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    Hi friends, GlassHalfFull here with a new screen name (provided in part by a screen name generator, but I thought it was funny and it reminded me of Dr. Horrible which is one of my absolute favorites!) So, we'll give the new name a shot...


    I've been lurking for awhile recently and thought I'd come back because this interface is clean enough that I feel like I can somewhat discreetly pop in at work for a few minutes. And I've missed chatting with you ladies! 


    Going to catch up with the thread, I can see this layout does make it just a little bit tough...


      Morning ladies! 


      RR. Going for a short 4-5 mile run this morning and then another short run with RP after work. She fell and got hurt on our Sunday run, so she is keeping her miles low this week. 


      WR. Got on the scale because I was feeling chunky lately and oh man, I totally have gained weight! I need to really buckle down! 


      NRR. Working this afternoon, nothing too exciting! 


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SASSY!!!! Welcome to the 30s!! 

      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



      Half: 1:48

      Full: 4:34



        Hey ladies!! I'm still around. 


        RR: I've been lurking this week because my hip has been HELL since Saturday. Sharp pain when I walk or stand. After 4 days of icing, rest and foam rolling I've upgraded to a dull ache. The race I've been training for (and had already dropped from the full to the half) is this Sunday so needless to say I'm in a panic. DH is worried about hte weather for our race (low of 65 and high of 78) and he's thinking about not even running it because he doesnt think he can get his time goal (2:57 for the full) with those conditions. As you can imagine our house is not a pleasant place to be right now with two irritable, worried runners. 


        NRR: I've been so busy! I have two bare trees in my house right now that need decorating and I really need to clean before we go out of town so our cat sitter doesnt think we're pigs. Went to dinner last night in a town an hour away with a friend who is moving to North Carolina. So sad to see her go. I've been planning a big girls trip to New Orleans in the spring. I think its the last time I'll do the planning for this thing. We try to do it every year and I'm the only one who plans it and its just so stressful. 


          MA-great job on the run/walk. Lazy nights are necessary sometimes


          RLTW-glad you got your surgery scheduled


          GSD-can’t believe M will be 1 so soon!


          PO-glad you can finally start unpacking. Woo!


          Lizo-yikes, that is a lot of meetings. Hope they all go well today


          Meli-have fun putting up your decorations. I usually help my mom out with that, but I won’t be home til about the 23rd, so they probably won’t go up til then


          Monk-sorry about leaving the fridge door open. Glad the milk was saved though


          Outwest-sorry about your run L. Tomorrow’s will be better! J Comfy clothes totally outweigh nice clothes for me right now. But I suppose in 6 years of so when I become a professor I will actually have to dress nice. But for now, comfy pants and running shirts for me!


          Lucy-ah, yes AF reining her ugly head. Hope today is a better day for you


          Sassy-happy birthday!!!!


          RR: 12 yesterday went pretty well. Doing some sort of run with DBF today, maybe a progression run

          NRR: DBF works out of his apartment (he is starting up his own software company), so I am joining him today and getting some of my work done. Tomorrow, I have an exam and a project due


            Happy birthday Sassy!  I think 30 is great, but it does take a little getting used to the idea. Smile


            MA - since I haven't been around, congrats on the pregnancy! Sounds like its been going really well,if you're just now switching to the run/walk.


            RLTW - so glad yougot that your surgery scheduled, you've been so strong all along the out been thinking of you ((hugs))


            gsd - wow, one year?! I bet the time flies!


            PO - saw the news about the move, very exciting! 


            Lizo - I'm super impressed that you've been getting shopping done, I haven't done any yet and DHs birthday is also next Monday, yikes!


            Meli - how exciting to have another race to plan for, I know the last one didn't go the way you wanted but I was super impressed by all your hard work in training and with the race under those conditions


            Monk - I don't think I've congratulated you on your pregnancy either, so congrats! Bummer about the fridge, but Ithink your day date for Friday sounds awesome Smile


            outwest - sorry about the crappy run, those days are frustrating


            Lucy - ugh, I hate those irrational fights, I've definitely caused a few of those lately



            RR : not much lately, but trying to get back into it. I've been walking the pups, doing some circuit training once a week and playing volleyball. Everything is kind of in flux right now though...


