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running eh

    rg - the whole family is going to Alabama, and MIL too.  SIL and BIL have one daughter almost 4.  The kids will have a great time together.


    cx2 - hope you survive the dinner tonight!  Do you often run the same route?  I almost always run from home, so my route is almost always the same - sometimes I do it one way and sometimes the other way.


    ernie - do you have a favourite jean?  I am quite thrifty, but decided that it is worth it to spend a bit more to get a great fitting jean.  The last pair I got I liked quite a lot, but now I am thinking it wasn't very practical - not sure that was a great purchase... As for my work, I have run after work in the morning occasionally (with Zorbs, actually!) but it's often not the best idea - it wakes me up too much or I don't have enough energy to put in a good workout.  We are going to AL for a week.  We will drive through the night on Friday and get there mid morning on Saturday.


    stroller - can't believe all that snow you are getting!  CRAZY!  That is sad about DS sitting in his cubby.  Does he cry for a while or does he get over it quickly?


    DS is being a pest - I'll try to get back later. - SORRY!!


      late to the party, but at least I am at the party


      RR: ran 2m today with running club. 2m! What a joke! I bloody hate taper. And now I have 2 days of rest. Sigh. I had just about taken my hoodie off and it was time to go back. I ran with my new RP and we chatted for a while afterwards. I had DS in stroller and we cruised 8 somethings. We are formulating a plan for track speedwork after the fm/hm is over. RP is running half. I am browsing hm plans with a ton of speedwork. I am thinking Brad Hudson hm plan level 3 although I wil need about a month to run recovered. Any tips on how long to take off before getting back on the hm horse after running a fm?


      NRR: getting hair done this afternoon. Colour, cut and straighten. Then DH, DS and I are off to our first hockey game - it will be my first professional sporting event in the US. I cannot tell you who is playing, or what type of hockey (presume ice) but I am excited nevertheless. I think we gave up the club tickets for regular tickets as the chances of DS sitting nicely in the club box was absolutely nil.


      NRR2: still sewing patching stuff like crazy. I try to put my feet up and rest a while.


      Bermy2: home help was awesome. She is coming back on Friday. She did some light cleaning for us today and the house looks great. My theory was that I would see if I could trust her with my home before I trust her with my family.


      FR: chili - made it whilst bermy2 was with DS for 20 mins, and I made meatballs for DS, steamed carrots and four portions of oatmeal for fridge. It is such a good feeling to have everything done.

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        zorbs- ya I smashed it into powder with a knife.


        Daycare sent R home due to fever. He went down for a nap a bit ago- I've been puttering. Making pulled pork in the oven as well as roasting two chickens to freeze. We grocery shopped and have been doing laundry/dishes like a madwoman. Gonna put tinfoil in our bedroom windows (because I'm classy like that) and hopefully clean the bathroom.

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          Bermy- I hate sports, but hockey is pretty entertaining to watch- I've been to a few games.

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            bermy - being canadian, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you'll enjoy hockey. The general rule of thumb (that works prett well for me) is 1 easy day per mile raced.

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              mzm- R only has one pair of jammies that are polyester, pretty much all of his clothes are 100% cotton. His big spots are on his hands/wrists, cheeks, elbows/knees, and a spot on his back where his shirt lifts up.

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                doh, just closed my whole post full of personals Sad  ack.


                spike/ernie - thanks for the sheet trick...


                Jen - also in addition to my other comments on the ergo, O was 5lb 9oz at birth and still was fine w/o the infant insert.


                bermy - Pfitz also has half plans in his 'road racing for serious runners' book.  I have no idea what they are like but a lot of serious FM'ers really like his plans.


                K sorry guys, I'm choosing a bath and not being stinky at the vacinne appt over retyping personals.

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                  Bermy: I'd wait at least a month after your marathon before racing a half. Probably two weeks before I'd start doing any speed work or tempo runs, just easy recovery paced runs until then. Lol on your taper comments, that will be me in a couple of short weeks. You're going to have such a great race, I'm so excited for you!!!


                  Spike: hope R is feeling ok!

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                    Bermy - I raced a 1/2 the weekend after the Boston Marathon in 2007...I won the 1/2.  It can be done depending on how sore you are...but maybe isn't the smartest since you should really allow your body to recover like rg said!