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Fire Jumper

    Hi ladies!


    Got my 5 in.... woo hoo!  It felt pretty good.  I looked at my splits, and they were pretty darned steady, as was my heart rate.


    My "the ole chick still has it moment" was pretty fun.... Two young ladies, college students, were running a lap, doing some core, running a lap doing some core.  So, I would pass them when they had stopped to do core.  After about 1/2 hour, they started struggling with thinking of new core things to do.  I had made eye contact with them a few times and cheered them on in their work, so when I saw them struggling, I stopped and asked them if they wanted something new to do.  They eagerly agreed.  So, I jumped down on the floor, into pushup position... showed them a relatively intermediate partner exercise and got lots of "cool" and "wow" and "thanks!"   As I jumped up to finish my lap, they were eagerly trying their new exercise.  It was fun!!


    LC - glad the knee is cooperating


    Karen - yeh, DC is on the flat side too, right?    That might be a possibility.  Of course, right now, I would take up a "beginning" runner slot.  I understand those are the ones that tend to go first.   DWD looks like loads of fun.  I love the idea of "stupid" spots.  And I just can't think of anything more fun than pulling myself out of chest deep mud... LOL


    Marjorie - nice 10.5!   And ooohhh... new appliances!  I love shopping for appliances (I like office supplies too... go figure!).


    Damaris - oh my goodness... running in South Beach sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.


    Lisa - besides the obstacle runs, I've never actually tried trail running.   I guess I'm going to have to try to find runnable trails and give it a shot.  I'm sure open to it!


    Gastby - great 9!  Glad to hear that you are back to running and feeling stronger all the time.  awesome!  And the date was nice.  Food was good, but the company was better.  Love my guy!


    Ginny - if you're thinking that the seasonal stuff gets you (this is prime time for those of us in the northern half of the country), you may want to check it out with you Dr.   Mood disorders (such as Seasonal Affective Disorder) can seriously impact our abilities to function well.  There is treatment that can make the winters not so bad.  There's no need to suffer when there are effective treatments!


    Camille - Sorry about the med interactions with your mom.  That's always scary.   I don't think I knew that your DH had died with a blood cancer.     I lost my Mom to AML.  I will be running the Freihoffer's Women's 5K in her honor.   One of the training options was with TNT.  But, we're too rural to have a coach out here.   As for the Leukemia - I have a tat on my shoulder of three peacock feathers (my maiden name is Peacock), gathered with an orange ribbon (Leukemia awareness) in Mom's memory.  I'm hoping that the weather will be good enough for me to wear a racing tank so that I can show the tat during the race.


    Be well, all!  Have a great Sunday!


    5K's and Obstacle Runs

    Goal for 2013:  10K


    Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



      Okay, someone give me a high-5!  I did it, I braved the snow and cold and went out and ran my 6!  I have to say it was another good run and I am so thankful.  I am going to do what Lisa did last week .....a few steps out the door, "ouch my knee hurts"  , a little further and I got that brain freeze thing again in my shoulders and am thinking "crap, I just want to go home"  kept going and realized my pace was picking up some and about mile 3 am thinking "hey maybe I can do 6 today"  Yep, you never do think to yourself when you are done "gee I am sorry I did that"  never happens.  Yay, I feel like I actually accomplished something even though it was only 6 miles.  Actually, it was very pleasant outside, there was snow, but not much and I did not slip or slide at all, stayed in the streets for the most part, there was a light, fluffy snow falling the whole time and, I have to admit, it was pretty.   BUT.......I still want it to stop!


      camille....need lots of work on my teeth, getting 2 wisdom teeth out soon and need a couple crowns and bridges, but I am going to do it.  I do have dental insurance and I also have AFLAC for dental and it ends up I will not be too terribly expensive for me, the pain is almost gone now. As far as the seasonal disorder, I feel I function alright, Iam just grouchy a lot!





      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

      LC Runs

        Good Morning Ladies!


        5.7 outside miles, thank goodness. Cold, but sun is shining and I had my new running pants and shirt to use Smile


        Julie - that it so great about the students!


        Ginny - great job!  I am with you on this weather, ugh.  My mom was complaining about 60 degrees in Florida; since she's there for the month of March, I told her it would soon warm up and to not complain to me, stuck here in this dreadful state lol.


        Hi Gatsby, Tessa, Damaris, Lisa, Karen, Marjorie, Camille...I'm trying to remember page 1 ha ha


        Ended up going out last night with some girlfriends for a Trivia Night fundraiser, it was great fun.  We were in 4th place for awhile, until the "sports" category, lol.  Ended up somewhere in the middle of the pack Smile  I was glad they asked me to join in, being divorced from a prominent family in a small town is not easy.


        The BF and I are going to see "Over 21" today, I love raunchy comedies!


        Thanks for all of your kind words about my job, I'll know more about the Saturday work thing this week, my supervisor sent an email to coordinate a lunch meeting with the 3 case managers and mentioned "finding 8-5 coverage 5-6 days a week".  Stupid job Roll eyes


        Fire Jumper

          Okay, someone give me a high-5!  I did it, I braved the snow and cold and went out and ran my 6!  I have to say it was another good run and I am so thankful.  


          Hi 5..... AND a happy dance for you!!  Big grin


          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


            Checking in from work before a meeting...  fortunately I don't think I need to be here all day though.  Going to head out for a short trail run on the way home later.


