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    Morning ladies.... post them.


      RR: Only got in 8 miles yesterday, was supposed to be 11 but I was running short on time. However, M did get and the new route was a little bumpy for pushing M in certain areas, but I am so happy with it. Definitely doing it again.


      NRR: Baking cookies today about 6 dozen or so. I gotta send them to a friends hubby and one of our DIVAs who are overseas for the holiday. I know more people over there, but I can't make that many cookies...kinda sad.  Santa photos with M went well. She definitely got tired real quick. I really need to find a good photographer in the area and not a studio type of thing. But Now, I can make some xmas cards. I didn't send a few out already, but I will send you ladies a pic card too. Other than baking I am not sure what is on tap.  


      Have a great day. ladies

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies! Just happened to check over here, yay for a weekend post!


        RR: Rest day today, going to try for 6 tomorrow.


        NRR: Last night DH and I went out to dinner and then Christmas shopping. It was so nice to spend time like that together! We don't do it nearly enough. He's working all day today so I'm planning on cleaning up the house a bit and then baking some cookies. My mom is babysitting my nephew so I'll head over there at some point this afternoon. Haven't seen him in a few weeks so I can't wait!!!


        GSD - M's pics came out so cute! I swear every pic of me for my first 3 years of life is like her screaming one. He's a creepy looking guy! Smile Have fun baking cookies, I think it's such a sweet idea.


        Have a great weekend ladies!

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          Good morning weekend DIVAs!


          GSD- how nice of you to bake cookies for the overseas people! Ms pics were adorable! 


          MA- glad you had some time with DH last night! Have fun with your nephew today. How nice the cousins will be so close in age! I have a cousin 6 months younger than me, but all my close in age cousins are boys haha. 


          RR- I'm thinking 3 today. I think I picked a spring marathon! Gettysburg north south marathon April 28. It's the 150th anniversary of thebattle of Gettysburg in 2013 and DBF and I could combine it with battlefield tours and sightseeing oUt there. I love Gettysburg! And it's close to where I went to college so I could show DBF my favorite restaurants and stuff! I need to pick up my mileage a bit, haha. I might just to higdon novice with an eye to finishing (I read its a hilly course), just have fun, then go for a PR in the fall. 


          NRR- yea, never got back yesterday. It's crazy how much more work I have to do now! I'm planning to log on to work Sunday and do a few things. Today is cleaning, grocery shopping, and I'm having some friends over tonight for a little holidaY party. Just appetizers and desserts, but I still need to get all that stuff at the grocery and finish decorating. Oh and go to the wine store! I'd also like to look for a pair of red heels, haha. Not necessary, obviously, but we'll see if I have time!


          Happy Saturday! 


            Morning, ladies!


            RR: Slept in today, probably won't run until Monday. This week at work was exhausting.


            NRR: Getting the house organized (when it's not, it makes me anxious), and volunteering at an Adoptathon we're having at the humane society today. It should be a positive experience, seeing the dogs and cats going to their new homes. I'm feeling really really sad about those poor children in CT. 


              Hi girls, happy weekend!


              Gsd, great job with the pictures and thErun, yay for a new route! I second (3rd)? Bravo for baking for peeps overseas!


              Ma, sounds like a lovely evening and a good day! Enjoy your nephew time!


              Jewel, how exciting! And what a great area to explore! Farm and I are running a full in April in her statour and we are using the training plan in Train Like A Mother, it starts this Monday!  Can I come to your party?? Apps are my faves...and of course, you had me at "wine store" lol!


              I just ran 5.25 at the gym, trying to sweat out this awful cold ill C so sweetly shared with DP and I! Sticking close to home otherwise is weekend, lots of holiday finalization and hopefully getting pictures for the cards!


              Have a lovely weekend, DIVAs!


                Hey divas!


                RR: Between standing for three hours last night and Christmas shopping for a couple hours this morning, more shopping tonight... I'm calling that my workout. I feel like I'm getting really lazy, but my body is just sore.


                NRR: So I went to the Christmas party last night solo, which wasn't so bad. Ended up staying later than I thought I would. Had an early chiro appointment this morning, I think I need to go a bit more frequently as I definitely feel the extra weight I'm carrying in my belly! We made pancakes this morning and then went Christmas shopping. We started early enough that we got most of it done before traffic and crowds got completely crazy. Had a nice lunch out and now just chilling, thankful A is actually napping! We have to finish our shopping tonight (other than a couple gift cards DH will pick up Monday or Tuesday) since we're leaving on Thursday. Hopefully just chilling at home tomorrow. I still want to make more cookies, don't know if I will today or tomorrow.