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Happy Friday Supermoms (Read 30 times)


    Okie dokie, I'm ready to roll again!


    RG:  What?  Its February and you still have gift cards left Smile  Awesome job on your run yesterday, you are a rockstar!


    Zorbs:  I don't think I would survive without coffee or Mt. Dew.  I hope you get some rest and feel back to yourself soon!  That would be trippy about the lights.  I don't like the dark so DH is forever turning the lights out after I go to sleep.  C is the opposite, he wants them off all the time.


    Bermy:  Hooray for a stay at hotel Bermy!  I hope you have a wonderful trip.  C is used to be scared of the car wash as well.  Now he begs for us to go.


    Jen:  Wow, that's alot of travel for your DH!  Mine traveled often when he first took this job but now he's home almost every night.  Hope DS feels better soon, mine has the same thing.


    Mer:  HAHAHAHA, C loves lifting my dress to show off the booty.  Uh, no the people of Target do not appreciate that bud.


    Cx2:  Hooray for standing!!!!!  DH was told NOT to buy me flowers and did anyway.  At least it was a plant and not just cut flowers!


    Shelby:  Phew, glad you got the school thing straight!  Yep, I am pretty mushy about these supermoms too!  This is a pretty awesome group Smile


    MrsZM:  YAY for super speedy, send me some!


    Ugh, bossman is making me work right now - be back if I missed anyone......


      becky: our dog's birthday was on wednesday. dd1 is sad that now murphy is 6, but she is still 5. Sad


      Honorary Old

        RR: Probably more rest, this cold actually isn't too awful other than the horrible sinus headache, but I do feel it moving into my lungs now blech.


        TR: Had to go to a meeting at the Fire Dept last night and R thought he was a pretty cool guy watching Firefighter movies and looking at the truck. Was also impressed by getting to see two trains go by (FD is across the street from the tracks). This morning his daycare lady was out doing chores so I dropped him off and they tottered off to go feed sheep and look at the new lambs. So Cute!


        FR:  Last night was turkey spaghetti with some of that "hidden veggie" penne- it was good. Not feeling motivated to cook and I crave junk food when sick so I had McD's for breakfast for the first time in a couple months.


        NRR: 3 day weekend for President's day WOOT!  DH is working nights, so I will be going on playdates and spending time at the park to keep the house quiet for DH. I think my mom is coming over on Sunday night for dinner and to play with R and then I might drive down to my dad's on Monday.

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        Honorary Old

          runnergirl- good job on your MP run!


          zorbs- sorry about the headache. I'm the opposite of B- I want it so dark in my room that I can't see my hand in front of my face. DH's alarm clock and our digital thermostat emit light that makes me aaaaangry when I'm trying to sleep.


          Bermy- good luck at your physical. Be sure to tell the radiologist you are a runner- we tend to have longer lungs. I learned this from RP who had double pneumonia and they had to do her chest xray twice because they cut off the bottom of her lungs in the picture.


          Jen- I have the opposite problem, I get anxiety from my MIL being a clean freak. I feel like my house is never clean enough for them and she rearranges my stuff to the way *she* likes it. One time when they were staying over, I came home and they had replaced the toilet seat because they thought it was yucky.


          Mer- I hope you get a three day weekend too!


          cx2- R never scooted. He didn't crawl or walk until he could do it with perfect form. Every kid does their own thing, its so amusing to watch.


          shelbyjo- R loves smoothies, when I make one for me I put some in a strawcup with some milk and he exclaims "Mmmmm!!!" Glad they are working with you on making up the simulation.


          mzm- have fun shopping!


          armama- I always get weirdo aches and pains during taper.


          CA- mmm parmesan meatballs...


          Becky- Sorry you have to work so much this weekend.

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            Rg – I like seeing how your training is starting to crank up now! What is your marathon goal time? Sub 3.10 or go all out and sub 3?


            Zorbs – your TR reminds me of Bruce Almighty. That movie cracks me up. Hope that headache goes.


            Jen – yay for your DH coming home today! Has he always travelled or is this a new thing? I was thinking of your ttc journey and navigating through that if he travelled then would have been hard. Tell MIL to clean up or else!


            Mer – so funny on booty. I bet you still looked great with dress up.


            Cx2 – yesterday I thought of you as I ran in bra top. I thought wth as trail was empty. I think it’s because I am leaving that I don’t care who sees me now! Hope your little one finds some inner peace soon so as not to drive you too nutty.


