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Marvelous Monday (Over 40) (Read 23 times)

    Great job ladies on your runs this weekend!


    Killing me to think of a treadmill since it's in upper 30's low 40's but I 'm pretty sure that the streets I'd run on are flooded.  Snow plus rain means that in these parts and not always sidewalks possible.



    LC Runs



      Hi Lisa - I'll be on TM too, we have ice everywhere, ugh.


      Mighty Mouse

        Friday the roads were getting slippery so I went directly home after work to do my 50 minutes of cardio DVD. My endurance is getting better.

        Saturday was SDO but I also walked for several hours.

        Sunday was a 50 minute track run. Part of that was slow running with a friend for me because I have been encouraging a friend to walk the track often. When I got home I did a 50 minute cardio DVD. At least 10 minutes of that is running so I am going to start amending my running log to show same. It's about time I take credit for it. Smile

        Today will be a regular track run hopefully.

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


        LC Runs

          4 TM miles w/intervals, followed by some weights.


          Judy - nice Sunday workout.  I just bought an ab workout DVD for my oldest DD, hoping she will let me work out with her lol

          Bad Ass

            Morning!  Sorry for being MIA yesterday but after my LR I was not feeling my best and I spent the afternoon on the sofa.  Today I have a recovery run and weights.


            Lisa, enjoy the TM run.


            LC Runs, nice run and weights.


            judyruns, hope the track is nice and dry for you to run.



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


              Morning Ladies!


              LisaMMR/LCruns - For sure a TM day in Michigan....crazy!  The wind is now gusting here!


              Judy - Yes, you must take credit where credit is due!!!


              Damarias - Sorry you didn't feel good after your LR Sad  Hope all is better today.


              Halfway thru and after had hip pain yesterday, never have had that before...feels better today.  I believe will be a yoga/rest day forme today1




                It's been raining a lot here with flood watches. I got in another  4 yesterday after the golf course run-slow and easy..

                Lisa, I'll be at the gym  today, too. 4 on schedule.

                Judy, productive weekend for you!

                Laura, thanks for sharing about Jenny/learned foot.  Really sad news.  A couple of us did the Equinox in her honor one year.  Which forum does she post in  now?

                Marjorie, great 23 miler.  You are amazing!

                Carol, my arrythmias seem only to happen with exercise.  Nice 12!

                Gatsby,  glad to see you are turning the corner!  Hope you continue to get better.

                Have a great day, ladies!

                  Walked out with gym bag... in the 40's and couldn't do it.  Changed and headed out on sidewalks. 7.75 miles. Sometime ice skating, sometimes ankle deep puddles, sometimes slush, sometimes dryish pavement, sometimes snow covered grass when I could see the puddles/ice/slush and had the option.  Sort of turned into speed work since I would go faster when I had good traction followed by tiptoeing or jumping when I didn't.  Oh well. Followed by gusty winds and temperatures dropping.  This is why i have a gym membership.  Will use it tomorrow.



                  Never been one to make the best choices. LOL




                    Hi ladies-


                    I got in 6.3 miles this morning. It was cloudy and misty but not too cold. I'm cold now, though, because I didn't get out of my sweaty gear fast enough - the graphic designer I work with was calling as I walked through the door, and I wound up on the phone with her. I HATE being chilled!


                    Karen - I love the pic from your race. I agree with whoever said that you look pretty fantastic if the pic is from after the race!


                    Lisa - sounds like an interesting run, but I don't blame you for choosing it over the TM.


                    Damaris - hope you are feeling better today.


                    Judy - you should definitely take the credit! For a long time I didn't count runs with my kids in my running log, but starting this year I am. I figure I'm out there running, so it should count!


                    Laura - yuck on the ice.


                    Carol - hope the hip is improved. Does it hurt in the front or on the outside? My hip flexors can get really sore on  my long runs.


                    Camille - I am currently reading the RW article on Mt. Marathon. I have to say, I'm glad I don't have the gene, or the temperament, or whatever it is that drives folks to undertake dangerous activities. And even more glad my DH doesn't have it!


                    Off to get some work done. DH is working from home today and it's throwing my whole mojo off! Big grin Have a great day-



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                    Run to live; live to run

                      10.5 for me in the rain.  Some miles were rainless.  It is pouring now so I'm glad I actually ran much earlier.  We have huge puddles of water in our yard so it has rained a lot.  Hope my flight is on time today.  Off to ATL.  At least no connections.