            NRR: and that's in part because I'm just about thirteen weeks pregnant and I've felt lousy. I can't count how many times i almost posted on here or FB (nothing is public on FB just yet, we've just started sharing the news beyond close family and friends this week) looking for advice because you ladies are such an inspiration. I may post some on Preggos (I've been lurking there some too), but for everyday life stuff, I'd like to keep up with this fantastic group of women. 


            So, in other news, DH and I put up our outdoor Christmas lights this weekend and we got to go golfing on Sunday in shorts because it was so beautiful out. Crazy! I also golfed really well, which was a pleasant surprise. Smile


              Tremendous-Dr. Horrible! I love that so much!


              Norcal-oh no! sorry about your RP. How did she fall down?


              Tex-hope that pain goes away soon for your race


                Dr- Hi! It's so great to have you here! hope you're doing well!! 


                Tex- Oh man, I'm sorry about your hip and about the race this weekend. ((hugs)) 


                Sassy- 30 wasn't as hard on me as 31 was. For some reason, being IN my 30s, not just being 30, was really shocking to me. But what can we do, other then keep on aging! 


                RLTW- So glad you have a surgery date!!! 


                GSD- Yay for 2 nights of sleeping!!!!! 


                Monk- Oh no, what a bummer about all of that wasted food! Ugh! 


                PO- That's great the floors are refinished and you can start settling in. how are the cats handling the move? 


                OWR- Sorry your run was crummy, but hey, 7 miles is good! 


                Lucy- I hate those tantrums! I threw one the other day and could NOT stop myself from being super bitchy! How can guys put up with us!? 

                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                Half: 1:48

                Full: 4:34



                  Dr T- OMG  so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge congrats to you and DH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big grin


                  Taylor- Enjoy working at DBFs today. My RP just tripped going from the road to the sidewalk, her toe just caught the curb and she went down. Banged up her knee, hip and shoulder. 

                  Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                  Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                  Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                  Half: 1:48

                  Full: 4:34



                    A few crosspost because I'm slow and have been jumping between tasks..


                    Hi norcal! Also hellos to cara, pumpkin, and Athena who I've seen pop in lately!


                    TX - are you running St Jude's? That one is definitely on my list for some year, hope the weather cooperates and cools down a bit for you this year!


                    taylor- I'm so glad someone else loves Dr. Horrible too. DH and I had a phase where we made pretty much all of our friends watch it when they came to our house.

                    MA runner girl

                      DR!!!! AHHH! CONGRATS!!! SO happy for you! Do post on the preggos! We have a fb page too if you want to join that.

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                        No time for real personals but: 


                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY! Welcome to 30!! Its not so bad (says the person that's been on the other side for 10 days now). 


                        Trememdous- Congratulations on your pregnancy. And St. Jude was last weekend (I've done that one the last 3 years but skipped this year-its a great race). DH and I are doing the BCS marathon in College Station, TX. 


                          DrT: First off, I love the new name, and second off, CONGRATS!! That's awesome news!!! So glad to hear you're doing well. Big grin


                            Ladies... I thought you gals would get a good laugh out of this... 


                            I ran my 5 outside with M. Well, I got back needed to shower, etc. So, normally I close the bathroom door and let M play while I shower and check on her. Well, I ran the shower while getting undressed like a normally do.... while I am stripping (less than 2 ft away in the bathroom with her) I hear her laughing... I look up... M is in the shower full dressed splashing around... I wish I had my camera with me... it was priceless. But seriously, she was soaked LOL


                            She opened the door and climbed in the shower... LOL Girl's got skills...


                              I am lurking because I'm crazy busy at work today ... but


                              DrT - I gasped when I read your news, how exciting!  Feel free to email/FB me with any questions you have about pregnancy and staying active. I'm an open book about that and all of the postpartum stuff (including maternity leave/balancing science with parenthood/etc).  


                              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                                Big grin I totally forgot to wish sassy happy birthday! Sorry I was posting on the run this morning. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Cool


                                DrT: Congratulations! I'll echo MA, come post on preggos and I admin the FB group so I can add you if you want. Its a great group (and a secret one)! I don't remember if we're friends on FB?


                                So there was a holiday open house this morning, which really was just the leadership team handing out cookies. I had my two cookies and then ate pretzel bitessince I was still hungry even though it wasn't that long until lunch... well my lunch time was an hour ago but I didn't eat yet because I'm super stuffed. I don't understand how I can be starving all day one day and then not eat anything the next!