            Shelby – well done for getting up and running. You are burning the candle at both ends! You have really supported me on supermoms so anything I can do in return is my way of saying thank you. Very exciting you have your DH home. Hope you can both workout together.


            Mrszm – too cute on braiding wet hair. I might try that on mine. You make me relaly wanna have a girl now!


            Arm – thanks for your sweet words. I am very excited for you and your half. Do you feel ready?


            CA – those meatballs sound delicious. Cute on your parents. I will be there tomorrow. I have never ever met anyone horrible in Nashville. I am sure there are horrible people but women stop me with the baby in the zoo, mall, trails to chat and make friends. Long may that last. Hope your parents see some Nashville hospitality.


            Becky – hope you can crank through your work this weekend. You are really helping your family and your son with what you are doing and teaching him work ethic too. Glad your DS likes car wash now maybe mine will grow to like it. The men operating it were a bit in his face and tattooed up the yinyang with gold teeth and I think that might have added to the scare factor.


            Spike – I couldn’t wait to post this funny story – so, I sold a Boppy pillow (that I never used anyway) on the second hand sales website. Chick was coming round at 9am to pick up and pay. I was out at 8.30am. I thought screw it, emailed her and told her it was outside in a bag and left an envelope and we had to rely on an honesty system. I came home and Boppy was gone and 30 bucks left in envelope. Score! And I didn’t have to stay in, wait around. Awesome. Only in Bermuda. I do have a large lung capacity from scuba diving, playing the flute, running and swimming. Good point!

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              Bermy- that's awesome! I might give in and have a yard sale when the weather is nice. DH and I realized that we need to figure out what we are going to do with his 1950 International pickup truck that he bought as a project truck and has been sitting in our driveway for 4 years, I don't think we will have a driveway at the new place, and we have covenants at the new house.

              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                Mer – Um…why were you lifting your dress to show DH your booty?  LOL.  Sorry about the stomach issues…Chinese sounds good though.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


                Ctimes – Glad C is moving…I don’t think there is a traditional way of moving any more.  She sounds like if she wants something she will go after it.  Glad you caught her though.  So nice of DH to get you flowers…you deserve them.


                Rg – Yay for marathon training.  I haven’t run one since 2009…I should think about it again but really don’t have that burning sensation YET.


                Shelby – Great job on running this am!!  Glad you made it to smoothie making and that H had fun.  Ugh to your simulation make-up.  But at least you can make it up and it isn’t too painful.  Have a great time with DH!!!


                Mrszm – Yay for the super speedy TM run.  Have fun with your sister tomorrow.  I am jealous…I need a girls shopping trip.  J is my only shopping buddy as DH despises the mall unless he NEEDS something and then he is a PITA to shop with.  YUMMO on your sandwiches!  Nope…DH did not have the dog talk and I am ticked about it but need to remember they are helping us out.  Yes, they are both retired.  Usually just MIL comes but the roads were bad so FIL drove her and they were excited to spend time with J.  DH should be home at 1:30 so they don’t have to wait until I get home.


                Arm – Yes, phantom pains are always a part of my tapers…they suck!  Sorry L was cranky…teeth?  I love the sun but hate seeing dust…hope you can get your house cleaned.  Yay for your parents coming on Sunday.  I am glad I am not the only one who stresses about my house and its cleanliness.  I took J to the doctor a bunch of times when he was first sick and it didn’t stop him from getting sick again…DaycareL


                CA – Yay for no more swaddle.  Yum I want some meatballs.  I hope you have a good run with RP.


                Becky – Boo to a busy working weekend.  I hope you can get a lot of things done so you can hit the big city another day.  Happy 8th birthday to your furry friendJ  How is the IT Band doing?  When is your last long run?


                Spike – I am glad your cold isn’t too bad but I hope it gets better soon.  Glad R had fun at the FD!  Enjoy your long weekend and visits with your parents.