                      Lisa I bet you are flooded. Obsticle course run it sounds like for you.


                      Judy Be careful on those slippery streets!


                      Laura what ab DVD did you get?


                      Damaris hope you are feeling better.  Get rid of that chest congestion before your race this weekend!


                      Carol  boo to the hip pain.  I get it from time to time.  I just have to stretch it a lot for it to go away.


                      Gatsby I think dropping down to the half is a good idea.


                      Cindy I'm with you on hating to be chille

                      amille she is on Beginners and beyond Forum here.  Remember all this is a secret and even though she is not on WF




                        Lisa, a swim/run duathlon is not a good idea with the temps where they are. Nasty dirty water, too. Sorry you are confined to the TM. *edit* cheers for you for going outside!


                        Loved all the reports this weekend, sorry I wasn't on at all (very busy weekend and barely got online).


                        Careful with the ice, all you ladies running in icy conditions!


                        Julie, why only walking during an athletic event? Do they think people are going to shake plaster off the ceiling on the people watching the game?


                        Linda, understand it's not a good idea to race every weekend, but I wish you could make it! Maybe another time. And I'd love to hear the story of the unplanned landing.


                        Damaris, sorry you are not feeling well.


                        Laura, thanks for the update on Jenny, I don't know her well but I have always admired her patience iwth the beginners and her willingness to offer advice and support. I am sorry to hear her cancer has recurred.


                        Marjorie, thanks for the warning. I'll keep quiet.


                        Camille and Cindy, read the Mt. Marathon article. Wow. Poor man, and his poor family waiting and then searching and wondering and finally coming to the awful realization that he was likely never going to be found. And by now there may not be any traces left so nobody may ever know what happened.


                        I did manage to get 12 in on Saturday and 6.5 in yesterday -- I think on the 6.5 -- it was on a trail that isn't really mapped. Not like Linda's, because this one is on national forest land (though it takes a bit of work to get there and you have to know where the trail starts, down a dirt road with some houses on it) rather than private land.  No run this morning because I took Sis to the airport, and none at lunch since I'm leaving early. But I expect to get a run in before dinner.


                        Happy runs and stay warm!



                          And thanks for the pictures, especially Lisa and Karen! Amazing to think that the two races were in the same country...one in desert with not a snowflake in sight, the other in the forest with snow aplenty.

                            Dawned on me who you were talking about from Beginners. We met her when we did Flying Pig. Sad and will send strength her way.


                            Tessa-looking at pic of Karen standing there in the dessert made me think the same thing. LOL... Don't think she was standing in cake... let's make that desert. Now you all KNOW what my status update is going to be when picking up packet for Labor of Love. Or can guess.  I do think of you wanting to run in the snow.


                            Wind is HOWLING out there now.  Glad it wasn't that bad earlier.


                            Working from home while waiting for dryer to be dropped off.



                            Anonymous Guest


                              Morning all,

                              Just wanted to share with you about our keynote speaker this morning. Her name is Alison Levine and she has climbed all the major mountains. She attempted Mt. Everest in 2002 and had to turn back within 200 feet of the summit because of weather. She said she didn't plan on going back, but a very good friend of hers was asking her about it in 2009, and died shortly after due to complications from the flu. Her friend that died was an avid soccer player and after she died people all over the world started doing athletic events and dedicating them to her. So she went back in 2010 and reached the summit in honor of her friend Meg. I got chills, as I had run the 50K for Karnel, and thinking about all of us and all the others running events in honor of Karnel. What an amazing coincidence to hear that story during our own Amazing Events.


                              Trying to keep up with what's going on with all of you, but no time for personals. I will answer that yes, that picture was taken after the race. I have always said that I have the gift of looking "fresh" when I'm about to pass out from exhaustion - people have started talking to me late in marathons saying so, when I feel like I can't take another step. It's not that I feel good at all, but I apparently hide it well! When I got back to the hotel, I ran into a couple coworkers and I guess I looked pretty beat by then. Feeling back to normal today, and if my board meeting this afternoon gets out early, I'm going to try to get out and run on the mountain right behind my hotel later today.


                              Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                              Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                                Lisa - I also meant to say that I loved the pictures you posted this weekend. As for Jenny, was she the girl that lived nearby and was there at dinner with her husband and daughters?



                                2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5