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THURSDAY DIVAS! (Read 20 times)


    Hi girls! Just a few quick personals from memory.


    MA - Hope baby comes soon!!!


    PO - I'm glad you'll be taking some time off. I can't imagine working and going through what you are. Hugs!


    Norcal - I am just getting an 18 and a 20 as well. I had originally called for 2 20s but I had to reevaluate as well! I missed 2 LRs due to weather and sickness. Oh well! I can't believe its ONE MONTH from today!!


    As far as showering and lunch workouts goes, i never do more than 30 minutes on the treadie and I hope in a quick shower at the gym right after. Its around the corner from my office. With changing both times and the short shower (I don't wash my hair then) I'm usually back right around an hour. I don't do it too often. Its not my favorite, but its the only way for me to get the run in sometimes!