                Bermy – Yes, he has always traveled.  During our first TTC adventure he had to schedule his travel around key datesJ


                  jen - Ask and thou shalt recieve.  DH wanted to see it.  It was V-Day, I could oblidge.  I'm sure it looked great with my pantyhose!


                  spike - No 3 day weekend for us.  Boo.  DH was saying we are supposed to get a storm next week so maybe a snow day...wishful thinking!  Have a great weekend with R.  I wish we lived closer, DH is gone all day Saturday, we could do a playdate!  McD's breakfast sounds amazingly delicious!


                  becky - I only wear dresses for P/.T conferences so that isn't something J could do when we are out.  He loves to lift my shirt and play with my belly button.  Me, I don't like it so much!  What mileage are you looking at for your LR?


                  mrszm - Yay for a speedy run.  That is always a great way to start the day.  DH warned me against General  Tso's but now I wish I would have gone for it.


                  armmama - Another belly button kid!  Ha!  Love having the sun coming in.  In our house it is the dog hair floating in the air too!


                  CAR - Your soup sounds delicious!  Your trip is going to come up really fast!

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                    Mer:  LOL, yeah not so much fun for us Smile  Looking at 18-20 tomorrow.  I am going to try and find a 10k loop so that if I need to bail, I'm not 10 miles away from my car. Either that or cut back this weekn and do a 20 miler next weekend.


                    Jen:  Still tight but not as painful.  This weekend was the last 20 miler but am thinking about moving it to next weekend.  Race is March 17th.


                    Bermy:  HA!  It think that might have scared me as well.  I hope we are teaching him good work ethic, I see so little of it in the workforce these days.  He loves coming down to the office with me and help stamps my copies/mail.


                    Spike:  When C comes to work with me, we eat lunch at an old train station next to the railroad tracks....he is usually in heaven!  Feel better soon!


                    Mrs.ZM:  Owen is 8, C is super jealous and wants to be 8 now too. Smile


                    Ok, back to page 1 since I know I missed CA and arm


                      CA:  Wow, C can still wear his 2's but they are a tad too short.  Just ordered him more 3s Smile  Thanks for the reminder, more hip exercises for me today as well!


                      Arm:  Our dog got into all the v-day candy while we were at work yesterday and demolished it all!  Sounds like my kind of weekend but I always feel like I should be cleaning.  I have random pains all the time, not just during taper Smile


                        Just now making it back for personal while waiting to go pick up DH from the airport.  Just got my haircut.  I know most of you don't check RA this late in the day so I will make sure to add it to my post tomorrow.  Just a few in case anyone does check back...


                        arm - I got really bad phantom pains, espeically in the ankles, this last marathon taper.  I thought I was falling apart.


                        RG - I will be presenting on health maintenance.  Simple things like diet, sleep, exercise, skin, smoking geared towards adolescents (since I will be at a high school).  I am also going to teach them how to take blood pressures.

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                          bermy - they were going to the grand old oprey today. hope the medical goes smooth! Sad on the car wash, I keep thinking I need one, don't think M's been through one before, I think she'd be ok but I guess you never know what they'll think of something like that.

                          becky - I hope you can get your run in and feel good tomorrow. You're almost to taper, yay! It gives me real hope that you finished a FM training cycle - I am so injury prone!!

                          arm - yep random pains during taper are normal! I get that inner ankle thing on my left foot too, especially if I run too much without my orthotics.

                          mzm - nice job on the speedy 5k! aww on the wavy french braided hair, my hair was always in french braids as a kid!

                          shel - totally agree on the awesomeness of supermoms! YAY for getting the run done this morning! Glad that the makeup for the simulation isn't too bad.

                          cx2 - yep they all have their own version of normal, somehow we all end up upright Smile

                          mer - bummer on the bad reaction to the chinese! I love it but it does make me feel gross.

                          jen - I hope DH makes it back! Any chance of his job changing, ever, to less travel? It would be so hard!!

                          zorbs - I hope you get a long nap today also, I'd be a wreck w/ your hours!

                          RG - You reminded me that I have a ON giftcard also, I'll prolly use it for summer kids clothes.

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                            CA - medical went all smoothly. All passed and finished. All docs collected. The best part was when the doc listened to my heartbeat and immediately said "erm, do you do a lot of exercise?". Ha ha. Awesome. And then the "how many units of alcohol" question. Made me smile. Had MMR booster and that was it. Had blood draw. Had chest xray and guy said I breathed in too fast... 500 bucks later I am all done. Ridiculous. But done. Phew. Now I have to pack. Did you parents tour the grand ole opry? We went there too. There is a huge mall next to it.

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                              bermy - yay!!  crazy what they make you jump through, but I guess it's their country Wink I think they were touring it today, and going to a show...

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