst she tried on racing flats and I bought a running bra. very exciting shopping morning in bermuda for our handful of shops. I think a group of us are going to do a 15m race on Sunday from one end of the island to the middle. Of course I am going to do it with stroller as DH is in Nashville doing the walk-through of our house before closing.


                      Rg – thanks for the details of your hills – sounds great. So cute on snow.


                      Zorbs – if you glean any tips on brushing, then send them my way.


                      Ernie – yay on sttn! Enjoy your core workout – mine just about burned every single piece of ab muscle I have. Ooowwwwiiieee but ooowwwiiiee so good.


                      Jen – I don’t think it was your child at playgroup. It was a sweet looking blondie girl. Enjoy your run!


                      Cx2 – do you think C senses something about your ILs?


                      Mrszm – enjoy your meal out. Hope LO gets over his ear infection poor dude. And poor mama with all the unsettled kiddos. Pusher’s parent pushed the kid over and hurt them. Yeah, not cool. It made the kid more angry and then pushed them back.


                      Mer – tell your DH about your dream. I totally believe we dream for a reason. We didn’t have time for zoo – maybe tomorrow. It is so unsafe it’s too hilarious and enjoyable not to go though.


                      Becky – I should add that hotel bermy will do everything in its power to respect and support your weight loss goals. I am not saying I am running a biggest loser house or anything, but it’s not far from it on some days!


                      CA – yeah on tempos. Great job. Nice to be missed!


                      Arm – I might slip out of the playgroup scene for a bit. It’s frustrating and unnecessary. If you are still undecided about house then it’s not right!


                      Jm – qotd - was the guy hitting on you? Were you flattered to be asked?


                      Shelby – glad you had your lab thingy moved to next week. And glad you are getting your mirena out if you are not happy with it. You know you might be pg though right?!


                      Spike – our last haircut was so awful. D screamed for about 15 mins afterwards. I am going to find someone in Nashville who will work with me. The lady here in bermy just was not working with me, at all. That workout sounds lovely tonight. Tempo with stroller is very hard, but do your best and you will improve A LOT. GREAT job! Pusher’s parent pushed the kid over and hurt them. Yeah, not cool. It made the kid more angry and then pushed them back.


                      Uphill – so proud of you for going swimming. Sounds like your nausea is lightening up? No?


                      Rocky – how many weeks are you now?

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                        bermy - Ha, I have taken a number of pgr tests.  All negative...  Hopefully we don't get pgr when DH visits.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          shleby - even when you don't write a lot we are all here for you to 'reconnect' when you are ready. Talk to me about your pfitz plan - are you finding it challenging? I know you said you wanted something that pushed you to the next level. Is this it?

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                            Bermy: sounds like you had a fun shopping trip!  No he wasn't hitting on me.  His wife is much more attractive than me. Smile  I'm flattered he asked but not in the inappropriate way  in the way that he's a great runner so the fact that he thinks I can keep up is a nice feeling.

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