            Camille, that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for about coaches, thanks!  Like you, I'm a social runner and I enjoy doing races for fun (with one race usually more of a "goal" race), so I'll be sure to discuss that up front.  I'm not sure whether personal meetings will be more effective for me than on-line coaching -- if I have a plan, I'm pretty good at following it, but I do find personal interaction very motivating.  Something to think about for sure.  I do know someone else who is being coached by my friend and it's working well for her, which is sort of how the seed got planted about hiring him.  I'll talk to her about about her experience and his coaching style/philosophy, that's a good idea.


            Ginny, high 5 from me too!  Sometimes the hardest part is getting out the door.  I find that I never regret having gone for a run but usually DO regret it when I don't.


            LC, hope you enjoyed the new running clothes.  I get more excited about new running clothes than "normal" clothes, even though I really have an excuse to buy more.  Trivia night sounds fun.  My coup at a recent work trivia contest was knowing the movie "Waiting for Sugarman."  Not that I see movies very often but I like reading about them.


            JulieD, I love those "the old chick still has it" moments!  Like the rare time I manage to pass some young whippersnapper during a race after they've gone out too fast like the proverbial hare while I'm chugging along like a slow and steady tortoise.


            Uh oh, work is calling.  Hope you're all having a great day!  Back later.

              Ginny=way to go!  Awesome.


              I am also ready for increased temps.  Sun is out and the 14.7 were fine but would be nice to have more than eyelids and bridge of nose exposed. Ice hopping run for me.. in the sun!




              Run to live; live to run

                I did 23.7 miles.  Was a good run.  A bit chilly when I started but overall it was good.  I ditched my gloves at mile 9 and had to stop for a quick pee break at 11.5.


                Ginny sorry the weather gets you so down.


                Camille good words on the coach.  Not every coach fits every runner, that is for sure.



                Run to live; live to run

                  Page 2.


                  Ginny high 5!  Good for you getting out there.


                  Julie nice!  Core meistrer would be proud.


                  Laura/Lisa spring is coming!  Nice runs.


                  Gatsby boo to having to work.  Hope it goes fast.


                  Bad Ass

                    Hi!  My hip and back were still sore this morning, but a run through technical trails was what the body needed.  Say what?  Did 1.5 loops at the technical trail with my friends from the Florida Ultra Runners.  Too bad they are smoking fast and I was running alone, but running through the woods is very relaxing.  Even without music.


                    Gatsby, thanks for the get well wishes.  Hoping you didn't get to the office today.  Edit: sorry you had to work today.


                    Ginny, hope your weather improves.


                    camille, a hands on (uncanned) coach is a great tool, IMO.  I agree.


                    Julie, yay for getting your 5!


                    LC Runs, sounds like your weekend has been full of fun.  How was the movie?


                    Marjorie, awesome run.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      I want spring to come. 

                      I'm tired of seeing ice fisherman and snow mobiles when out running.  I'm tired of the bottom of my balaclava freezing and becoming hard.  I'm tired of keeping my liquids and gels from freezing. Tired of trading off frozen eyes, sunglasses/glasses, frozen nose, breathing sub-freezing air, and fogged up glasses.  I'm tired of washing mountain of run clothes... from one run. Tired of running with back clenched in case of ice slips. Tired of applying Vaseline to my cheeks to protect them.


                      I swear to NEVER complain about it being too hot.  Or having to apply sun screen. 



                        I got in 5.8 on the way home from work since I actually remembered to bring my running clothes with me this morning.  Yay me.


                        Lisa, you won't see ice fisherman in California.  You need to schedule your visits to Mountain View during the winter months.


                        Demaris, glad the trail run went well.  You're probably using your muscles in slightly different ways when running on a technical trail so the hip got a bit of a break.


                        Marjorie, nice 23+!  My weekly mileage wasn't much more than that, ha ha.


                        Hi to everyone and have a great week.



                          Lisa, come on out. Do a full in 85 degree weather. Then tell us how much you want it to get warmer. NOT. Yes, that was the story yesterday. 44 at the start. RD said "ooh, how nice, this is lovely". Easy for him to say. He wasn't doing the race! It was nice at first, but it got hotter and hotter. By mile 15 we were miserable. At 16 the guy running the aid station at 17 had sent out some of the aid station folk to provide more water. (Good move.) At mile 19 we were blisteringly hot and complaining loudly. And at the aid station at 22 they told us "drink up, this is the last one, the one at 24 ran out of water so it's closed down." And they were right. I was so glad I had carried a water bottle rather than relying on the water stations. Running neighbour had brought her camelback and she was even happier. Mind you, she won her (our) AG and placed second overall, so she was REALLY happy. And I saw a bald eagle so I was happy. 5:30 or so for me. I wasn't running fast or pushing for any great time, I just wanted to get out and have an enjoyable run. Ginny, glad you had such a good run! Lisa, promise I will never do that race. Funny how little mention there is of the actual race on the website vs. information about schwag and VIP parking and so forth. Julie, "the old chick still has it" moment was funny. Sounds like that e.e. cummings poem about the cat mehitabel: "there's a dance in the old dame yet". And on relays, sometimes you can get in at the last minute because a team is looking for a replacement. That's especially true for women because if a team is coed they need so many women or else they have to compete in the men's division. Hello everyone! sorry I'm so late checking in. It was a busy weekend!