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    RG - bummer that you and DH will have such opposite schedules! I guess it works well for childcare though.

    zorbs - lol @ the twinging ass. Mine is tight also.

    ernie - LMAO on the ghetto car.

    bermy - I'm thinking I need to do some yoga also, they have some at the gym, so maybe some morning this week the girls can chill in childcare while I yogi Smile The adult study was a video series that we just decided wasn't really our thing - last night the guy was saying that women shouldn't be church elders (which I think is BS)... We aren't as focused these days w/ all the kids running around. Our main point is to hang out and be friends and eat, so we're pretty succesful at that! PS - I love how you say tyre Smile Canada has lots of british leftover stuff so it's familiar. Running, I'm excited for a plan, but being cautious, I get injured so easily and my glutes have been tight... need that massage next week!

    eh - I'm liking the costco lists also! Oh and I also get cleaning supplies - but for laundry - if you use a natural detergent, costco.ca has a mega tub of Nellies laundry soda, it is almost a lifetime supply since you just use a tbsp per load.

    Jen - I really hope you and dh can get on the same page - so hard to do w/ him travelling so much. Does he ever travel anywhere interesting? Is there anyway you could tag along, or meet up somewhere fun for a weekend? Maybe a weekend or even a night to rekindle might help things. I give leftovers a week and then toss, that's what my mom always did and we all survived.

    simon - booo on work!

    mer - Magical messes sounds fun!! I love the name! I hope you get to go.

    mzm - babies always know when to surpise us with leaps ahead! Bummer on cancelling the ART!

    arm - most bike shops will fix a stroller tire pretty inexpensively, or if you google the size of inner tube it's pretty easy to do yourself.

    leela - good to see you here! I'm glad to be back in the swing of things also, and glad to be having some time to get the house back in a bit of order.

    cx2 - nice work getting up early! I think I'll start doing that as soon as the sun does Smile

    jm - wine club/book club sounds fun!!

    shel - I think strides are fine to do by time/feel. Sounds like a fun run!

    spike - woot wooot wooooot on your running!! 20 mpw is awesome. I like vegas, but just for a few days, I am not into the gambling and all the naughty stuff but still have fun there.

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    running eh

      CA - I am going to be looking for the Nellies!  I really like that stuff.


        bermy - I don't necessarily, but sometimes it would be nice to do those long runs with someone.  One of the girls that ran the same half as me is running a full next month so we may run together a couple times.